Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?

Does McDonald’s take Apple pay? It’s no secret that Apple Pay has revolutionized how we pay for things in the real world, especially since tens of thousands of retail stores accept it. Not only can you use Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s, but you can also get money back when you do so! In this article, we’ll explore all the ways that you can use Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s and how to get even more from your next McDonalds meal.

Does Mcdonalds Take Apple Pay

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?

You can use your iPhone’s NFC chips to pay for various things at a variety of stores, but not all locations are created equal. For example, if you try to pay for your Big Mac using Apple Pay at any location that supports it, you might find yourself sorely disappointed.

While McDonald’s does accept credit and debit cards using chip technology and contactless payments from big companies like MasterCard and Visa, Apple Pay isn’t on that list just yet. So, while they may be working on getting approval to join one day, right now, they don’t offer it.

In February 2018, CNBC reported that they were delaying their efforts while they reviewed their security systems. So what gives? In short: It doesn’t make sense for them because of their system setup.

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

How To Use Apple Pay At Mcdonalds

Setting up your card is easy and convenient. You can add a new credit or debit card right in Wallet, just by taking a picture of it using your iPhone’s camera. Hold your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or later next to any contactless reader and place your finger on Touch ID to use Apple Pay in-store.

To complete the transaction, you’ll hear an audible beep, see a flash and feel a slight vibration—and that’s it! In many cases, payment completes before you even get your phone back into your pocket. Note: Customers must pay for purchases with their funds for transactions to be eligible for Apple Pay rewards programs or point offers. Not all stores accept all payment cards; check with your bank for availability.

Most major banks supporting contactless payments are accepted at merchants displaying contactless signs (typically those with digital payments readers). Still, some businesses may have turned off mobile payments due to low usage or other reasons. Also, not all terminals in retail stores will support mobile payments; check out nearby terminals beforehand if possible. Make sure to have your card loaded into Wallet when shopping.

If you run into problems, try holding down your finger on Touch ID while scanning the payment terminal and firmly pressing against it during the process. Again, make sure you load your card in advance, so there are no hiccups at checkout time. There are lots more information about how to use Apple Pay here. What do you think? Sound good? Maybe not yet? Feel free to add anything else below!

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system for purchasing your iPhone, iPad, or Watch. It’s both easy to use and convenient because it can be configured to pull from your credit card automatically, or you can manually choose what card you want to play with. The best part? You don’t even need to bring your Wallet into stores.

Plus, if you own an iPhone 6 (or newer), you don’t even need to open an app; all you have to do is wave your phone near a special terminal (known as contactless payments)—and that gives Apple Pay its name!

To start using Apple Pay, launch Settings on your device and navigate through Passbook & Apple Pay. Once there, you can manage everything—including loyalty cards, gift cards, and bank information—which means you’ll only need one device to make all of your important payments. How cool is that?

How To Setup Apple Pay on Your iPhone or Apple Watch?

The Apple Store app on your iPhone can be used to set up your iOS device like an Apple Pay-ready payment device. The first step is to open up The App Store and go to Featured. Now, please scroll down until you see the light green circular symbol with a plus sign in it.

This should appear at about three-quarters of the screen’s length from top to bottom. This will open a menu that lists different store options – choose Apple Store or iTunes & App Stores if your phone does not have both. You may then choose Sign In from there if you are already signed in to any other account linked to your iTunes or App Stores.

Once signed in, click on your name at the top right corner of iTunes & App Stores. Next, select Account Info to find more details regarding your current purchase history. Scrolling further down shows how many devices you have connected under Apple ID> Paired Devices (up to 5). Suppose there is room for another device above Paired Devices (to add another one), select Add Device. If you don’t want to add another one just yet, proceed by clicking Done below Add Device; otherwise, move on to our next section!

How Does Apple Pay Work in the McDonald’s App?

To pay with Apple Pay, you will need to have your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone SE, or Apple Watch. After launching your app, tap Order and select Pay with Mobile Order & Pay. You can also choose Pay with Cash. Once you choose to pay with mobile order & pay, follow these steps:

(1) If you are shopping in a Mcdonald’s drive-thru, hold your device near the reader at check out. If you are inside a restaurant and decide to use Mobile Order & Pay, then once you’ve finished placing your order at any of our digital terminals, simply hold your device near one of our digital readers inside or outside of a drive-thru lane. The payment screen should appear on your iPhone screen automatically after choosing Pay With Mobile Order & Pay in step two above.

(2) At that point, depending on which device you have, you should either double click Touch ID if paying from an iPhone or scan a finger if paying from an Apple Watch. Place your finger on Touch ID or press down for about 2 seconds until it starts beeping.

Then slowly remove your finger from Touch ID. That’s it! Your payment will now process like any other credit card transaction using Apple Pay. As soon as you complete your purchase, we’ll send you a receipt through email or iMessage. Apple Pay transactions are not included in any promotional discount offers currently offered by McDonald’s.

They cannot be redeemed for cash or cashback and may not qualify for all available discounts, such as employee discounts, participant discounts; convenience checks; bundle offers; promotions involving multiple payments, etc. Contact your financial institution directly or cancel the payment if a problem arises during an Apple Pay transaction.


We’ve already answered how McDonald’s takes apple pay, but what about drive-thru? Like we said above, there is no direct Apple Pay integration at McDonald’s—but if you order through the mobile app or on their website, they will bring a register out to your car to process your payment.

If you are ordering in person and don’t have an iPhone 6/6 Plus (which allows for contactless payments), you will need to pay inside. This means that, yes, McDonald’s DOES take Apple Pay.
Many banks have added support for mobile check deposits directly from our iPhones; keep in mind that some might charge fees.

Alternatives to Pay For Your Meal at McDonald’s:

Alternatives To Pay For Your Meal At Mcdonalds

If you don’t have an iPhone 6 or newer and a supported credit card, you can still use your mobile device to pay for your food items at McDonald’s. The company supports Google Wallet and has added support for PayPal in select locations.

It also supports Walmart Pay and cards from MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. You can also pay with cash or a gift card at participating restaurants. Note that not all locations can process these types of payments, so be sure to check before visiting.

Are There Fees for Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Yes, all major credit cards come with transaction fees. Fortunately, most card companies waive these fees when you pay using an Apple device or app. If a transaction is denied because of insufficient funds or invalid account information, your card will likely incur a fee. In some cases, you may have to pay a convenience fee for using Apple Pay at certain merchants.

For example, if you’re purchasing gas from ExxonMobil, you’ll be charged $0.75 per gallon of gas plus 6 cents for every $100 spent on your bill. Certain bank ATM fees also apply—for example, Bank of America charges $2 each time you use its cash machine to withdraw money from your checking account via debit card in addition to whatever standard service charge it might charge.

Before using Apple Pay at any merchant, review their pricing policies and decide whether paying with plastic or a different payment type or payment method details would better suit your needs. You can always add more money to your account by linking it directly to one of your credit cards and transferring funds electronically within seconds.

Why is My McDonald’s Apple Pay Not Working?

Why Is My Mcdonalds Apple Pay Not Working

Don’t panic if you’re having problems with Apple Pay and your McDonald’s mobile phone app. We can help! While we’ve never had any issues of our own with using or paying for purchases via Apple Pay on our iPhone, others have reported some trouble from time to time. Before you start screaming at your phone or McDonald’s support staff, check out these possible solutions that might fix your problem quickly. First, make sure your payment information is correct.

Go into Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Add Credit or Debit Card Details -> Add Card… > Enter Your Card Information > Select Your Issuer…You should find a field called Secure Element ID near the bottom (it may be blank). Note down anything underlined in blue below it:… Click Done when finished updating each card. Next, head over to your Mac desktop and go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay.

Next, click Edit Info next to any cards that are listed there. Ensure both accounts are backed up securely by verifying their Serial Number located in each one’s ‘Backup account’ section on your desktop is exactly as it appears in iTunes within your Mobile Device Management application. You’ll need to turn off two-factor authentication temporarily if you use an authenticator app.

This will allow TouchID access if used instead of entering a passcode if two-factor authentication is turned back on after you complete adding your credit cards onto iCloud Keychain. You can now restart two-factor authentication and reopen Wallet without locking out TouchID access. Restarting your iPhone also seems to work.

Hopefully, the entire process will transfer seamlessly—open Apple Pay from inside your McDonalds App and press Add A Credit Or Debit Card. If not, you may want to delete all of your stored cards first so that all new cards appear. Then repeat step 1 above to re-enter them onto Wallet. If all else fails, remove Apple Pay from your device entirely by going to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch… and removing payments details.

Delete any credit cards associated with your device, then add them again following steps 1 – 4. If you still cannot add a new card to Wallet, try deleting any old ones followed by repeating steps 2-4 above again before attempting to enter more details about a brand new card later using steps 5 – 6 above as necessary.

Can I Get A Refund Through Apple Pay?

You can only use Apple Pay to purchase physical goods. If you want to return an item, you’ll have to pay for it in another way. However, suppose you’re making a purchase and run into a situation where you need to refund that item. In that case, there is a small workaround: You can hold up your iPhone or iPad near a credit card readers terminal at any retail store that supports NFC and ask if they accept contactless payments.

If they do, then you can tap on Credit when prompted by their point-of-sale system; then hand them your device so they can complete a transaction using your payment information stored within Passbook. It might be worth trying if you find yourself in a bind — but we don’t recommend trying to pay for something with Apple Pay every time that happens!


Yes, Mcdonald’s does take Apple Pay. This new payment option allows you to pay for your meal quickly and easily with your iPhone 7. All you have to do is tap your phone on an NFC-enabled reader at checkout, and you’re done! If you don’t have an iPhone, it doesn’t matter because Apple Pay works with Android phones too!

Using Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for your McDonalds meal! Here’s what you need to know if you are trying to figure out if McDonald’s takes Apple Pay: as of now, they are both able to be used together or separately. Meaning that they can use a chip card alone or use an apple pay enabled device by itself. hope that helps 🙂 good luck!

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