Home depot store credit balance (explained)


Home depot offers a very soft return policy to their customers. They are able to make returns without any proof of purchase they offer them store credit in exchange.

If you have a store credit for a return at home depot is this possible to change your home depot store credit in cash? We will try to explain this matter briefly in this article.


What you can do with unwanted gift cards?

There are the following seven steps you can do with unwanted gift cards.

  • You can sell your unwanted cards for cash
  • You can exchange them with other peoples 
  • You can donate these cards 
  • You can buy a product with these cards

Is this possible to turn your home depot store credit into cash?

There is a policy to turn your home depot store credit into cash at home depot. Home depot only gives you an out store credit against refund when you buy anything from the store. The home depot store restricts their customer to use store credit in stores only.


Difference between store credit and gift cards?

There is a difference between store credit and gift cards. The store credit only issues when you are returning something to the store. The store doesn’t refund you in cash.

You are only able to purchase something from the store by using your credit. A gift card is a card that you have purchase from the store if you want to gift this card to someone.

How you can check your gift card balance online?

The simple way of checking these cards balances online is you will need to enter the card number and pin if it is necessary you can also check this balance by using their helpline and talk to the customer representative. 

How you can use your home depot store credit?

The store credit can only be used by a person who is authorized to use it. You can purchase something in a refundable amount that is assigned by a store. If you have extra credit you can transfer it to some other person and you are able to get cash against your credit.

You also get cash by visiting the cash-out store credit page. They will send your cash but if you want to cash your credit you have to pay a 10% fee on your credit. 

Can I use home depot without the card?

You don’t need to have a card for purchasing items through the store you can buy with cash and by visiting a store. You can also make payment to your credit card.

How you can use your store credit online?

Simply you can visit online store credit you can click on the payment method you can see your balance in the account section.

What gift card you can sell at home depot?

There are some restaurants online retailers and other gift cards are available that look like a home depot gift card you can sell for 50$ and 100$.

Where is the home depot gift card number is located?

You can find the number and the pin on the back of the card. These numbers are important need to verify the balance.

Can you buy gift cards through store credit?

That is not a valid tender to buy gift cards through store credit you can only buy through your cash or debit and regular credit card. 

Do you need an id to use home depot store credit?

For using home depot store credit you have proof of id with your photo hat is issued by the government. That is the policy of the home depot store.

What is a home depot consumer credit card service?

The home depot issues this for home depot purchasers. By using this way you can save your money this is very beneficial when you are paying for your purchase. This is suitable for those who are very conscious about shopping.

If you are expecting some reward on this might be possible you are thinking wrong because there is not any reward policy on this.

Benefits of home depot consumer credit card:

There are the following benefits of this facility.

  • You can enjoy your first purchase discount
  • This facility gives a good credit score
  • You can access ongoing special financing offers
  • There is extra time to make returns for cardholders
  • You have a good customer experience
  • This facility has a great security feature

Pros and cons of home depot credit:

There are the following pros and cons of home depot store credit.

Pros of home depot store:

Minimize the loss:

The home depot store minimizes your loss by giving you the credit facility you can return your item that you cannot refund and cash. sometimes you buy a product that product is unwanted for you there is a return policy of home depot store that you can return.

Your product and you can buy the item that you need through your credit by giving this facility home depot store minimize your loss and helps you buy the product any time that you want and enjoy your shopping time. 

The cardholder can access only:

There is also a policy of the home depot store that the only owner of the cardholder can avail the facilities provided by the store.

This policy helps you to save yourself from any fraud because this card is linked with your legal identification. The owner of the card is the only person to access the card and it cannot be transferred.

You are able to get other items:

The store offers you to buy a product with your store credit in case if you want to change the product you have to buy you can replace it by using your store credit.

Store credit expiry:

This is a great facility provided by home depot stores to their consumers that their credit limit does not expire sooner. You have enough time to purchase something new from the store. The general time limit and the expiry time of your credit are given for 365 days.

You can sell your credit:

If you have extra credit and you don’t want to utilize this more you are able to sell it to your friend, family member, and someone who wants this credit. Even your card is linked with your identification your presence is a must at the time of purchasing.

You can convert your credit into cash:

When you feel that you have no need for this credit you can convert it by visiting cash out store credit and request them for money they will change your credit into the money.

Customer loyalty:

This is a place where you can buy something with surety that you are able to exchange a product if you don’t require a product and facing some issue you have a facility to exchange it there is no return fraud. The depot has served their customer with the best quality product to satisfy their customer.

Special discount offer:

You have an option to avail of discounts on products by using your store credit and consumer credit card. So you can buy the product that you want at a special discount.

Cons of home depot store:

Not transferable:

You are not authorized to transfer the ownership of the card to someone else. Because this is against the policy of the home depot store. if you want to give a favor to some person to use credit balance your presence is a must at shopping time with this person.

10 percent fee for cash:

If you have an unwanted store credit and you want to convert this balance from credit to cash you will need to pay the cash-out fee on the total amount of store credit.

Your credit refund in cash is not a good policy made by the home depot store because you have to send a huge amount on your shopping and when you want a refund in the shape of cash you need to pay a 10% fee.

Lost card claim:

If you have lost your card you cannot claim the card easily your card just has barcodes and there is no tracking information available by which you can trace your card.

Not exchangeable with a gift card:

There is no tender for gift cards to change your card with an e-gift card. You are only able to use cash and debit or credit card.

Online usage:

The store card is only useful in their stores only. you cannot make any online transaction because the store wants to identify you. You can only check products online or place an order online.

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