What is One Punch Man Webcomic?

In this article, I will try to explain to you about one punch man webcomic. Who are one punch man and many other things about this series? I will try to explain it.

One Punch Man Webcomic


One punch man webcomic is a Japanese webcomic, it was invented in early 2009, and the artist and writer created it. In this story, the hero is a monster and demons to save his people. In this webcomic, heroes destroy the enemies with a single punch or single strike. Webcomic is on websites or mobile apps. Many are published exclusively on the web. Who has an internet connection and writes frictional comedic stories can be published on Webcomics when it is published on TV, it is called Anime TV series.

A comic word comes from comedy, which means the cause of laughter. It is a platform used to express ideas with images, to make people happy. Comics released in magazines, newspapers, comic books. Manga is comics or graphics anime novels developed in Japan. In the 19th century, mostly manga style in Japan and had a history of the art of Japanese. The manga is used to refer to both comics and cartooning or official animes. Sometimes it is content in anime series. 

The plot of One Punch Man Webcomic:

It’s the story of 25-year-old man Saitama, who is the hero of the story. He lives in city Z. he fights to save people as a hobby. He trained himself that much. Saitama beat his enemies with a single strike. Saitama’s unmatched power makes him alone and bored. Saitama joins the Hero Association. His achievement remains unnoticed and unpaid by the public. Boros is an alien who came on the planet. The hardworking hero fights the invaders outside Boros’s ship. Saitama boards the ship and fights with Boros.

Production Of One Punch Man Webcomic

Productions of one punch man webcomic: 

ONE started the original story of One Punch Man. The Wanpanman is a play on the long-running children’s character Anapanman. ONE became attentive to making the superhero comics. Once ONE said; the character Saitama I made was strong; he has the power to fight, which makes him low is the shortage of money.

ONE took a lot of time to update the webcomic. In 2010, he took the break for one year; he broadcasted 109 episodes after coming back. He took a break for two years. When ONE again starts to draw, he contacts artist Yusuke Murata. Who draws the webcomic again for ONE. Murata is a successful Manga artist. He used his connections to get publishing deals and become a digital publisher. 

Seasons of One Punch Man Webcomic:

Webcomic One Punch Man has two seasons. Each season was divided into 12 episodes. There was a four-year difference in the middle of the broadcast of both seasons. In 2015 first season was released, and the second season was released in 2019. Both seasons have different characters and different stories. There are some talks for season 3, but the production or director did not confirm or deny anything about season 3. However, fans are engagingly waiting for the third season.

The Characters Of One Punch Man Webcomic

The characters of one punch man webcomic:

There are 28 characters in One Punch Man. Every hero has a unique fighting style and special moves. In 28 characters, there were 20 heroes and eight villains over 11 different stages. Professional Heroes and villains have a class ranking, and some have A-Class Ranking, S-Class heroes, B-Class heroes, and villains also have A-Class and B-Class heroes in hero association. All the anime voices given by different actors; Some names are here;

 S-Class heroes:

In this S-Class Hero, the heroes are the topmost ranked. Who got the top marks in the entrance exam and A-Class heroes can qualify for the S-Class. The lists of S-Class heroes are;

  1. Blast
  2. Tornado
  3. Bang
  4. Atomic Samurai
  5. Child Emperor
  6. Metal Knight
  7. King
  8. Zombieman
  9. Drive Knight
  10. Pig God
  11. Superalloy Blackluster
  12. Watchdog Man
  13. Flashy Flash
  14. Tank-Top Master
  15. Metal Bat
  16. Puri-Puri Prisoner

A-Class Superheroes:

This Class comes after S-Class, and this is the second hero rank. Some names are there;

  1. Amai Mask
  2. Snakebite Snek
  3. Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio
  4. Lightning Max
  5. Stinger
  6. Atomic Samurai’s disciples

B-Class Superheroes:

B-Class hero comes after S-Class and A-Class heroes. Some names are there;

  1. Tank-Top Blackhole
  2. Hellish Blizzard 
  3. Mushroom
  4. Darkness Blade
  5. Jet Nice Guy
  6. Bones

C-Class heroes:

This Class of superheroes is the lowest-ranked Class. In this Class, people have to perform every week, and if they do not perform well, they will cancel their Hero Registry. There are two members in C-Class heroes.

