Is McAfee good? McAfee vs Avast Explained.


There are now like more than 1 billion malware programs out there and as our lives become increasingly digitalized, the risks presented by these threats continue to soar.

Avast has 435 million monthly users,and McAfee also goes into the high millions. But which one is the best antivirus software for you?

We compare McAfee and Avast to determine which antivirus software is better in terms of features, protection, performance, user-friendliness, pricing, and customer service.

Android and iOS McAfee vs Avast

Android, and iOS McAfee vs Avast:

Both McAfee and Avast offer malware scans, a file shredder, a firewall, and lots of other features to enhance the security of your device.

However, only McAfee offers a password managerand the parental control feature.

On the other hand, Avast provides the Sandbox Featurefor virtual file testing, and a Webcam Shield.

Protection against malware like viruses, worms,and ransomware is the primary reason to use an antivirus solution.

How McAfee and Avast handle the latest cyber threats?

They gave both antivirus solutions perfect scores in the protection, performance, and usability categories.

They both detected 100% of zero-day malware,managed to avoid false positives,and they’re less of a load on your system than the industry average.

Quick scan and full scan McAfee vs Avast:

McAfee’s quick scan completes in just one minute,and used very few system resources.

However, McAfee’s full scan, that took an hour quite heavy on the system performance,continuously using between 35% and 70% of CPU.

The quick scan of Avast, is completed in a minute,but used a lot more resources than McAfee, around 17% CPU.

On the other side Avast full scan takes few time. It’s complete in only 12 minutes, using from 10 to 20% CPU.

McAfee vs Avast price

McAfee vs Avast price:

Pricing plays a very important role, that’s because there’s one major difference between these two antiviruses.

Avast has a completely free version,while McAfee only offers a 30 day trial of their paid plan.

But Avast free does lack some essential features,like a firewall and data shredder.

McAfee paid plans start at 34.99 for the single device plan. This plan protects one device for one year.

Meanwhile, their most expensive plan, the Ultimate,will cost you 69.99.

For this, you get protection for all your devices for one year, and there’s no device limit.

Avast paid plans start at 34.99for the Premium Security Plan.

This plan protects one device for one year.Avast most expensive plan is also called Ultimate,but cost a bit less, 59.99.

Device limit in McAfee vs Avast:

Avast have a 10 device limit. if you have more than 10 devices to secure, then McAfee could be a better deal for you.

Installation Time of McAfee vs Avast:

McAfee is super easy to install.It only took you a few clicks to do it.

It took about 10 minutes for the software to install on your device.The interface of McAfee works well and looks clean.

Avast also took less time to install, only three minutes. Its interface is also a bit more convenient than McAfee.

Customer support and services of McAfee vs Avast

Customer support and services of McAfee vs Avast:

McAfee website has a virtual assistant,community forum, and a comprehensive FAQ section that even includes YouTube videos.Contacting their customer support agentsis pretty standard too.

They’ve even got a customer service number,so there’s no shortage of communication options.

Avast also has an FAQ troubleshooting sectionand a community forum.

If you prefer to talk to a customer support agent,you can call Avast toll-free number that operates 24/7.

If you’re using the free version,Avast won’t help you over the phone.

In comparison, McAfee support agents will assist you even while you’re using the 30 day free trial version.

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