How to give yourself a fever?

Having a fever means you have a raised body temperature. so if you want to give yourself a fever.

You want to raise the temperature of your body. We have some suggestions for you to raise the body temperature.

You can raise the body temperature of your body. by utilizing medical assistance.

Fever Definition

Fever Definition:

Fever also called pyrexia is one of the most common presenting complaints in medical practice.

It is depend as a normal body temperature that is above the normal range, for that individual without any physiological cause to it.

In other words normal temperature raise due to exercise or menstrual cycle doesn’t count as fever this is usually above 38 degree C recorded by thermometer.

In this case oral and rectal temperature readings are more accurate than auxiliary temperature.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that fever, in it of itself, is not a disease but rather a symptom that indicates an underlying disease process.

Mechanism of fever:

Body temperature is usually set to its normal range by the hypothalamus, which act as a sort of thermostat.

When the body suffers from certain pathological processes, namely “inflammation”, certain chemicals are released by the body, collectively called pyrogens.

Pyrogens set the thermoregulatory point of the hypothalamus to a higher temperature, thus resulting in fever.

Causes of fever:

The causes of fever can be divided into the broad categories.


This is the most common cause of pyrexia. It can include bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic infections.

Auto immune diseases.

Miscellaneous which can include things like heat stroke, medications, brain lesions and thyroid storm to name a few.

Diagnosing the cause of fever:

Fever is usually accompanied by other symptoms as well, which may guide the diagnosis diseases.

Complete blood count the  white cell count is raised in case of infection Liver function tests urine routine examination,Chest x-ray.

Red flags although multitude of conditions  can cause fever  as mention before but some condition  are more serious than others and requires special attention, Neck stiffness.

Severe chest pain 
Rapid weight loss
Patient with toxic look
Respiratory distress
Blood pressure/blood flow 

Febrile seizure:

Febrile seizure some children aged 6 months to 5 years may also have associated seizures with an episode of fever.

This may greatly worry the parents but they should be reassured the febrile seizure are mostly harmless and do not damage the brain.

In case febrile seizure is not being controlled refer to pediatricians.

How to check your fever?

How to check your fever?

 In adults the body core temperature can vary anywhere between 97  degrees to 99 degrees Fahrenheit  with the average about 98.6.

A child normal body temperature can also vary anywhere between 97.4 to around a 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anything greater than a hundred point four is considered as a fever and this is extreme temperatures.

Check your fever through mouth:

Orally you can do this one to check oral temperature of two ways you can use a digital oral thermometer.

Which is most commonly used or you can used a glass thermometer make sure that your thermometer is clean.

You have to pay attention to where liquid is on the reading scale.

If it is above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit you will have to take your wrist and flick  the thermometer down for that fluid to go below 98.6 degrees once the fluid in the thermometer is below that point.

You’ll want to insert the thermometer in a probe cover just to protect and then take the thermometer and insert it in the patient’s mouth have the patient lift up their tongue.

You put it underneath the tongue keep it closed and wait for three minutes and then remove the thermometer and read the thermometer.

Check your fever through ear:

You can check your fever through ear via the tympanic membrane.

Turn your ear thermometer on and you’re going to insert this in the ear for the adult.

You want to take the pain out of the ear pull it up and back if your patient is less than 12 months of age.

You would want to take the pin up and pull it down then hit the button on ear thermometer just takes a second then we will read our ear thermometer and it will display the temperature.

Check your fever through armpit:

You get a digital thermometer perform hand hygiene.

Insert the thermometer in armpit and close the armpit and hold the thermometer there until it beeps.

When thermometer beeps take it out and read it.

Check your fever without thermometer:

You can check your fever without a thermometer. There are some methods to check your fever without thermometer is mentioned below.

Person forehead and is it hotter than usual.
Person skin is getting red.
Feeling pain in his body?
Feeling dehydrated.
Shivering and sweating.

How to reduce your fever?

How to reduce your fever?

Place your right palm  on your heart  and breathing to your nose and bring out through your mouth breathing.

Place your both hands on your head and breathe  into your nose and breathe out to your mouth.

If you are breathing deep enough your chest will expand as you inhale close your eyes and hold for five seconds.

This time breathe in to your mouth close your mouth and breathe out through your nose.

Place your right palm on your heart and left palm on your forehead and breathe into your nose and breathe out to your mouth take a deep breath and hold for five seconds.

Get a cool water  wet towel place it on top of your forehead for ten minutes.

Take a boiled water three slices of ginger and place in the water and one spoon honey and dissolve with the ginger in the hot water.

You can also use fever reducing drugs.

Breathing technique to increase your body temperature:  

This breath technique helps you to increase your body temperature. Use this technique for five minutes to increase your body temperature so what should you do?

You would do is inhale breath through your nose and you will inhale a half way.

This is a half way to breathe now a full inhale and now you are going to hold it for about three to five seconds.

Then exhale half way by three to five seconds and then exhale through your mouth so you are making one stop half way.

Then another stop so that’s two and you are going to hold it for three to five seconds and you are going to breathe out half way so it’s making three stops.

This may help you to increase the temperature of your body.

Give yourself fever by hot bath.

Give yourself fever by hot bath.

You are going to run yourself a hot bath make that bath as hot as you can whatever your threshold for heat is.

Find out what will burn you on then just back it up a little bit you are going to get in that bath for about half an hour.

It’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable but it’s not going to do any physical damage to you or at least it should not if you don’t make it that hot. Don’t take cold bath.

So after you have been soaking in the hot bath for about half an hour. You are going to get out.

The bath is going to keep your temperature up for about 6 to 8 hours, but there’s something you can do to prolong that you are about to go to bed put a ton of blankets.

On your bed more blankets that you need to cover yourself keep yourself heated.

I am not sure if this work but a lot of the people on the internet tell about this method its not scientifically approved.

Don’t sleep after doing this method and take a onion under your armpit to increase your body temperature.

Do this method in the night when the sun comes up you are going to be hot.

Why we got fever? 

We got fever by some specific reasons which are mention below.

Because of work load
Cold, flu symptoms, dry cough and sore throat
Because of headache
Body pain
Weather/Climate changing
Allergy symptoms
Abdominal pain
Emotional stress 
Muscle aches, body aches by doing gym exercise.

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