Costco pizza order online.


Costco is cited as one of the nation’s biggest pizza chains. Costco is a real pizza contender.

The company ranked as the 14th largest pizza chain in 2015. There are 770 retail outlets of Costco. The chain food courts are very popular.

They are also famous for the largest pizza distributor.

Costco pizza order online

Costco pizza order online:

You cant order Costco pizza online because there is no online buying Costco pizza service is available.

Costco deliver pizza that is only available in their retail shops. You can just order on their official contact number and from their retail stores.

Costco pizza types:

There are three major most famous types of Costco pizza is following.

Costco Pepperoni pizza

Costco Pepperoni pizza.

Costco Cheese pizza

Costco Cheese pizza.

Costco Meat & veggies pizza

Costco Meat & veggies pizza.

A pound of cheese per pizza:

Cheese lovers should know that each full cheese pizza from Costco contains over a pound of cheese.

The cheese blend used on Costco foods court pizzas is a combination of part-skim. Low fat-mozzarella and parmesan.

Mozzarella makes up 80n percent of the cheese blend while parmesan makes up 20 percent.

While the cheese content is high. You’ll be pleased to know that food court pizzas from Costco don’t contain hydrogenated oils lards or Tran’s fats.

Costco also utilizes genuine cheeses that are fresh. They don’t use processed or powder cheeses.

Costco pizza-making process:

Costco pizza-making process:

The pizza-making process at Costco is very organized and consistent. Cheese topping and sauce are carefully measured.

So that’s pizza taste the same every time. Part of the pizza-making process is automated for example a robotic machine adds sauce to each pizza pie spins around on a platform sort of like an album turning on a record player.

Costco has worked out an efficient system for producing these addictive and ultra cheesy pizzas. Each pizza is prepped for cooking in only sixty seconds.

The pizza is fully cooked in just 6 minutes. This is usual cook time. If you’re into inhaling a Costco pizza fresh slice.

While you’re taking breaks from scoring deals at Costco retail outlets. You’ll also appreciate the fact that Costco gets rid of unsold pizza slices after one hour.

Costco management wants customers to enjoy fresh slices every single time.  

Size of Costco pizza:

If you are ordering Costco your favorite pizza you know that it is massive. This pizza is also known as deep-dish pizza.

One giant slice Costco pizza you can order for just $1.99 whether you choose a slice of pizza that is cheese pizza pie, pepperoni pizza pie, or combo pizza pie.

Suggestion’s for Costco pizza ordering:

When it comes to Costco pizza we can all agree that it is not only incredibly delicious pizza but also incredibly cheap.

Costco’s entire pizza price is just $9.95 basically the cost of two Starbucks lattes. You are the recipient of an enormous 18-inch pie.

Fans of the Costco food court know that there are three options are available. cheese, pepperoni, and Costco combination pizza. All of which are loaded with toppings. 

We are talking 24 ounces of cheese, 60 pepperoni slices, and four-and-a-half pounds of meat and veggies respectively according to the Costco connection. 

There are other options available. The Costco food court menu might not advertise this. You can order a custom pie. You have a choice of pizza.

You can customize your Costco pizza to make it fit your family’s needs. 

If you want half cheese and half combo, half cheese and half pepperoni you can order it.

But if you want to go off the menu even a little further? That’s what you are prerogative.


It is concluded that Costco pizza is cheaper pizza and affordable. This pizza is a good choice for pizzas lovers.

There are 700 calories in one slice of Costco pizza as compare to other pizza companies. The calories of other pizza companies are less than 400. The food court is trying to add better nutrition values. 

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