  1. Mumen Rider
  2. Tank-Top Tiger

Villains and Monsters:

Villains are also listed in different Classes like A-Class to C-Class. Like Villains, Monsters are also listed in different levels; God, Dragon, Demon, Tiger, and Wolf. Some Villains and Monsters names are there;

  1. Vaccine Man
  2. Crablante
  3. Fuego and Marugori
  4. Subterraneans
  5. Mosquito Girl
  6. Doctor Genus
  7. Armoured Gorilla
  8. Carnage Kabuto
  9. Hammerhead
  10. Speed-o-Sound Sonic
  11. Kombu Infinity
  12. Deep-Sea King
  13. Dark Matter Thieves
  14. Garo
  15. Monster King Orochi
  16. Centipede Monsters
  17. Phoenix Man
  18. Vampire
  19. Monster Princess Super S
  20. Goketsu
  21. Tempest Wind
  22. Nyan

Other Characters:

  1. Kusano
  2. Zenia 
  3. Shinagawa
  4. Charango
  5. Bomb
  6. Surface
  7. Surya
  8. Suiko
  9. To

 Staff members:

Some staff members help to run the Hero association. Names are;

  1. Agony
  2. Sitch
  3. Narin
Series Of One Punch Man Webcomic

Series of One Punch Man Webcomic:

Series means the collection of all the episodes of all seasons. In One-Punch Man, there are two seasons, and each season has 12 episodes; there are some product detail or episode. There are the Names of season one episode;

  1. The Strongest Man: Vaccine Man is a monster. He came into the city to kill the young girl to take his simple average, but Saitama saved the girl by punching him. That fight makes him a hero. Again Saitama saves the boy and fights with Crablante.
  2. The Lone Cyborg: Genos is a cyborg. He tracks the Mosquito Girl, who drinks the blood of the people who come in the city. Mosquito Girl gave a challenging time to Genos, who could not kill her. Still, then Saitama came and killed her. after some time, Mosquito Girl’s fellow from the(House of Evolution) tried to kill the Saitama, with Armored Goa survived the fight.
  3. The Obsessive Scientist: Doctor Genus, the founder of (House of Evolution), wants to know about Saitama’s power to replace him tell by Armored Gorilla. After knowing everything, Saitama and Genos fight and release the Carnage Kabuto and kill Saitama at the end of the fight.
  4. The Modern Ninja: Hammerhead is a criminal. He demanded the goods from unemployed people and targeted the economic business notable Zeniru used stolen suits. They defeat Mumen Rider, who is the bicycle hero. Zenia hired the Speed-o-Sound Sonic to take out. Hammerhead survives Kunai and goes back to the head. Saitama didn’t kill the Hammerhead, who ran away, but Sonic attacked Saitama, but Saitama survived, then Genos recommended Saitama join the Hero Association.
  5. The Ultimate Mentor: Saitama and Genos give an exam for Hero Association. They passed the exam. Genos ranked in S-Class while Saitama ranked in C-Class, which is a shock for both of them. Snakebite Snek arranged the seminar for the newbie, but Saitama didn’t pay attention which annoyed Snek. As punishment, Snek fight with Saitama, who defeats him. Amai Mask meets Genos to warn him to take his duties seriously.
  6. The Terrifying City: Saitama rushes to find about the villains. Sonic wants to make a peace zone with rivalry, but Saitama denies it. Sonic attacks Tank-Top Tinger because he tries to meddle and take credit. Saitama kills Sonic because he provokes him to fight. In the city Z, people talk about the monster sneaking around. Hero Association sends the Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, heroes of A-Class, to examine the rumors, but Saitama killed the Kombu Infinity.
  7. The Ultimate Disciple: The fighting style of the hero being studied by scientists and astronauts. Genos and Bang come in their scenes. Bang tells the Genos to stop this investigation of fighting style, but it’s too late. Metal Knight and Genos tried their new weapon but failed badly. Saitama comes and destroys the meteor with one punch. Tanktop Tiger contact with his brother Tanktop Black Hole to fight with Saitama because they think Saitama stole the meteor credit, they fight, and Saitama kills both the brothers.
  8. The Deep Sea King: The war was declared by Seafolk Tribe. Saitama kills the monsters. Later, Mummer Rider comes and hears about Saitama from people. Sea-folk monsters, threatening the J City. Stinger scared them with Bamboo Shoot. He used his Gigantic Drill Stinger Quadruplehis Thrust to take out the Sea folks. Deep-Sea King and other heroes like(Saitama, Genoa, Mummer Rider, Lightning Max, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Sonic) fight with each other, but due to the rain Sea King ran away. The emergency shelters heroes range from Sneck, All Back-Man, Jet Nice Guy and Bunbunman.
  9. Unyielding Justice: Genos fight with Deep Sea King and rip off wings. Mumen Rider came, but he was poorly whipped by Saitama, who beat Deep Sea King with his single strike. Madame Shibabawa informed the Association that The Earth Is Doomed.
  10. Unparalleled Peril: Ancient King who belongs to Lizard Clan comes, but Tatsumaki destroys him. Bang asks Saitama and Genos to come and learn some new moves from his students. Genos beat all the students and won the fight. Hero Association held the meeting, all S Class heroes came. Saitama encounters S Class heroes: Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, Pig God, Child Emperor, Tanktop Master, Puri-Puri Prisoner, Flashy Flash, Superalloy Darkshine, King Watchdog Man, Drive Knight, Zombieman. They told that Madame Shibabawa had died in the meeting, but before that, she wrote a letter saying that “The Earth is in trouble.” Sky King got attacked and killed by Melzalgald. The Dark Matter Thieves damage city A, but before that, Iaian come to start the war. S Class heroes come and participate in the war. Sait killed Goribasama, and he found a way to destroy the ship. Boros is seen sitting on his Throne.
  11. The Dominator of the Universe: Melzargard and Geryuganshoop left alive. He informs Boros that human damages the ship, but Metal Bat smashes it down. Bang, Atomic Samurai, Puri Puri Prisoner, and Metal Bat make a plan and kill the Melzargard. Saitama fires a stone and kills the Geryuganshoop. Metal Bat attacks the ship, but Tatsumaki stops the attack and turns around to damage the ship. Stinger, Lightning Max, and Mumen Rider help to save the people. Saitama fights with Boros and kills the alien shield.
  12. The Strongest Hero: Saitama and Boros fight in which Boros loses his one arm. Lightning Max, Mumen Rider, and Stinger still try to save the survivor of City A. Tatsumaki again throw the rubbles thrown by Tanktop Master. Atomic Samurai attack and kill the monsters forever. Boros die in the fight between Saitama and him. Amai Mask put the allegation on S-Class heroes to destroy City A. After all the fights, the ship, rebuild and used as a Hero Association HQ. Saitama ruins the Pluton: King of the Underworld one punch.

