What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean? ( All You Need To Know 2024)

Anyone who uses Snapchat will have at some point wondered what does other Snapchatters really mean on Snapchat? Is it just another way of saying people or others, or is there something else going on? The answer might surprise you! Keep reading to learn more about this interesting little word.

Other Snapchatters Mean

What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?

The expression Other Snapchatters refers to Snapchat users who have viewed your story but don’t follow the app. The expressions Spam Filters and Other Snapchatters can be seen in the Discover section as an estimate of how many people watched a video but didn’t tap on it to open it. If you have the latest version of the app, then you will see a number that appears at the top of your Stories – The bottom of your snaps – and below every other type of content like ads or stories from publishers.

How do you put your Snapchat story on private?

If you want to make your Snapchat story private, you need to do two things: make sure your phone is set to lock with a passcode or fingerprint, and deactivate location services. If someone tries to take a screenshot of your story after they’ve taken those steps, their phone will flash a warning notification and they’ll have one chance to cancel.

If they don’t cancel in time, Snapchat will automatically save it for them as a private Snap so only you can see it. So far, there’s no way around Snapchat’s warnings for screenshots when location services are deactivated. But at least if you put your stories in private that way, people will have a hard time sharing them online without getting caught!

How to Prevent “Other Snapchatters”?

This problem can be really frustrating to deal with and you’re left thinking, How do I stop ‘Other Snapchatters’ from seeing my snaps? The unfortunate reality is that there is no easy way to stop other Snapchatters from viewing your Snaps. There are several ways you can prevent people you don’t want to see your Snaps from doing so. By being strategic about who sees your snaps and how long those people have access to them, you can make sure that only those who should be viewing your Snaps are able to.

Why does it say “Other Snapchatters” but you’re still friends?

Well, you are friends with them on Snapchat and when you read their name as a story it usually means that you added that user. There is also a chance that you viewed their story before you were added. Just tap on their name and if you see an add button then tap on it to add him/her or else they might be one of your mutual friends which means they have to accept your request. If they have been added by another user then they are still able to send snaps even if they aren’t in your contacts so there is no need to worry about others who view stories.

How To Delete “Other Snapchatters”?

Your list of other users are people you’ve either added or they’ve added you. They’re usually connected to your friends on social media but if you want to add a friend who doesn’t use social media, take note of their username and then search them on Snapchat. After adding someone, they appear on your other user’s list which you can delete anytime by tapping their name and tapping remove. If it’s just a random person that’s been added, you can report them as inappropriate content or activity.

Why Can’t I Click on the “Other Snapchatters” Profile?

It is not possible to send a private message to other users. The only way you can communicate with others is via Snapchat stories. Any shared memories you have will be there for 30 days after it was posted before it disappears. While other snapchatters might seem difficult to interact with, do not let that stop you from exploring your friends’ and relatives’ stories.

Why do I see other people’s stories under my friend’s list?

Because of Snapchat’s Stories feature, sometimes you’ll see other people’s stories under your friend’s list. While it may seem weird, it doesn’t mean that you two are actually friends on the app! See, when someone follows another person on Snapchat their stories will now appear under that person’s friends list. This is a new update from Snap and there isn’t a way to turn it off just yet. But don’t worry: If you follow somebody and they don’t follow you back, their story won’t show up under your friend’s list.

Why does it show their snaps sometimes and not others?

The other option next to a user’s name is only available when they’re snap chatting. When a user goes to their story, it always shows all of their snaps, so they don’t have an option to view only stories or only snaps. If you tap on a user’s name in someone else’s chat and that person isn’t snap chatting at that moment, then you’ll see two options: stories and others. Tapping on others allows you to view snaps from that particular user even if they aren’t currently snap chatting.

Can you block them from viewing your own story?

Snapchat Story

One of the more confusing aspects of Instagram is how to deal with people viewing your story. When you post a photo or video to your own story, only people who follow you can see it. However, anyone who happens to stumble upon that photo or video will be able to see it. If you want people to stop viewing your stories after they’ve seen them once, you have two options: You can report those users as a spammer and have their access removed, Or you can hide all your followers on Instagram—which is what we recommend doing in order to protect yourself from stalkers and creepers.


The Other Snapchatters is something that hasn’t been talked about a lot. We all have Snapchat Friends but what are they? Here are answers to some questions you might have had when you first started using other Snapchatters. Do I need my friends to view my story for it to appear on their screens? No, your friends won’t see your stories unless they actively want to look at them or if you’ve specifically added them as a friend/followed them.

In which case, they would be notified and would be able to choose whether or not they want to follow/view your stories. If I block someone from watching my story, can that person still follow me and send me snaps and messages? Yes, if you block someone then they will no longer be able to watch your stories but you’ll still get notifications whenever they send you a snap or message. What happens when I add people as friends?

When people add each other as friends on Snapchat, it means that both of them will be notified every time one of them sends another Snapchat. This means that even though you’re following each other’s accounts, you don’t necessarily know who else is in their contacts list and vice versa. So even though you’re following each other’s accounts, there’s no guarantee that both of your accounts will show up in each others’ section.

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