What time does McDonald’s serves lunch?


McDonald’s starts serving breakfast in 1975 egg McDonald’s muffins and with other delicious recipes throughout all day.

The breakfast menu of McDonald’s is not set. Against its fast-food competition. You have no choice to get a craving burger in the early morning because McDonald’s does not serve in their breakfast times.

They have an option to serve burgers in their lunchtime. That is a short review of this article. Now we discuss what time does McDonald’s serves lunch in detail. 


The time in which McDonald’s serve lunch:

There are many branches of McDonald’s that have their own timetables to serve their customers, but via research, we find results the most franchises of McDonald’s serve lunch at 10:30 am from Monday to Friday, and 11 am on weekend days.

Does McDonald’s serve lunch before 10:30 am?

We have researched on this and found the results that McDonald’s has no option to serve lunch before 10:30 am. McDonald’s gets lunch rolling at 10:30 am Monday to Friday and 11:00 am Saturday Sunday.

This means you can order happy meals starting at those times. The demand for breakfast is high as compare to other days on the weekend.

What does Mcdonald’s serve at 4 am?

In midnight to 4 am, diners you can order a big mac and fries and egg McMuffin and hash browns or even a big mac and hash browns and egg McMuffin and fries at first.

Mcdonald’s try to serve only breakfast after midnight at its locations that is always opened 24 hours.

Does McDonald’s serve fries in the morning? 

The main official reason provided by McDonald’s, that there is not enough demand for such menu in the morning; their breakfast menu or lunch menu that has burgers and fries doesn’t start till half ten because they are on breakfast till then.

What does McDonald’s serve 24 hours?

Sometimes, stores don’t serve lunch till 11 am that means day and night they’re always looking for ways to serve their customers even better; the things available.

After midnight include the big mac quarter pounder burgers, chicken McNuggets full day fries breakfast fries, and on the other sides sweets and treats like apple pie happy meals and the cafe beverages.

Does McDonald’s serve breakfast at 4 am?

What time does McDonald’s start serving breakfast on weekdays? Breakfast starts at 4 am until 10 30 am in 24-hour in their franchise that’s when they start selling the breakfast items not available in the full day breakfast menu.

Does Mcdonald’s serve lunch at 4 am?

Let’s help you make your mark yes possibly although 4 am right around the time when many 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants in the united states.

They begin serving only breakfast items; restaurant switch from breakfast to lunch is usually at 10 30 a.m 11 am on weekends, after which only a limited number of breakfast items are available.

Can you order lunch at McDonald’s before 11?

They don’t serve lunch from 5 am to also 10 30 or 11 its depend on your location; if you want lunch 24 7 or breakfast, 24 7 you’ve to go lunch starts from 10 30 until close or 5 am if it’s a 24-hour location.


McDonald’s breakfast menu:

There is the following breakfast menu of McDonald’s:

  1. Bacon egg cheese biscuit 
  2. Egg McMuffin 
  3. Sausage McMuffin
  4. Sausage McMuffin with egg 
  5. Sausage biscuit
  6. Sausage biscuit with egg
  7. Big breakfast 
  8. Big breakfast with hotcakes 
  9. Hotcakes and sausage
  10. Sausage burrito
  11. Hash browns 
  12. Fruit and maple oatmeal

Lunch menu McDonalds:

  1. Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
  2. Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
  3. Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
  4. Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
  5. Chicken McNuggets
  6. McChicken
  7. Filet-O-Fish

McDonald’s closing time:

McDonald’s branches are open for 24 hours to serve their customers so that their customer can enjoy their yummy and refreshing meals all through the day.

Some of their branches close their dining area from 11 pm to 5 am; due to government restrictions, the takeaway facility is available 24 hours. 

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