What is the starting check number?

In this article I will explained you starting check number in details.

In this article you come to know about what is starting check number?

How can Change starting check number on QuickBooks?  How can you find your check number?

Why check starts from 101 is it check number matter? How you can order your first check?

Types of bank check? Withdraw your money with correct starting check number.

As you can see that there are some specific numbers are showing in this check image. 


What is check (Starting Check Number)?

A check is a document that the account holder of the bank issues this document to the bank with their signature to withdraw money from bank financial institution.

The person who issues the check is known as drawer and on the other side the person to whom check is written is known as payee.

There are the following types of checks.

  • Cashier check/Official check 
  • Money order
  • Certified check
  • Electronic check
  • Giant check                          

Routing numbers.

What is starting check number and how you can find your check number?

How to locate a check number sequence when you’re providing funds for an online transaction or filling out form for direct deposit.

You’ll often be asked for your bank’s check number procedure routing number that’s nine digit checks number.

Provided by the country bank association that uniquely identifies the location of your bank account.

Unfortunately it’s easy to find finding the routing number on the check format.

On the bottom line of check routing numbers are located some of these characters  are called MICR.

MICR is your routing number be sure to exclude any proceeding MICR character when determining your routing number.

The MICR is your check number the number following the MICIR at the end of the account number should match your check number.

Confirm your routing numbers by symbols.

The MICIR symbols designating your routing number looks like a vertical line on the left with two square one on top of the other on the right the number.

Between those characters as your routing number examine the first digit of your routing number all routing numbers begin with the number 0,1,2 or 3.

Why check starts from 101 is it check number matter in starting check number?

You should specify your check number when you want to order your check.

It doesn’t matter what you starts with. If you want your starting number is 101.

You just specify this when you are ordering check.

Your check should be in out of sequence to safe yourself from any fraud. These numbers are used to track your own checks.

How you can order your first check ?

If you want to open a check account you will need to order your checks.

You can order your check from your vendor and third party vendor.

You should know how to order additional check in future you can personalize your check as you want.

Order your check from your bank:

Bank check prices are lower than personalized checks.

There are mobile applications for online banking are available in your mobile.

You should only open your bank account and sign into app ordering check by phone option are available in app.

Some banks have vendors for the order of personalized check and you pay the fee for these checks.

If you are not uncomfortable ordering through your app you can order by phone call to the representative of the bank in which you have account and provide the proper information of your account.

If you want to order themed check and customized your print check according to your requirement.

Then visit online website that offers you the customization of entire check style.

Single or duplicate check:

For ordering of check you should choose the style of checks single check or double check Single page check is use for a personal use such as bills via check paid.

But in this check you don’t have any record.

Duplicate check/double check is better than single check because you have two copies of check one for use bookkeeping record.

Quantity of checks:

After these decide the quantity of check you want to order online.

If you writing check a lot you may order a large quantity of checks.

For that person who writes fewer checks you may order limited checks for use according to your need.

Shipping & Handling:

Contact your bank for routing numbers your account number should be mentioned in the routing number.

Shipping and handling charges you should pay for your ordering of check.

Sometimes you don’t need to pay shipping and handling charges if you are ordering from your bank. The vendor delivered directly to your bank.

For payment if you are ordering from your bank your amount has been deducted from your bank account.

If you are buying from vendors you paid the amount of order via credit card or debit card.

Usually your order check from bank and vendor will arrived in 10-14 business days.

If you want your checks as soon as possible as choose fastest shipping. You can also collect your check from your bank.

How can change starting check number and assigning check numbers on QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is accounting software which is used for bookkeeping, payments, and payroll functions and useful for small and medium size business.

You can assign online check number QuickBooks desktop.

In QuickBooks desktop press control W that will bring up our writes check screen automatically.

We want to be able to click on that unfortunately we can’t do that when this is selected as print later.

So if your transactions thorough bank feeds is to just directly change it on your register.

If you push control R that’s going to bring up our use register screen and we click ok and you will see on your right side on your screen.

Here is one of the option to print that may have automatically been assigned for you.

What you want to do is want to highlight that and then we actually paid with this with check number.

We can also say that we pay to our vendor with pay pall and then you hit record and do you want to change the transaction.

Yes you do and it is updated for you and you can go through and change several of them that ways.

That concludes assigning check numbers in QuickBooks desktop.

Change check number in QuickBooks:

  • In QuickBooks menu on top of the screen click on the banking and use register.
  • Where the check located select the account 
  • After finding it double clicks on pay check to open this.
  • In this portion edit the check number field save it and exit.

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