Season 2 episodes:

  1. The Hero’s Return: King is in Otaku, Saitama, and Genos see him. King respects Saitama because he saves him. Genos fight with the robot and win it; on the other hand, Saitama and King play the video game. Hero Association President announced that he is calling the villain; Speed O’ Sound Sonic.
  2. The Human Monster: Garous fight with heroes and villains because he thinks that all are his enemies. The door is knocked and opened by Genos, and he sees that Speed O Sound Sonic is standing there and trying to find Saitama. Hellish Blizard sent Fubuki to convince Saitama to join hands with them, but Saitama punched it. Fubuki tries to save herself. Saitama tells her that don’t disrespect the heroes. Saitama strikes unconscious Genos to save his apartment and the Fubuki from the explosion that destroys the Sonic. Sonic shadow clone tries to give his killer moves, but sonic falls on the ground due to Serious Series Sideway Jumps. Amai Mask kill the Caveman. The titles given to the heroes like Caped Baldy given to Saitama, Genos is named to Demon Cyborg.
  3. The Hunt Begins: Garou reappears and bears the Silver Fang, due to which Charanko throws him from the dojo. Mumen Rider fight with Charanko, Tank Top Vegetarian also fight with him. Suddenly Tank Top Master comes and tries to kill Mumen Rider. During this, Generous uses the trump card and the Water Stream Rock Smashing with his fist. Bomb, the brother of Bang, came because of his call to fight and defeat the Garou. Due to this fight, Saitama got to know about the martial art talent of Garou. Tareo is the boy who read about heroes, and he wants to bring Golden Ball. Garou fights with Golden Ball and also fights with Spring Mustachio, who is the friend of Golden Ball. Saitama and Garous also fight because of some misunderstanding; Saitama knocks out the Generous. Later, Generous calls Dr. Kuseno to help Saitama with his hair.
  4. The Metal Bat: Garou thinks that good boys always win every war or fight. Just because of this thinking, he wants to become the strongest monster whom nobody can defeat. He got to know through Tareo that Watchdog Man and Metal Bat finding him. Saitama went to the fighting tournament and found that Sour Face also wanted to win this tournament like him. He also got to know that last year Wolfman won the tournament. Garou was ejected from the dojo because of Bang. The metal bat has to take care of Narinki and his son Waganma due to the orders from the association, but he appoints his sister for this babysitting. Through his sister, he got to know that Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap attacked them. Metal Bat comes to save his sister and Nanrinki and kill the enemy. Senior Centipede and Raffleseidon attack on Metal Bat, Narinki, and Waganma, but Metal Bat saves them and kills the 2 Demon’s level monsters. In all these fights, Suiryu tells the girls to come with him to the tournament.
  5. The Martial Arts Tournament: Metal knight fight with Elder Centipede and win the fight. Garou almost kills the Metal Bat but is stopped by his sister Zenko. Wagamama is faced off with Rhino Wrestler, who defeats him. Sludge Jellyfish and Phoenix Man convinced Garou to rejoin the association, but he rejected the offers. Bang and Bomb try to locate Garou. In this, Bang gets irritated and kills the Boxing Demon. Hero Association got tensed because monsters like(Marshall Gorilla, Pure-Blood, Make Plasma, Do-S, and Hundred Eyes Octopus) attacked them. Saitama got to know about Bakuzan, Ring Ring, Hamukichi, Zakkos, and Chose in fight tournaments. Zakkos loss by Saitama.
