Is course hero worth it?


Course hero is an online learning platform that delivers your best to learn and groom yourself. In course hero, you can upload your files anonymously.

You have a facility of an online tutor on course hero 24 hours. If you are passionate to learn, there are many facilities available on course hero to learn.


What is a course hero?

The founder of the course hero is Andrew Grauer, who completed his graduation from Cornell University . he founded the course hero in 2006. The basic motive of the course hero is to provide the facilities for learning to students.

On this online platform, the students can share their old exam papers, class notes, class material, assignments, lectures, and other fresh study material.

That is helpful for other students to learn if you have any problem regarding your study and difficult study questions you can contact the tutor on this platform who can help you out and gives their services for 24 hours.


Membership of course hero:

Suppose you want to become a part of the course hero, thereby joining as a student, tutor, or helper to upload helping material on the course hero. There are some membership plans and subscription fees to get full access, of course, hero.

Basic membership:

Suppose you are signup on course hero to become a basic member. This membership provides you only limited access to tools that you can use for your study.

If you have any questions to submit and want to answer the question, the facility helps you, but you should pay a subscription fee for each question in this membership.

Premium subscription plan:

If you want to become a premier member of course hero, the basic fee of this membership is 9.95$ yearly, 19.95 quarterly plan, and 39.95 monthly plan. It depends on you which plan you want to subscribe to according to your need.

In this plan, you have fully authorized to access every tool and service in course hero. In this plan, you can upload 30 questions or study documents every month. You can use all the necessary tools you have unlimited access to your homework.

You have unlimited access to your textbook solutions. You access up to 40 tutor questions. You also have an opportunity to unlock more questions.

If you reach the questions limit by uploading your ten studying materials’ by which you can earn stars, and you can unlock your more questions.


The refund policy, of course hero:

The course hero has an excellent refund policy if you are using a first-time course hero and you come to know that your GPA dropped compared to your previous semester.

The course hero provides you with this refund policy that you can claim. You need to submit for this refund policy your transcript copy. You also have an option to cancel your subscription.

Help and support:

The course hero team supports you. You have an option to fill the online form if you have to face any problems or issues regarding your study and materials. Course hero does not support the live chat option.


Advantages and disadvantages of course hero:

There are some following advantages and disadvantages of course hero.

Advantages of course hero:

Ease access of learning material:

Suppose we talk about students of schools, colleges, and universities. Sometimes they do not have a proper guideline for study and helping material available for students in their schools and college students.

Course hero provides up to date material, homework problems, your all study solutions’ and its also provides scholarship facility for their users.

 Best study guide:

The course hero has this facility to provides you with millions of study guides that you can access easily. This study guide gives you the best opportunity to gain knowledge and solve your study problems, and find the solution to these problems.

Basic membership of course hero:

The basic membership of the course hero is limited. Still, we can count this membership in pros of course hero because, in this free facility, you can share your study material, and you can also have access to see others’ work or ask a question from a tutor.


Time taking:

The course hero promises you to deliver the answers to your questions very quickly, but you will get an explanation after 15 minutes from your submission of questions. You might be waiting for an hour to get an explanation from a tutor.

Pro students:

Suppose you want to become a tutor on course hero. You must know that the students have an option to mark unhappy if they are not satisfied with the tutor’s explanation. That means you are not eligible to get paid from the course hero.


Alternatives of course hero:

There are some alternative study resources, of course, hero are mentioned below.

Study blue:

This platform is collaborative that helps to provide the facility of learning. In study blue, the students can connect with others through the library of over 250 million users. According to reviews, some of the students said study blue has more facilities than course hero.

Quiz let:

This platform is free to use for students and teachers. This platform has a lot of Valuable study tool and tool for college students and college instructors.

But compared to course hero, that is not best because there are too many annoying ads on the pages of this platform, and if you want to get rid of these ads, you have to pay for this.

One class:

This platform is similar to course hero. You can also find study tools and facilities in one class. By this, you can learn efficiently. One class also has better reviews by a community of students and teachers.


It is concluded that course hero is a great E-learning platform or education platform to enhance your knowledge or learning experience and get study solutions’. You can explore millions of study materials that help you perform better in your study life.

The option to ask from the tutor is very beneficial for students. This service is for 24 hours available. This is a safe online learning platform for students looking for research materials and struggling with their studies. This is the perfect solution for your study.

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