10 Cross Stitch Kits That Will Inspire You

The art of cross stitch has its roots in the mid-1700s, but it’s still as popular as ever today. It’s easy to see why, too; this fun needlework technique allows you to create beautiful pieces of art that will stand out in any home or business setting. And while the basic steps are simple enough that even beginners can give it a try, there’s plenty of room to grow artistically as your experience grows with it.

The girl is using machine
The girl is using machine

Best Beginner Kit

We’ve compiled a list of the best beginner cross stitch kits, complete with everything you need to get started. Whether you are trying to learn how to cross stitch or just want to try something new, these kits have everything you need.

1) DMC Mini Counted Thread Kit This is a basic kit for the beginner stitcher. It comes with two skeins of embroidery floss, two needles, six patterns, one needle threader, and one set of instructions. This kit is perfect for someone who knows the basics but wants more patterns to choose from.

2) 10-Count Aida Cloth Kit This is a great starter kit because it includes all the tools needed in one package. The kit includes two skeins of embroidered threads, two needles, six different stitching designs, and four plastic hoops. It also has easy-to-follow instructions that come with color photos to make your first stitching experience easier.

3) Dimensions Flossy Square The Dimensions Flossy Square includes 40 colors of DMC 6-strand cotton thread in pre-cut lengths that allow you to create your own designs without worrying about knotting them yourself. With 12-inch square fabric, this kit can be used for making small projects like coasters or wall hangings as well as large projects like throws or quilts.

4) Accuquilt GO! Baby – Fabric Cutter Quilt System Kids love quilting too and this Accuquilt GO! Baby makes it easy for them to design their own artful craft projects. The fabric cutter provides hours of entertainment and allows kids to put together patches of any size they want.

5) Authentique 14ct Aida Cloth Kit For those who prefer using 14-count material instead of 10-count, here’s a kit that will suit your needs perfectly. All materials included in the kit are made by Authentique which means they’re high-quality fabrics perfect for beginners looking for some extra practice.

Best Modern Kit

This kit is designed with a variety of different stitches in mind. The included instructions are easy to follow, so even beginners will have an easier time stitching. It’s also the perfect project for those who want to learn new techniques.

The set includes 14-count Aida fabric, embroidery floss, needles, and a cross stitch pattern that’s printed on high-quality paper. The finished product is about 8×8 inches in size when fully assembled.

Best Colourful Kit

Some knitting tools
Some knitting tools

The most important thing to consider when buying a cross stitch kit is what you want to stitch. There are kits with specific themes, like Disney or Harry Potter, for people who really love those brands. For those of you who need something less specific, there are colorful kits that will delight and inspire you with bright colors and designs. This kit from Lark is perfect because it has all the colors of the rainbow in one pack.

Plus, it comes with everything you need: fabric, floss, needles, a pattern printed on high-quality paper that can be seen from both sides (so you don’t have to turn it over to read it), and a hoop for framing your masterpiece when done. It’s everything but the scissors! You’ll find patterns to suit every taste – and they’re all cute too.

They come with full-sized charts so you can see exactly where to put each color; clear instructions so you don’t get lost in the tiny print; plus they use DMC thread colors so they’re completely easy to follow. Best yet, they come complete with instructions for how to get started as well as detailed instructions on how to finish your project including how much thread you should leave out at the beginning and end of each strand.

Best Newbie Kits

Whether you’re a complete beginner or just looking for a new project, these kits are perfect for anyone who wants to start cross-stitching. These kits are perfect for people with any level of skill in the craft–from total beginners to experts. Either way, it’s never too late to learn!

Oftentimes, the best place to start is with something basic that doesn’t require a ton of instruction. Beginner-level patterns are typically relatively simple and don’t require advanced skills like weaving yarn through fabric or making knots between stitches.

Even if you have previous experience, these kits can be useful because they often come with handy tips on what to do when your hands get tired from all that needlework–and may even have suggestions on how to make your next cross stitch more interesting by changing up some colors.

Regardless of your experience level, one thing is certain: If you’ve always wanted to try out this craft but haven’t been able to find the right materials at home, there’s no better time than now.

Best ‘Sense of Place’ Collection

The first kit on our list is called The Village at Sunset. It features a range of buildings, barns, windmills, trees, flowers, and even a horse. This is the perfect kit to create a stunning scene that looks like something out of a storybook. The second kit on our list is called The Pond Scene. This one features an expansive pond with lots of lily pads and frogs in the foreground as well as lots of ducks. The third kit on our list is Children’s Alphabet.

