Does FedEx Drug Test?

Every institution or company does drug tests of its employees to ensure the safety of other people. Likewise, FedEx is also doing the drug tests of its worker. Now you are thinking about what is FedEx and how they do drug tests, so calm down and read the article below as today I will be discussing this topic by giving the answers to all your questions and explaining the queries, and solving all the confusion of your mind regarding this test. 

Does FedEx Drug Test

What is FedEx?

FedEx is a corporation known as Federal Express Corporation is an American-based company which deals with transport, business casual, and e-commerce with headquarters in Memphis known as the City of Soul. It was founded by Frederick W.Smith in 1971. It offers both full-time and part-time jobs for its employees. It is one of the best and major shipping companies to offer overnight deliveries. According to a report, around 3 million packages are shipped every business day through it.

FedEx is one of the top U.S. contractors or shipping company that assist the government in transport regarding United States Postal Service packages. FedEx has made the Memphis airport and Hongkong airport the world’s busiest cargo port by 2020. Along with FedEx Express, FedEx Office, FedEx Ground, and FedEx supply chain are the chains of this courier service company.  Does FedEx Drug Test?

 Drugs Test:

What is a drug test? It analyzes a biological specimen like hair, saliva, urine, blood, sweat, or saliva to determine the presence or absence of drugs in a human body. 

FedEx Drug Test:

It is a procedure especially for the new employees in which the company checks the number of drugs present in a human body. It is a type of pre-employment drug test which is required for the employer. Whether you are applying for clerk, package handler, or any other post, you will have to examine the testing procedure first. A drug test is the company policy that everyone who is linked to it has to follow it. Does FedEx Drug Test?

There are many questions regarding the FedEx Drug test. I will discuss them one by one. So read the article below.

Does FedEx Drug Test?

Does FedEx Drug Test

If you are looking for a job at FedEx, you should be worried about taking a drug test. Keep in mind that FedEx always tests the drug quantity in a human body for new workers. If you are a worker in FedEx and are getting a promotion or leaving a company, then the company will also test the quantity of the drug in your body. The main criteria are to pass the drug test because if you fail or result in a positive for the drug test, you will not be able to qualify for the vacancy in FedEx. The company also tests the drug quantity of its prospective employees to avoid any drug abusers. 

What type of Drug test does FedEx use?

Before going for a job or after the job application process at FedEx, it is important to know that what type of FedEx drug test you are going to take. It is up to FedEx that whether they will conduct urine drug tests or saliva drug tests. Well, taking the urine samples for drug tests is complicated.

Saliva tests are easy, and you will pass them because the drugs will leave your saliva quickly as compared to the urine. The main tip which I am going to give you for the urine test that quit taking drugs a week before the drug test, and then there will be no positive drug test, and you will get the job easier. Always remember, that doesn’t interfere with the testing process or refuse it; otherwise you will lose a chance of the job. 

How does the FedEx drug test works?

Now you should know how FedEx drug tests do work? Some people think that while you are going for an interview at FedEx, a drug test will be compulsory on the same date, but this is wrong. On an interview day, FedEx will only take interviews of candidates then their human resource department will decide that whether such candidate is eligible or not for the job.

If such a candidate is eligible for a job, then the company will provide you with paperwork that is related to the doctor or hospital. Once you have completed that paperwork, you will be provided with a cup to urinate in it. Remember that FedEx drug tests its prospective employees as part of their interview process

How FedEx does Drug tests?

Once you are provided with a cup to urinate in, you will ask to go to the bathroom alone, but you have to leave the door open. You cannot turn on the sink’s tap until you have handed over the cup to the in charge. There is no chance to cheat the test, but if you do so, it will be very risky, and you will ruin your chance.

How long does it take to test the Urine Samples?

How Long Does It Take To Test The Urine Samples

Once you have handed over the urinated cup to the in-charge, the sample will be sent to the laboratory having a testing facility. In the laboratory, the sample will be checked with different types of drugs. This will take only 7 days for the result, and normally FedEx will receive the report of the drug tests in a week.

