8 Incredible Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Your bathroom needs to be functional and practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it beautiful, too! These bathroom wall art ideas are sure to inspire you to get your walls looking amazing, no matter how limited the space is.

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Design on the bath wall
Design on the bath wall

Classic Feature

Print a favorite quote or meaningful saying on an old dictionary page.

Hang a piece of art that you love in your bathroom. -Paint or stain an old ladder and hang it on the wall. Add some greenery with plants or fake plants. -Frame a mirror with some simple molding and paint the frame in your favorite color. -Put up framed photos of your family, friends, pets, etc.

Use vintage books as shelves for towels and toilet paper holders. -Try out different shelving systems. -Experiment with various patterns, textures, and colors of tiles. -Create a colorful mural on one wall using paint markers and stencils (see picture).

Replace the tub with a more modern shower enclosure and enjoy lots of light coming in through floor-to-ceiling windows.-Install lots of recessed lights around the ceiling to create mood lighting when desired (see picture).

Consider adding furniture such as benches, chairs, and tables for extra storage space or just for added comfort when getting ready.

Bold Colors

Bold colors are trending this year, and they’re perfect for a bathroom wall! The bolder the better when it comes to art in this space because you want it to stand out and give your guests something fun to look at. Plus, a splash of color in your toilet is always good for some laughs! Go with bold stripes on your walls or even just as accents on one wall or part of the room.

If you have an accent wall, make sure it’s a really interesting pattern and not just another solid color – try using wallpaper instead!

  1. Add pops of blue, green, purple, and more – then mix them together for an amazing effect.
  2. For a dramatic, colorful statement: paint the whole thing pink and then add giant yellow circles all over it.
  3. Use bright colors like reds, greens, yellows, and oranges to create a psychedelic atmosphere in your bathroom wall art ideas.
  4. Get crazy with textures by covering the walls with neon vinyl stickers or adding decals made from paper scraps glued to textured surfaces like wood panels or faux brick panels.
  5. Make tiles come alive by painting backgrounds for designs on glass mosaic tiles; get creative by using different shapes and patterns within each design- maybe some circles mixed with squares?
  6. Let loose with large-scale animal prints: zebra print mixed with giraffe print- sounds funky but also very cool!
  7. Create geometric shapes with bold lines and blocks of color to create an abstract feel in your bathroom wall art ideas.
  8. Lastly, keep it simple by opting for just one neutral shade on all four walls (like white) or use a single large piece of artwork with only black and white images to match the rest of the minimalistic style.

Outline Shape

Outline Shape is a company that makes affordable, one-of-a-kind wall art for every space.

Their bold, geometric prints are designed to be hung in any direction or configuration, adding a splash of modern flair anywhere they go.

The line includes pieces made with watercolor and ink, so there’s something for everyone.  They’ve also just released their newest product: wallpaper! It can be used on floors as well as walls, making it an easy way to give your entire room a fresh new look.

Add Depth

Flower frame on a wall
Flower frame on a wall
  1. Hang a framed mirror or painting over the toilet. This is an easy way to create a focal point in your bathroom without having to spend too much money on art. Plus, you can always update your look by switching it up with a new frame or painting!
  2. Add some plants! Plants provide natural light and fresh air, but they also serve as great decoration pieces for any room in the house – including the bathroom! Consider filling your space with plants and flowers, but be sure that they’re not toxic for use around water sources like sinks or toilets;
  3. Add colorful shower curtains! If you’re looking to brighten up your bathroom and want something different than plain white, try out a fun patterned shower curtain. They are surprisingly affordable at just about every store and will make your entire bathroom feel more inviting!
  4. Mirror tray for makeup: Hang a mirror tray above your sink so you have plenty of space for all of your makeup needs during your morning routine – from skin care products to tools such as lipsticks or eyeliners!
  5. Shelves: Putting shelves in the corner of the wall behind the door adds character and practicality to any small-space living area. For example, if you don’t have enough drawer storage inside of your vanity, add some cute shelves that are perfect for storing everyday essentials like toothpaste or hand soap!

Long Shadow

  1. Choose a quote you like or one that resonates with you.
  2. Find a good-quality photo of the quote and turn it into a stencil.
  3. Trace the stencil onto foam core board using a pencil and then use an X-acto knife to cut it out.
  4. Use Mod Podge or paint to cover the foam board in your desired color of paint (or even two!).
  5. Apply varnish sealant over everything so it doesn’t get ruined by humidity in your bathroom.
  6. Hang it on your wall using 3M adhesive strips so you don’t have to worry about ruining your wall paint. Finish up with a couple of coats of polyurethane for protection!

Create Focal Points


Create a Colorful Background

The easiest way to get your bathroom wall art ideas off the ground is by adding color to your background. Position a large piece of cardboard or heavy-duty paper against the wall and paint it any color you want, but make sure it’s not so dark that it’s difficult for people to see what’s on the other side. Your focal point will be placed in front of this backdrop, so don’t worry about making it perfect.

Use Poster Board for Cutouts and Photos

A poster board is perfect for creating shapes such as letters and animals because you can cut them out with scissors and then create a three-dimensional look by attaching them together with tape or string. For photos, use pieces of poster board to form a frame shape and attach photos with thumbtacks. If you’re feeling really ambitious, add additional embellishments like sequins or glitter!

This project is great for kids (especially those who love crafts) and works best if you have an extra hour or two on your hands. Plus, it’s one of those projects that might end up being something the whole family wants in their own home after they see how fun it is!

Bold Color Contrast

The first thing to consider is whether or not your bathroom walls are all one color or if they vary. If they’re all one color, then finding artwork that features bold colors is a good way to brighten up the space without overwhelming it. If your walls are made up of multiple colors, then going with something more neutral is probably better.

Neutral art will give you an option when you want to change things up in the future and have the opportunity to swap out your wall art for something different. Another idea is to use tiles as part of the design – this will add some interest but won’t detract from any other decorations you might want to hang on the wall (framed pictures, shelves). Finally, using framed prints can work well too; just be sure to frame them so they don’t stick out too much and cover everything else.

Hanging Lamp

If you’re looking for a unique way to add some personality, light, and color to your bathroom, then consider this idea. Hanging a lamp can be an inexpensive and creative solution. Remember that the right lighting can make all the difference in how you feel before or after you use the facilities. The best part is that it’s easy to find an affordable lamp online.


Bathrooms are often an overlooked place in the home. Sometimes we take care of the more obvious details, but then we don’t think about what we put on the walls. Well, this is your time! If you’re looking for a way to add some new life to your bathroom and make it feel more like yours, try one of these eight incredible bathroom wall art ideas that you’ll actually want to try.

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