8 Crafty Easter Ideas for Beginners

If you’re looking for Easter craft ideas that are fun and easy, you’ve come to the right place! Making crafts with your children can be a great way to bond together and make some new memories during the busy spring season. Here are 8 crafty Easter ideas that beginners will love to try with their families this year!

Painted eggs
Painted eggs

No Bake Bunny Cookies

No Bake Bunny Cookies are easy to make and taste delicious! These cookies are made with wheat flour, white sugar, butter, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, whole milk yogurt, and chocolate chips. The dough is left to chill overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning you can slice it up into bunny shapes!

A few more optional steps include painting a nose on your bunnies, sprinkling them with powdered sugar, or decorating them with frosting pen swirls. One of the best parts about this craft is that you don’t have to put in a lot of time a couple of hours one night will give you enough dough for a batch of these easy-to-bake cookies.

For kids, use cookie cutters shaped like bunny ears or a face. Try using different cookie cutter shapes as well; how cute would a heart-shaped cookie be? Add edible glitter to the frosting pen so they sparkle like diamonds when they’re finished.

Washi Tape Eggs

Washi tape is a great DIY craft to do with kids. It’s fairly easy, affordable, and pretty. And, it really doesn’t take too much time to make a cute egg decoration with the patterned tape. All you need is some washi tape and an egg carton.

Cut strips of tape (you can vary the width) and secure them around the edges of each egg. Then simply remove them from the carton, stick them together like connect-the-dots and you have your masterpiece.

Washi Tape Egg Hoops

Attach two strips of washi tape vertically on either side of an empty egg carton. Place a strip horizontally across them about halfway up. You should now have four pieces of the tape forming a hoop. Fold the top down and secure it with another piece of tape or use scissors to cut off any excess. Now place an egg inside the hoop and enjoy your finished product.

Easter Egg Hunt Wrapping Paper Idea

Eggs in a bowl
Eggs in a bowl

Easter is a great time to get crafty and make something for everyone on your list! Check out this great collection of 8 fun, easy, and inexpensive projects that will take you no time at all to whip up.

This is the cutest egg you have ever seen! And so easy to make too. All you need are five pieces of paper: one big piece, two small pieces in different colors, and two strips of smaller paper. Make a pattern with the small pieces and glue them on top of the other big piece so that they form an egg shape. Glue the small strips on either side of the larger paper strip and then wrap them around an empty egg container! When you’re done, tie off the ends with some ribbon or string to create the perfect egg-shaped gift box.

DIY Butterfly Wreath

All of these items are easy to find and should cost you no more than a few dollars. Get an empty wreath, either traditional or colored. Cut a big bunch of fabric into squares and stack them on top of each other in the center of the wreath. Fold up the edges to secure it tightly, then tie some ribbon around it so it doesn’t fall apart as you work with it.

Thread your needle with about 3 different colors of thread and begin weaving through the fabric, following the holes created by your needles to make a pattern that will look like your own original design! It is really important to keep adding threads as you go along so that the butterfly is not too small when you’re done.

When you’ve reached the end of your weave, cut off any excess strings and poke a hole at the bottom with a pin or something similar- just enough space for a string of yarn or ribbon to fit through. Take one long piece of ribbon and start tying knots in one end (about 5) until it’s tight enough to be used as the hanger for your new decoration.

Basket Easter Decorations

Cut a wooden bobby pin in half to form a bunny ear shape. Use a black marker to draw an eye and some whiskers. Paint the color you want the ears to be and decorate with beads or glitter. Tie the ribbon around the head of each ear as a decorative detail. Fill a small basket with grass, hay, and candy from your child’s Easter egg hunt. