How To Respond To LoL?

What’s your reaction when someone else laughs out loud? Do you join in? Do you think it’s rude or childish? How to respond to lol? Do you find yourself laughing in some circumstances but not others? Maybe you don’t laugh out loud at all, and instead, just smile or chuckle inside.  Expression of Laughter is complicated and can be influenced by things like age, gender, culture, personality, and stage of life, among other factors.

How To Respond To Lol

What is LoL?

LOL stands for laughing out loud. This abbreviation is mostly used in text messages. It’s easier to text LOL than it is to type out Laughing Out Loud. Most people also use it in chat rooms, emails, and instant messaging as well. It can be used as a noun or a verb, but generally speaking, it’s used most often as an interjection that shows you think something is funny.

Basically, it means what it says: laughing out loud. To say LOL, there are two options. You can either put lol on its own or follow with yeah. The latter is sometimes called a lolz because LOLZ looks like Elvish writing from Lord of The Rings (it really does). Lolz isn’t actually a word though; it’s just shorthand for laughter and should be taken literally – like laughter, not lolz.

How to Respond to LOL In a Text?

How To Respond To LOL In A Text

Have you ever sent a text message only to realize that it was not received as you intended? What do you do at that point: Delete it, re-send or try again and hope for a better result. The correct response is really dependent on whom you are communicating with and your relationship with them. Here are some general rules to follow when responding to LOL (laugh out loud) in a text message or online communication.

If someone seems sincerely amused, then be sincere back by saying LOL right away. However, if they use LOL sarcastically or unkindly then ignore their initial use of it and don’t respond until they say something else. This will let them know they have offended you.

How to Respond to LOL From a Guy?

How To Respond To Lol From A Guy

Okay, let’s start with what you didn’t do wrong. You responded politely and with a :). I think that was a good choice in most cases, as it keeps things light-hearted and friendly—but still gets your point across. Bravo! Now, here are some additional tips for responding to LOL from guys… and a few important dos and don’ts. 🙂 > Skip Joke Responses: While humor is always an effective approach, there are better ways to respond to being told LoL on a dating site than delivering an equally funny or silly response (more on those below).

Never feel like you have to meet wittiness head-on; keep your responses short, sweet and breezy so they don’t seem like they were too hard to work or required much thought on your part. > Mix It Up: Be sure to mix up your responses—not just by their tone, but also their content. Don’t give him a taste of what he wants—give him everything he wants! And how can you do that if all of your messages sound exactly alike? It would be almost impossible! For example, instead of lol try haha—or perhaps even better yet, hehe :D.

What Does Context Matter When Responding to LOL?

In short, context matters. So keep these things in mind when responding to someone’s LOL: You need to know whether or not they are kidding, you need to know if they’re still interested in your conversation topics, and most importantly you need to know if they are coming at you with ill intentions or not. In other words, read between lines… because life is way too short for us to get into a silly war over what is usually an innocent comment. 

What Does it Mean When a Girl Responds with “Lol” or “Haha”?

What Does It Mean When A Girl Responds With Lol Or Haha

Lol, haha and other emoticons have become very popular in text messaging. When someone texts you lol it doesn’t mean laugh out loud. It is a common response when an individual is responding to something she or he finds slightly humorous.

The only problem is that guys aren’t sure how to interpret a lol response from a girl. Here are some simple ways guys can decipher what a girl really means when she responds with lol or haha What does lol mean when texting a guy? Lol stands for Laugh Out Loud.

The abbreviation lol suggests laughing at a silly joke; it does not suggest finding anything else funny…including men. However, if a girl texts a guy lol and then asks him to call her later on, don’t take it too seriously—it simply means she enjoys communicating with you!

What are some common ways of responding to LoL?

It is important to remember that we are humans and show empathy when speaking with another person. Understanding their issue helps us respond in a way that will resolve it quickly and easily. Below are just some of the ways you can respond when someone says LoL. If they say LoL as an acronym, you might try saying Oops, I thought L was something else—sorry about that! If they say it as a command, then politely ask them to give you more information (e.g., What do you mean by LoL?).

Again, remember that these responses may not work in every case, but if used correctly can lead to a positive outcome for both parties. There’s also no shame in admitting you don’t know what LoL means, so be honest! Who uses LoL?: Like most internet-based memes, it’s hard to pinpoint who exactly started using LoL—but many people speculate that its use began on World of Warcraft forums around 2008 or 2009.

Should you respond with any emotion other than Love or Luck?

The safest way to respond is simply with a message of love. It’s not like you have anything against luck, but Love is what you need in your life right now. Sometimes when people say Luck, they mean Love and there are some people who don’t feel comfortable expressing that openly so they say Luck instead. So it depends on who you are responding to as to which one is appropriate. Either way will usually do fine though if you just want to send well wishes on their future endeavors!

Are there any times when it is appropriate to say LoL back in response?

Yes, there are a few situations when it is appropriate to say LoL back in response. If someone says something you find humorous, it is appropriate to say LoL in response as a way of showing them that you found their dirty joke funny. Another situation where it is OK to respond with LoL is if someone uses a curse word and accidentally misspells it.

You can respond with LoL so they know you realize they misspelled it and didn’t mean to type a curse word. However, make sure not to overuse LOL because then it won’t have any impact on your audience when you actually want them to laugh. Instead, use haha or smiley faces. Avoid using too many abbreviations; try to stick with using 2-3 per message, instead of 4 or 5.

What are some alternative responses other than LoL?

Instead of simply using lol in response to an amusing funny joke or statement, try these responses instead: Haha (if you laugh out loud at something); haha (if you find something mildly amusing); lolz (if you don’t think a comment is funny but want to acknowledge it anyway); lmao (if you burst out laughing at something ridiculous).

And if someone writes that they lol, feel free to assume that they didn’t actually laugh. Nowadays, lol has evolved into more of a stand-in for any expression of mirth on IM and social media—even if you weren’t specifically referring to a form of laughter. The ubiquitous acronym has become so widespread that even tech-savvy teens now have strong opinions about its proper usage. In fact, some of them insist that lol should be reserved only for real cackles. 


LoL means a lot of things to a lot of people. In-text messages LoL can be used in multiple ways: Laugh Out Loud, Lots Of Love, Learn Out Live. Using LoL in text messages is easy; just write it at end of your sentence or in the place where you would normally use lol in spoken words. It’s that simple! You know how to respond LoL now! Write it with all your friends and family right away.

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