This one features letters that are all made up of brightly colored animals. It would be the perfect way to teach your children the alphabet or just stitch it for yourself to display proudly in your home or office! The fourth kit on our list is called Butterflies Around the Rosebush. There are dozens of beautiful butterflies flitting around a red rose bush, creating a truly magical scene. Next, we have The Aquarium which includes sharks, fish, crabs, sea urchins, and more. Finally, we have A Dreamy Day which has 16 x 20-inch canvases to make stitchery easy!

Best Retro Kit

This kit is the perfect addition to any craft enthusiast’s kit collection. The design is a nostalgic look back at one of the most popular art forms in history. The black and white pattern gives a modern twist to traditional cross stitching by using geometric shapes as opposed to having all shapes be circular. The kit itself comes with everything you need, including an instructional booklet that helps anyone learn how to do this craft. If you’re looking for a fun project to take on during winter or want to add some nostalgia to your home decor, these kits are great options!

Best Quick Projects

Teady beer on clothe
Teady beer on clothe

Best Friends

This cross stitch kit is perfect for any occasion, but it’s especially great for when you want to show someone how much they mean to you. The pattern comes with everything you need, including 14-count Aida fabric, embroidery thread, needle, and easy instructions.

Birds at Night

This kit features a night scene with five different types of birds in the branches of a tree. It would make an excellent addition to anyone’s collection!

Finding Your Heart

This sweet design features a romantic message that would be perfect as a gift or just because. There are two versions: one where the phrase finding your heart is spelled out, and one that just has an outline of hands forming a heart shape together. Both designs come with 20 pieces of 14-count white cotton Aida, DMC floss, a needle, and full instructions on how to finish your project.

I Love Dogs

This cross stitch kit will have dog lovers jumping for joy! Every little detail from the paws and tail to the nose of these adorable pooches is included in this chart. Comes with 20 pieces of 18-count white cotton Aida fabric, DMC embroidery floss, needles, and full instructions on finishing your project so it looks professional without all the fuss.

Little Red Riding Hood

The classic storybook character makes the perfect subject for cross-stitch enthusiasts! All the details of her signature red cape and basket are right there in front of you waiting to be stitched up.

Mandala Sunflower Pattern

Mandala sunflowers can brighten up your home while also providing hours of relaxation as you work through this piece by stitching every flower petal individually. Comes with 32 pieces of 16-count off-white Aida fabric, DMC embroidery floss, needles, and full instructions on finishing your project so it looks professional without all the fuss.

Best Contrasting Colours or Designs Kit

The Counted cross stitch kit is a perfect beginner project. It features an easy-to-read pattern with the design printed on both sides of the fabric, which means you will never have to worry about flipping your fabric. Plus, it features an easy-to-follow chart that won’t make you pull your hair out in frustration. The kit includes everything you need to get started including 14-count Aida fabric, 6 embroidery needles, a tapestry needle, cotton embroidery thread, one pair of scissors, and a color graph. The kit also comes in three different sizes: 5×7, 7×9, or 9×12.

Best Strange Design Kit

This cross stitch kit is for those that want to share their love of horror. It features zombies, ghouls, and other creepy creatures. Handmade by a local artist in Salem, MA, this kit is perfect for any stitching enthusiast looking for something unique. The patterns are printed on high-quality fabric so you can enjoy your finished product without having to embroider the design yourself. There are sixteen different designs included in the kit, providing hours of sewing fun with an inspiring project.

The Ultimate List

Cross stitch has been around for centuries, but the design process is just as fun as it was back then. These ten cross stitch kits are perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to get into this artistic hobby.

  1. Cross Stitch Pattern: 5 x 7 – beginner level
  2. Beaded Cross Stitch Kit – intermediate level
  3. Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch Kit – beginner level
  4. Christmas Tree Ornament Kit – beginner level
  5. Holiday Card Cross Stitch Kit – intermediate level
  6. Sailboat Ornament Kit – beginner/intermediate levels -Itty Bitty Kitty Cross Stitch Kit – easy
  7. Shoe Cross Stitch Kit – easy -Quilted Rose Applique Kit – easy
  8. Anchor Ornament Kit – intermediate level
  9. Alphabet & Number Kit-easy
  10. Dachshund Dog Fabric Kit- easy
  11. Circle of Life Pattern Pack- beginner level


Cross stitch is an old craft that’s enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. This new wave of popularity has led to many innovative designs by artists, who may be drawn to the craft because of its simplicity. These cross stitch kits have beautiful patterns, can be done with just one color of thread, and are relatively easy to make. The projects are small enough to fit in your hand but can be framed for display or given as gifts. Plus, you’ll feel like a modern-day crafter with this skill under your belt!

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