What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam?

Butter and jam both are food products, but they are not considered on the internet because these words are used in a drama movie as a punchline. This punchline is hilarious. These words show on the internet as a punchline. So in this article, I will try to explain the meaning of these words in detail.

What's The Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam In How I Met Your Mother

“What’s the difference between peanut butter and jam” in how I met your mother?

How I met your mother is an American comedy series and has a funny storyline. The fourth season of the series has hilarious scenes. And the main thing we are talking about is the punchline that is the backbone of this series.

This punchline appeared when a character, barney, asked lily about this question. The scene is based on four main characters of the series these are the following.

  • Barney
  • Marshal
  • Ted
  • Lily

They are talking about dirty jokes on the lily. After this, lily wants to know about the joke’s meaning. But they refuse it and laugh at lily. This joke is boy funny. Lily forces him to tell him the joke meaning what the meaning of this offensive joke is.

After this, the boys again talk about the lily joke. Lily listens to this joke and goes away, and does not speak any word with the boys for four weeks. The joke scene of this series is based on a peanut butter joke. This punchline is memorable and surprising. There is something in-joke which is funny dirty, and shocking.

Difference between peanut butter and jam joke:

The peoples are huge fans of peanut butter and jam jokes. They search it on the internet and social media. Many social media influencers write these words on their accounts. There are many social media accounts based on these words. 


Joke explanation:

In this series, there is a scene where boys laugh a joke at the girl. When she walks, the girl insists the boys tell the joke’s meaning, but they refuse it. When the girl insists on them repeatedly telling the real meaning of the joke, they say that it is a boy-funny dirtiest joke. After that, one boy again whispers this joke, and the girl loses her temperament after listening to this and leaves.

Many people like this, and some dislike it because they search for a food recipe but find dirty jokes instead of food recipes. There are some suggestions on what to do if you search for a food recipe, not jokes like this. You find the results of jokes when you are searching on the internet because this punchline special issue makes it worth watching.

The punchline is unexpected and becomes memorable after displaying episodes in search results. Barney request Lily for this question, to which Lily replies, umm…, I don’t recognize. Barney doesn’t give a proper reply to lily and tries to make the girl funny. The punchline of this season surprises the whole line becomes disgusting perhaps, and shocking. 

Why the punchline becomes surprising and memorable suddenly?

This punchline is considered offensive content. It makes the meaning of the nut butter, which refers to pee. So the line has dirty meaning, and the content is for adults who can understand the meaning of this line, so after there are some food product suggestions for you if you are searching on google for food relevant real answer.


There are different types of peanuts available in this world, but scientists are doing more research to find tastier and change in the color of peanuts. The color of peanuts doesn’t tell too much about the information. Only native people can understand this about the American peanut that is world-famous on the other side Chinatown peanut is also famous.

There is some information about peanuts. If the packing of peanuts is not good, that may cause a fungus on the peanut shell that is dangerous for human health. unhealthy and bad peanuts are used in cheap peanut butter, so try to avoid buying a cheap peanut butter product.

Difference between peanut butter and peanut spread:

There are different peanut butter and peanut spread manufacturers, and there is a difference among peanut butter. In the USA, there are some rules and regulations by law for their manufacturing. There are higher sugar and fat level in peanut spread. On the other hand, peanut butter has natural ingredients.

Nutella and peanut butter:

Nutella is Italian food that is chocolate and hazelnut spread. The ingredients of this product are chocolate, vegetable oil, cocoa, hazelnut, and some additional ingredients. According to law, this product must contain 90% of peanuts. On the other hand, butter is healthier and has more health benefits than Nutella because Nutella has more calories than peanut butter.

What's The Difference Between Peanut Butter And Jam In How I Met Your Mother


It is concluded that the above-discussed topic has two meanings, and there are two types of searches shown when you are searching this topic one is food recipes, and the other one is a dirty joke about peanut butter and the funniest answer.

There are two types of people searching for the same keyword on google. one wants a joke, and the other wants food details. The episode’s story is considered dull and weird and has a bland storyline. When we saw the punchline that gave us a real flavor of the episode. In most cases, Google shows funny content instead of food content because people don’t search properly. 

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