DHL with deliver courier.

DHL is an international courier company for packaging delivery.

This company works for all over the world to serve their customers efficiently by their fastest service.

In these days online shopping is very common and business trade also growing very fast.

This courier company provides you the facility to move on your parcel from one place to another place all over the world. 

 With delivery courier meaning: 

Its mean that the courier has received your shipment/parcel is on the way to delivered and your courier got packaging from warehouse and scanned it in the vehicle to their delivery route.

It’s also means that your parcel is ready and out for delivery.

DHL express courier pickup and delivery:

DHL offers a wide range of international shipping services for individual customers.

The service is available across various channels, including DHL services points in various locations around the country.

Requesting shipments pick-ups by phone, and creating shipment online, that’s help you and making your shipment more convenient to ship your items.

You can make an appointment to pick-up your shipment at home and by contacting the DHL call center.



DHL prefer proper packaging to protect your shipment and provides free of cost. There are following types of packaging.

Primary packaging:

Primary packaging is the packaging that is use to protect your product. This is also referring to retail or a consumer packaging.

Secondary packaging:

It means these packaging’s provides more protection and facilitate the customer to deliver the shipment safely.


It means the process in which goods placed on pallets.

What is tracking in DHL courier service?

In DHL a tracking number are some numbers and have some letters that provides you the information and the status of your shipment.

You can trace your shipment by your tracking number assign by DHL also online on their website.

How much time DHL takes to deliver?

The time of delivery depends your product, origin and destination. DHL usually takes 2 to 3 days with in a neighbor country to deliver. And up to 3 week for long distance countries. 

DHL comparison with FedEx: 

There is a comparison of DHL with FedEx hopefully this information is informative for you.

Delivery time option:

FEDEX offers a wide variety of options including next flight, priority, and economy.

DHL express offer similar delivery options such as same day jet line, express xx and express worldwide.

Although both DHL and FEDEX emergency rush service are priced on a case by case basis.


DHL express worldwide is usually less expensive than FEDEX international economy.


FEDEX sometime uses a third party for final delivery of shipment depending on the country.

It means even though you ship with FEDEX your package will be delivered by a different company once it arrive in its destination country.

Since it’s not the same company. There can be delays in tracking and delivery time .DHL uses their own international branches for delivery to avoid this issue in most if not all cases.

International service support:

DHL custom services and support is more extensive than FEDEX. But many of its services are fee based.

Membership program:

Both FEDEX and DHL have member programs. DHL bonus program and FEDEX advantage program.

DHL awards coupons for free packages up to certain weight, While FEDEX awards flat discounts.

DHL international supply chain:

DHL is a global market leader in the logistics industry. They provide innovative customized supply chain solution to their worldwide.

They provide best in class services coupled with leading edge technology.

They have a strong worldwide presence with more than 850 locations including warehouses and offices in 150 countries.

With a global distribution network DHL is a market leader and a key business partner to their customers that offers global connectivity across borders and regions.

DHL new standards in the industry designs new solution implementation to operation process. They provide the optimal end to end solutions for their customers.

With globalizing increasing supply chain complexity and the need for speed adaptability accuracy and timeliness.

Purchase order:

The order management system a platform capable of receiving customers purchase order.

The information and providing unit level of visibility and critical milestone across the end to end supply chain.

DHL visibility platform:

This fully integrated system allows customer to have real time information for all international shipments across the globe.

The systematic platform is support by a specialist trained team of DHL.

That provides you dynamic cost and lead time optimization performance KPI reporting and ongoing recommendations proactively reacting to changes in the supply chain.

There is the following process of DHL international supply chain.

  • Visibility platform 
  • On order 
  • In production
  • At origin 
  • In transit
  • POD/Customs
  •  Inland 
  • DC/point of sale

In these days supply chain strategy has become more important than ever. Their customer is able to drive down costs. DHL was able to deliver a solution.

That involved consolidating goods from around the world.


DHL e-commerce:

DHL e- commerce has set its own delivery network. DHL domestic delivery offers many convenient delivery options that including parcel shops and door steps delivery.

DHL e-commerce provides you cost calculator which provides a full cost overview.

It can be integrated easily into any website and prominently displays the final price with costs for taxes duties and shipping calculated and shown separately that makes easy for their customers to calculate the cost.

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