The laboratory will mainly use the Gas Chromatography method for the examination of the sample. If there is a negligent release of the drug test result, then legal action could be taken over this issue. These results will be considered as medical records and should be kept secret and confidential. 

The period for the FedEx urine test:

When it comes to the urine drug test, you have to be patient. If you are not patient, you will fail the test and hence will also lose the chance of the job. Before going to the test, you have to figure out what types of drugs you are going to take? This is the very important question that is how many quantities you are taking the drugs and which type you are using a drug.

Normally, the drugs cannot be tested by a urine test after 2 to 7 days. So you can pass it easily. But be alert if you are taking marijuana, then you should be alert as it will not leave urine easier and can stay there for a long time. So again, you should wait and be patient before taking the drug test if you want a job at FedEx; otherwise, you will miss the chance

How to prepare for the FedEx Drug test?

As I have discussed above that Urine testing is complicated but is more accurate, so many people got worried about this test, and they are thinking about how to prepare for this test? Quit the drugs almost 2 weeks before going for the test, and if it is not possible and you are addicted to marijuana, there are many ways to remove the drugs from the urine. I will discuss them below.

Use Lemon juice as Lemon is acidic and will remove drugs from human urine. It will not only remove drugs from your urine but also detoxify your kidneys, liver, and blood from any drugs. If you want a better result, then you have to mix the lemon juice with a glass of water and drink this mixture twice a day.

You can use cinnamon, black pepper, and ginger paste and mix them, as this mixture will remove the drugs from your urine easily. 

But these methods are not enough to protect you from getting positive confirmation drug tests. So the main precaution is to quit the drugs properly. 

What Drugs will FedEx test for?

FedEx will mainly test for all kinds of illegal drugs as these tests can identify any use of medication and illegal drugs. You should prevent using any illegal drugs before applying for the job. Always keep this thing in your mind that FedEx has a strict anti-drug policy, and you have to follow it strictly. 

FedEx Rules about Drug test:

It is not necessary that FedEx only take drug test of job candidates, but FedEx also take the test of its employees. If you are caught for drug abuse or your eyes are bloodshed, there is a great chance of random drug tests.

So be alert and quit all the drugs while working with FedEx because they can do random drug tests anytime and anywhere. If there is a reasonable suspicion on any employee, FedEx can start a drug screen on that dedicated employee. The company might send 2 employees within a week for drug screening, and no employee can have its drug test more than twice a year. 

Injury can cause Drug tests:

Yes, it’s an injury that can cause a drug test of yourself. Working in a company sometimes can injure you, so if you have got an injury, so there is a great chance of your drug screen. If you have been tested positive for a drug test, then you will lose your job, and if not, then you can work as their employee. So while working with this company, you have to be very careful.

Why Drug testing?

The question is quite interesting that why drug testing? So here is the answer.

  • Drug testing protects the employees, workers, and remaining staff from drug abusers.
  • Drug testing prevents the company from hiring individuals who are drug abusers. 
  • Helps an employee to know about drugs.
  • Protects the reputation of a company.

DOT Regulations:

Dot Regulations

These are the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation who governs the rules of motor vehicles DOT-required drug test. The drug test is again a must for this department for school bus drivers, railroads, or pipelines industries. DOT drug regulations do not address employment actions like hiring, firing, or any other matter.

The DOT Regulation does not allow medical marijuana as a valid medical explanation to be used by transportation or courier employees for the positive drug test result. Along with drug testing, this department has also started a compulsory drug tests Alcohol Testing Program, especially for transportation employees. The sample is collected and approved by an alcohol testing device. 


If you want to get a job with FedEx company, you will have to undergo a special testing program as it is part of the agency regulations. The company will collect a blood sample, urine sample, or perform a breath test to check any drug or alcohol intake in your body. You will only spawn a job if you have been tested negative for the drug test. 

I hope that if you are applying for a job at FedEx, then this article will help you. 

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