832 Area Code: Location, Toll-Free, Scam, And Who’s Calling?

If you’ve recently received a call from an 832 area code, you may be curious about who is calling and where they are located. The following information will help you determine who the 832 area code – location belongs to and what type of call it was. This can help reduce your stress or anxiety about this phone call and help you understand the situation better to make more informed decisions regarding your next steps.

832 Area Code

Texas Area Codes (713, 281, 832):

In 2003, 832 was reserved as an area code for Texas. It’s used by Sprint, AT&T, and other cell phone companies. The number is a little different than your typical 213 or 916 numbers. This Houston-based area code went live in October 2004 and is expected to last another 40 years before running out of combinations. Currently, AT&T uses it to extend its coverage in areas of Greater Houston that were previously unserved. But…this leads us to our next point.

Known Areas with the area code of 832:

Houston, Texas; Baytown; Galveston; Pasadena; Tomball; and Bellaire. Other major cities close to Houston also use area code 832, including Beaumont and The Woodlands. 832 is a North American Numbering Plan (NANP) additional area code phone for telephone exchanges in Texas.

Some Houston, TX residents, share area code history with surrounding communities of Beaumont, TX and Baytown, TX. There are no incorporated towns within it. The region will be overlaid with 936 when it came online in October 2017. Are you getting unwanted calls from an unknown number located in Houston or another city within area code 832? Make sure you have legitimate callers before answering these calls from 832.

List of Cities in Texas with the area code of 832:

List Of Cities In Texas With The Area Code Of 832

1. Houston, Texas 2. Austin 3. San Antonio 4. Fort Worth 5. Corpus Christi 6. Waco 7. Killeen 8. Laredo 9. College Station 10. Bryan 11… The list of cities goes on and on. Now you know what area code to expect when receiving a call from these cities in Texas. Don’t answer a call if you don’t recognize it – that’s a simple rule for avoiding telephone scams.

If somebody asks for money or tries to sell you something over the phone, hang up immediately! Never give out your personal information to anybody over an unknown phone number or email address, such as social security number, bank account information, and credit card details, without verifying their authenticity first.

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List of companies using area code 832:

List Of Companies Using Area Code 832

A-List Of distance Companies Using Area Code 832 What’s in an area code? If you have a phone number with area code 832, it’s time to see what is behind that code. But first, don’t panic: Your phone number may be used by someone else. There are many reasons why people give out numbers they are not using anymore.

Think of it as free advertising – maybe someone will eventually want that number back? Who Uses Area Code 832? When determining how common your phone number might be among different companies, there are two important questions to ask: Where do these companies operate, and do they use toll-free telephone numbers? The US Telephone Numbering Plan Authority has set up hundreds of areas for local telephone service.

If we look at Houston Texans, for example, there are four main geographical region codes (713, 281, and 832) covering citywide and rural areas outside city limits. In theory, all prefixes inside these regions should belong to one carrier only. However, due to mergers and acquisitions over decades, some of those numbers may now be served by other carriers – which sometimes provide toll-free services over 800 or 888.

Now let’s see who owns toll-free numbers with area code 832! *Note: AT&T provides both TTY and Voice over IP type services via their Telecommunication Relay Service and Internet Phone service. TRS users must register before making any calls. IVR Phone Users often experience a longer wait current time than standard TTY callers since calls are transferred between operators instead of directly connected between incoming callers.

Fraudulent calls and scams using area code 832:

area code 832 (also known as Overland Park, TX) is Texas’s toll-free telephone area code. In addition to Overland Park, other cities that use area code 832 include Austin and College Station. To call a phone number using area code 832, you must use a long-distance carrier; it is impossible to complete calls within or between cities in or near Texas with just a standard 800 or local 707 number.

You can tell if an 832 number is toll-free by examining whether an extra four digits are added after your prefix. For example, if your prefix is 201, but you see 2201 for all of your numbers, you know that those numbers are toll-free because no additional digits will follow them. There are currently 431 cities assigned to area code 832.

Among these cities are Abilene, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Grand Prairie—the most populated areas in America using the area code 832 overlays. The next largest city in terms of population size (as of 2014) is Amarillo, with about 215 thousand residents. Smaller communities in or around Overland Park make up many other pieces of Texas’s 832 patchwork.

Less populated cities may include Stephenville and Mineral Wells—Cities such as Edinburg and Pharr remain important community hubs even while they comprise only a small percentage of the total area code 832 population.

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