8 Ways to Incorporate Wood Wall Art into Your Home Decor

Wood wall art not only makes your space more interesting, but it can also serve as the focal point of your decor. There are many ways to incorporate wood wall art into your home decor, and once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it before!

Check out these 8 ways to add wood wall art to your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway – we guarantee you’ll find one (or more!) that will pique your interest.

Wooden door
Wooden door

Wood Accent Walls

A new trend in home decor is the use of wood accent walls. This is a design technique where the surface of a room’s walls is covered with panels made from wood. The panels are installed as an alternative to drywall, and they’re available in many different types of wood, including oak, cherry, and walnut.

Wood accent walls offer a natural feel that’s completely different from what you would get if you used traditional wall coverings like wallpaper or paint. Also, by using this type of design feature, you can add texture and depth that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

They also come in a variety of designs, textures, and colors so you can find something that will match your décor needs. Finally, because the panels are designed for installation on drywall surfaces only, they’re easier to install than other types of wainscoting designs.

Pictures of Loved Ones

The best and most personal way to decorate your home is with images of those who you love. Be it a photo of the entire family, or just a few select individuals, this type of art is one of the most powerful ways to tell your story and create your own little world. If you’re not sure what type of images would work best for you, here are some ideas: family photos, pictures from vacations, and black and white pictures that can be used as abstract art.

The key element to remember when adding wood wall art (especially pictures) to your home is balance. Use them sparingly—as they should never overwhelm an area—and make sure they fit in with their surroundings. For example, don’t put up a picture of grandma in her living room if she lived in Paris! You may also want to consider using lots of colors when choosing your prints; after all, no one says you have to hang up every single picture on its own!

Framed Posters

Eyes art on the wood
Eyes art on the wood

Wall art is a great way to update the look of your home. Framed posters are a popular choice because they can be hung in any room and often have an artistic style that adds character to your space.

When you frame posters, it’s important to get the right materials so they don’t fade or warp over time. A good place to start is with a new poster board, which is sturdier than regular paper, and then add a piece of mat board for the back. You want a matboard that is made from acid-free material so it won’t yellow over time. Add glass between the two pieces of mat board, hang on your wall, and voila! The framed poster will stay looking like new for years.

Another option is to take a photo and then cut out individual pieces that you can assemble as collages on different frames. They make it easy to customize one large frame by combining several small ones together!

Assembled photos are also a unique idea for those who love traveling – select photographs from your trips and print them in different sizes onto card stock. Glue them together to create a personalized collage of the wood wall art ideas. If you’re feeling really crafty, cut out some borders using old books or maps, attach them around the outside edge using Mod Podge, and voila!

Landscape Prints

Landscape prints are one of the most popular types of wood wall art. These prints typically display a beautiful landscape in all its glory, capturing the viewer’s attention with their striking images and often offering a sense of tranquility.

Landscape prints can be used to create stunning focal points for any room in your home or office space. They can be placed on the ground or hung on your walls, just like any other piece of artwork would be. Landscape prints are also great because they are available in so many different styles and sizes – there really is a print for everyone!

If you’re looking for something that will capture your attention from across the room, large landscape prints might work well for you. If you’re looking for something more subtle, medium-sized landscapes might do the trick. For more information on how to use these wood wall art pieces effectively in your home decorating project, read on!

Stacked Chunks of Wood

This is an easy way to build up a wall, without having any nails or screws. You can use various lengths of wood, depending on the look you’re going for. This is a great project for children too because they can be really proud of their work! To make this project more elaborate, you can paint or stain your wood. If you want something that looks like stacked chunks of wood, buy boards with different widths and lengths and let them fall randomly against the wall. For additional texture, stack several layers of boards horizontally on top of each other (wood grain facing out) before attaching them to the wall.

Paint or stain the boards if desired. Nail or screw through the boards at an angle, in four spots per board. Use three-inch lag bolts to attach all the pieces together securely. Attach the first row of pieces near where you want them to start on the wall. Mark with a pencil where you want another piece attached and screw it in place (leave one inch between the screws).

Place another piece next to it and screw it in place as well (leave one inch between the screws). Keep repeating until all rows are attached to create a staggered look. Leave about two inches between the last row of boards and the wall. Add trim to cover gaps if needed. The beauty of this design is that it’s super versatile! You could have just two layers sitting flat against the wall, or create a taller design by adding multiple rows–the only limit is your imagination!

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are a great way to add a bit of character and personality to any room. Clocks are available in many different styles and shapes, but the most popular is by far the round clock. A round clock can provide a sense of orderliness in any space. The size of the clock should match the size of your wall and the style should match your home decor.

Clock faces come in various colors, you can go with a classic black or white face, or you can choose something more colorful like purple or green. You could also paint an old clock face to add your own personal touch.

Wall clocks also make excellent gifts for family members, friends, and coworkers- it’s a practical gift that won’t clutter up their house! Don’t forget to include the date on it so they’ll know when they need to change the battery!


Mirrors are a great way to add dimension and open up space in your room. They can also make a room seem larger by reflecting light and drawing the eye upward. Mirror frames come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that looks great on your wall. If you want a modern look, opt for an oversized mirror with a metal frame.

To keep with the rustic theme of your living room, try an old-fashioned wooden framed mirror. You can also create an interesting effect by hanging two mirrors across from each other at the same height. This will double the reflection and make it seem like there is no end to the hallway or view outside of your window!

Shelves with Design Patterns

Wooden design
Wooden design

One of the best ways to use wood wall art is to display it on a shelf. This will give your space an instant upgrade and make it feel homier. If you want a design pattern for your shelves, you can buy unfinished wood and paint them yourself with a fun design that matches your room. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous and want a more unique look, you could always build shelves out of pallets! And since these shelves are typically wider than they are tall, this gives you plenty of room to show off all those beautiful pieces.


Instantly, wood wall art brings warmth and coziness to any room. A little bit of creativity mixed with this versatile material can bring a whole lot of personality and make your space feel like home. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and spruce up your walls!

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