  6. The Monster Uprising: The fight against evil starts in the tournament. Lightning Max fights with Suiryu and loses it. Snakebite Snek beat Benpatsu, and Surface banged Jakeman. Saitama, the punch man, hit the Bakuzan out of the game. Awakened Cockroach escapes from the fighting with Genos. Mohican and Pineapple tell the association member that Narinki has run away. Metal Knight is in the custody of Gyro Gyoro and Orochi.
  7. The Class S Heroes: Child Emperor finding of Eyesight Poisons. Eyesight tried to kill Child Emperor and but failed. Pig God consumed her. Monsters kill the Garou and Drive Knight. Other heroes and Death Gatling try to kill Hundred Eyes Octopus but fail, then Tatsumaki kills him. Mumen Rider, Amai Mask, and Tank Top Master kill the monsters in different places. Garou issues were discussed in the committee by Atomic Samurai to Nichirin, Harakiri, Zambia and Amahare, though Haragiri poisoned atomic Samurai. However, Atomic got saved by Bushidrill, Okamaitachi and Iaian. Saitama losses the Surface and Chose. Saitama and suiryu fight against each other in the tournament. Saitama got shown to fake his appearance, but Suiryu tried to kill Saitama with his Void Phoenix Ascension Fist in anger, but Saitama knocked him.
  8. The Resistance of the Strong: Suiryu wins the tournament. Gouketsu kills lightning Max and Snek. Monsters try to kill the tournament fighters. Bakugan fights with suiryu and with others. In the end, Suiryu asks Bakuzan to let her go but is killed by him. Saitama comes and saves Snek and Lightning Max from Bakuzan.
  9. The Troubles of the Strongest: The punched man Saitama killed Bakuzan with his one strike. He also tells Suiryu to talk to anybody about all this because Suiryu asks Saitama to become a hero. Free Hugger killed by Puri Puri Prisoner. Watchdog Man beat the Garou, Saitama fillip the Garou to save the King. Two Ninja Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame kicked Sonic. Armored Gorilla confronts Martial Gorilla and beats him.
  10. Justice under Siege: Gyro Gyoro and Destrochlorodum plan so that Hero Association comes face to face with Monster Association before the blasts. Superalloy Darkshine, come and kill the Destrochloridum. After that, Gyoro joined Monster King Orochi and held the meeting to fight with heroes. They have a plan; after killing heroes, they kill the humans also, but Saitama failed all their plans. Tareo met with Garou. Garou is more potent than before to fight with villains. He defies Death Gatling and his team(Shooter, Wildhorn, Chain Toad, Gun Gun, Glasses, Smile Man and Stinger. Garou conquest them one by one, but they give him a chance. 
  11. The Varieties of Pride: Death Gatling wants respect from Hero Association. Garous beat Stinger and Glasses. Death Gatling tries to kill Garou with an explosion, but Garou saves himself. King and Saitama get the singles Garou being in danger, Genos slay the Garou, but he leaves. Genos give a record that Saitama is stronger that why he can beat any monster.
  12. The Wiping of the Disciple’s Butt: Bomb and Sliverfang Fang whip the Garou. Phoenix Man, save him. Tat-Chan joins hands with Garou because he is a monster. Genos try to kill Garou, but Elder Centipede comes to save Garou and kill Genos. King come and tales that Blast come to fight. Elder Centipede advanced to kill King, but Saitama saved King. He kills the Elder Centipede with his punch, and then Phoenix Man takes Garou with then to Orochi.

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