Walmart customer service hours (explained)


Walmart is an online store alternative to banks. You have an option of money transfer services, credit card, and debit card mostly those peoples use Walmart account because they don’t have any bank account, so we will try to explain in this article.


Walmart customer service hour:

Usually, Walmart’s customer services hours are 8 am to 10 pm. These timings are from Monday to Sunday provided by Walmart store to support and help out their customers. 

The customer service desk is open for customers until 6 pm only on Sundays in some specific Walmart stores. There are 1100 stores of Walmart running all over the world.

In some countries, Walmart branches are running with another name. According to their customers that Walmart has fast and smooth transaction services.

Walmart customer service closing time:

In most stores, Walmart customer services are closed at 10 pm. Suppose any customer of Walmart store wants to return the product. The Walmart return hours are also from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday.  This is general time information. It can be varied by store location.

How you can confirm your local Walmart service hours?

If you want to confirm your local Walmart service hours, you can check it by visiting their websites. Firstly you should confirm the right location of the Walmart store. They will ask you to indicate your exact location and require a zip code, city, or state.

If you provide the exact information, you can see the Walmart store’s full list of service hours. These service hours are updated that helps you in finding exact service hours.

You can also check the service hour of the Walmart store by using google. After giving the correct location on the google search bar, you can find out the service hour of Walmart.

Another method to find out the exact service hour of Walmart is a google map. That also helps you out to find exact service hours.


How many alternatives of Walmart customer service?

There are the following alternatives to Walmart’s customer service.

Online customer service team:

If you have to buy an online thing and you don’t have to visit the physical store of Walmart, and you are facing any issue regarding your product, you don’t need to go to visit the store physically.

You can contact Walmart customer service support online. The team is available to support you. This is more convenient to solve the issue rather than visiting the store. This team is available to serve you for 24 hours.

Customer service helpline:

The Walmart store also has an option to help their customers by helpline service. This is also the best option to resolve the issue that you are facing.  The helpline service of Walmart is available from 8  am to 6 pm. 

You can call at 1-800-Walmart by calling, you will talk with a customer service representative. The customer service representative helps you to solve the matter and issue that you are facing.

Customer service app:

There another option is the Walmart customer service app. You can easily find out this app through the play store or apple store. This app saves you time instead of searching on the internet. This app is also more convenient to use.

This app has many features like store information, account management, and online shopping. FAQ’S section is also available in this app. There is a possibility that an answer you are finding already be there.


Reason for the success of Walmart:

The Walmart business started in 1962. This business not only runs in the united states but also worldwide. That means handling customer service is something else Walmart has driven their business with skilled and professional people since 1962.

So if you are facing any issue, don’t hesitate to contact the customer services they can solve your issues.

History of Walmart:

Sam Walton founded Walmart in 1945. The basic motive of Sam Walton is to sell their products at low cost and achieve higher sales at a minimum profit margin. In 1950 he established a store, Walton five and dime.

The location of this store is what we know now as the Walmart Museum. The first Walmart store was established in Rogers in July 1962.  Walmart inc became Walmart store in 1970. In 1970 this company started trading stock as a publicly held company.

In 1972 the company was listed on the New York stock exchange.  After some years Walton family started sams club in Oklahoma in sams club they started using computerized point of sale for fast transactions.

After this, they installed the largest satellite communication system. In 1997 this business generated 100$ billion in sales annually. And after this, their sale increases continuously. 

Operation divisions:

There is the following operation division of Walmart.


Walmart store has a supercenter. The average size of the store is 16500 square meters. This store is a supermarket all necessary goods that required in daily life are available on this store.

Discount stores:

They also started discount stores. The basic purpose of these stores is to sell the products on the store at a discounted price and boost up a sale with minimum profit that is a great facility provided by Walmart to their customers.


It is concluded that Walmart’s customer service hours are from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday. According to our research, that may vary according to location. The customer service at Walmart closes at 10 pm.

The customer service team only stops to facilitate when the store closes. We recommend you the possible ways by using these methods you can easily contact with the customer service team, so don’t feel any hesitation in contacting them.

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