8 Stunning Wall Art Ideas For Your Living Room

While the living room of your house may be one of the first rooms that guests see when they walk in, it’s also typically one of the most underutilized areas of your home. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into making it look stunning!

There are all sorts of things you can do to make your living room stand out. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is by incorporating wall art in your living room ideas.

Hanging light on the wall
Hanging light on the wall

Abstract wall art

Wall art can be a very personal decision. It is easy to get caught up in what others might think or other people’s opinions. If you are looking for new wall art for your living room, then there are plenty of ideas out there for you to choose from. Even if you are unsure about what kind of style you want, these eight gorgeous examples should give you some inspiration.

Abstract artwork can often go unnoticed because it does not have any identifiable features, but this is precisely the reason why it works so well. The clean lines and colors will bring life into any room. You may find yourself changing the entire color scheme of your living room just to make sure that all of the colors match one another.

You can find abstract pieces at every price point which means that you don’t have to spend a fortune on artwork that doesn’t work with your current décor. You could even try something like small pieces of string hanging from the ceiling as an alternative to painting them on the wall; they’ll look equally as beautiful.


Mirrors have a number of practical and aesthetic uses. They can be used to create the illusion of more space, they can provide an elegant focal point, and they are also great for making you feel like you’re in a room with endless possibilities.

A mirror’s shiny surface reflects light and will make your room appear brighter. It will also reflect any natural light that is coming through your windows so it can be used as a light source. Mirrors are commonly mounted on walls or placed on dressers to provide additional storage space and help give rooms more depth by creating the illusion of more space.

They can also be hung above mantels or fireplaces to help reflect the warm glow from these sources. Another option is to hang them vertically to serve as artwork instead. If you don’t have much wall space, mounting a small round mirror on the corner of a wall (or between two walls) can be very effective because it doesn’t take up much space but still provides some reflections.

Mirrors can also serve as a decorative pieces in their own right: whether it’s framed pictures or collectibles such as antique coins, most mirrors look better when there’s something around them. Mounting mirrors high up on one wall creates drama and adds visual interest at the same time- just make sure not to place too many mirrors near each other since this could lead to unwanted glare!

Paint your walls in bold colors

Cartoon art on the wall
Cartoon art on the wall

Painting your walls in bold colors is a great way to create interest and make a room feel larger. Painting your wall can also be an affordable way to update the look of your home. When painting, it is important to consider the paint color that you will use on your walls as well as how much paint will be needed for the project. It is also important to note that there are certain paints that need a primer before they can be applied to the wall.

If you plan on using latex paint, which most people do because of its affordability, then you will need to prime the wall first with an oil-based primer or else the paint may crack over time. Primer is not required if you are using water-based paints like acrylic or alkyl. After applying a layer of primer, apply two layers of water-based paint. Prime after each coat to avoid cracking and peeling.

The easiest way to achieve different colored walls is by stenciling the design you want onto the wall. Take care when removing stencils from the freshly painted wall, use gentle pressure when pulling them off and clean up any excess paint that might have gotten on surfaces around your work area with a wet cloth or paper towel. Another idea for painting your living room would be using one color as an accent throughout your space such as on pillows or accent pieces within the room so that it pops against all other shades in the space.

The right frames

The first thing you need to consider when choosing wall art for your living room is the frame. Frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can tailor your art to the style of your home. If you’re looking for something simple but impactful, go for a black or white frame with a clean finish. If you want to add some personality, try an oversized frame with a texture like wood grain or metal.

The third option is to choose an antique-style frame that will give your artwork a traditional feel. For modern or minimalist spaces, frames with geometric shapes are perfect. The size: When it comes to size, bigger is not always better.

A larger piece may overwhelm a small space while being lost in a large one. Consider what size art would look best in your space before deciding which piece to buy. Take into account not just the height and width of your walls but also any other pieces of furniture in the room (like tables) that could detract from the art’s appearance too. Choose wisely!

Big, Bold, And Uniquely Designed Pieces

A living room is a space that welcomes you at the end of a long day and sets the tone for your home. It’s important to have a space in your home where you can unwind, so why not make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible with some beautiful artwork? Here are eight gorgeous pieces of wall art that will make any living room feel like a lavish mansion.

  1. The Desert Sunset Canvas Print: This canvas print is just what you need if you’re looking for an accent piece to bring life to your living room. The desert sunset in this print looks absolutely breathtaking and will make any guest feel cozy and relaxed when they come into your home. #2 The Solar System In Paper: Whether you want something lighter or more whimsical, this solar system paper is perfect for giving your living room some personality.
  2. Black And White Stripes And Lace Painting: If you love black and white stripes and laces together, then this painting might be right up your alley!
  3. Abstract Black Frame With Marble Accents: Looking for something unique? How about a black frame with marble accents on top?
  4. The Mural Poster Of Trees And Flowers: You’ll never get tired of admiring the vivid colors in this mural poster of trees and flowers.

Floor-to-Ceiling Sculptures

We recommend floor-to-ceiling sculptures for a modern and minimalistic look. However, these sculptures can be expensive and take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for something more affordable, we recommend designing the walls to make them appear like they are made out of wood, which will create the illusion that the room is larger than it actually is.

There are also many new trends emerging in interior design that can work well in any living room, including painting an accent wall with a vibrant color to draw attention to one area of your living room; adding a chair rail to give your space more depth; or even just using furniture covers as opposed to buying new pieces. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing living room!

Colorful Floral Prints

These brightly colored prints have a wood frame and are perfect for adding dimension to your living room. The bright colors will make you feel energized, while the floral pattern adds a touch of femininity and softness. These prints measure 18 inches by 18 inches, so they’re the perfect size to hang on your wall.

They come in several different colors and patterns, so you can find one that matches your personality or decor style. I love this colorful print because it’s like a breath of fresh air and would be perfect in my space! It also comes with coordinating decorative pillows if you want to add some pops of color to your sofa. Overall, these two items give off a feminine vibe that is perfect for girls’ rooms.

I love how this set is really eye-catching and unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is an abstract representation of natural elements such as mountains and forests along with waterfalls, giving off an earthy vibe. Plus, it looks modern enough that it wouldn’t look out of place in any setting!

Install A Mirror At A 45 Degree Angle To Reflect Views

Art frames on the wall
Art frames on the wall

Install a mirror at a 45-degree angle to reflect views. This is a simple yet dramatic way to show off the elegance of any room, without taking up much space. You can also customize this idea by placing mirrors in different orientations on each wall, so you have a range of views from the room.

These are just a few ideas for your living room! There are tons of ways to dress up the walls and make them more beautiful and homey. Be creative and find out what works best for you and your lifestyle! -Hang plants from ceiling hooks: To avoid spending money on hanging fixtures, hang plants from ceiling hooks. Plants will bring fresh air into the room and add another layer of color and beauty to an otherwise plain white or cream wall.


So, these are just a few ideas for wall art that will be perfect for your living room. Remember, it’s all about personal preference. If you feel like painting over the wallpaper or adding a different color to the walls, go ahead. Keep in mind that while some things may work out better than others, it’s not necessarily a bad thing if it doesn’t work out exactly how you planned.

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