Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger. (Which one is Stronger)

Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger. What do you think would result from a fight to the death between a Bengal Tiger and a Siberian Tiger? Which of these formidable animals is stronger? 

Siberian Tiger Vs Bengal Tiger


The tiger is known as the national animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and South Korea. These tigers are known as the largest living cat family species and one of the most charismatic endangered species on the planet. There are nine subspecies of tigers. Three types are already extinct. Of the other 6 existing subspecies, Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tiger. But to decide which of these two subspecies is stronger, let’s first look at what they look like and how they differ.

The greatest many of the tiger subspecies, the Bengal tiger, also known as the Indian tiger or royal Bengal tiger, can be found in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, and china these are the tiger range countries and they found in dry and wet deciduous forests, grassland, and temperate forests, and mangrove forests.

What is the difference between Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger?

Bengal tiger has thin, light yellow fur with dark brown or black stripes. The belly and inner parts of the legs are white-colored. Some Bengal tigers are completely white. Bengal tiger occupies much smaller territory than Amur Tiger.

Where does Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger live?

The wild tigers live on 77 square miles during the summer and 42 square miles during the winter. The Siberian tiger lives in much colder climate areas to the north. The handful that tiger species still exists is mostly found in the chilly forests. Russia, with some in the northernmost locations of China or Korea.  

Temperature for Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger:

The more temperate habitats of its cousins, the Siberian tiger, thrives in coniferous and birch forests where the temperatures can reach as low as -45 degrees Celsius or -49 degrees Fahrenheit.

Siberian Tiger

Body of Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger:

Siberian tiger has a very thick, pale golden or rusty-red coat covered with brown instead of Dark stripe patterns. They have white chests and bellies and a white ruff of fur around their necks. Siberian tiger occupies the territory of 2500 to 4000 square miles. It can cover an area of 40 square miles to find food during the night. There is a heated debate as to which of these two tiger subspecies is larger. The Siberian tiger is generally considered the largest species, although today, it has similar sizes, if not even smaller than the Bengal tiger. But this only happens because of people.

Tiger Habitat destruction, excessive hunting of large tigers, excessive hunting of animals that tigers usually feed on are the main reasons that have drastically reduced the number and size of specimens left in the wild. Clear evidence that a Siberian tiger is genetically programmed to grow larger and stronger than a Bengal tiger can be obtained by analyzing specimens raised in semi-captivity, provided with sufficient food and freedom of movement.

Bengal Tiger

What does the body weight of the Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger?

Let’s assume by the absurdity that the Siberian Tiger protection programs will fail and that in a few years, only one mature specimen that would weigh no more than 100 kilograms or 220 pounds will survive in the wild. Would it seem normal to you then to talk about the whole subspecies of the Siberian Tiger to conclude that the average normal weight of such an animal is only 100 kg or 220 pounds? It would not seem normal to me, which is why I will refer to these subspecies taking into account the measurements made in their glory period.

Tigers have evolved over 2 million years, the characteristics of different subspecies have remained unchanged for more than 15,000 years the Siberian tiger is larger and 2 to 4 inches (or 5 to 10 centimeters) taller than the Bengal tiger. It can reach up to 13 feet or 396 centimeters in length and 675 pounds or 306 kilograms of weight. Bengal tiger can reach up to 11 feet or 335 centimeters in length and up to 570 pounds or 258 kilograms of weight. Siberian tiger is heavier than Bengal tiger because of the insulating layer of fat, which keeps the body temperature stable in the cold climate.

Females tigers of both subspecies are much smaller than males. Both Siberian and Bengal tigers are carnivores and apex predators. They can kill very large prey thanks to their incredible power, sharp claws, and large teeth.

Diet Of Siberian Tiger Vs Bengal Tiger

What is the diet of Siberian Tiger vs Bengal Tiger?

The Diet of the Bengal tiger is based on wild pigs, water buffalo, sambar, gaur, and other large ungulates. Sometimes crocodiles were successfully hunted. Siberian tiger usually hunts elk, deer, hares, rabbits, and occasionally black and brown bears. From a behavioral point of view, these two subspecies are very similar. Tigers are solitary animals that fiercely defend their territories, males and females standing together only during mating.

Many people believe that the Bengal tiger is more aggressive than the Siberian tiger because it kills more people than the latter. While this is true, the reasons for this are different. First of all, the number of Bengal tigers in the wild is about 10 times higher than that of Siberian. Secondly, Bengal tigers live in more densely populated areas, unlike the Siberian tiger, which lives in harsh areas unfavorable to humans and can attacks on human. Under these conditions, it is natural for the animal that meets humans more often to make more victims than the other. And now comes the question you all ask yourself.

Which of these two powerful animals would win in a fight to the death?

If we admit that the Siberian tiger weighs, on average, about 10% more than the Bengal tiger, it is natural to assume that the former would have been advantageous in terms of size. We also know that the Siberian tiger has thicker skin, thicker fur, and its body is protected by a layer of fat that helps it cope with the cold climate in which it lives. But these adaptations also bring him a defensive advantage.

On the other hand, we can assume that if the Siberian tiger is fatter and therefore stronger and more resistant to the effort, the Bengal tiger will be faster and more explosive in its movements. In any case, even if I am tempted to bet on the victory of the Siberian tiger, its advantages seem to be minimal and by no means decisive. The truth is that the answer to this question is as easy to find as the one about the fight between a tiger and a lion. that’s because these two animals are so similar that the result can be anything. No matter how much you think about it, you have a 50% chance of guessing the winner in advance. So, think about it or flip a coin. The result will be the same.

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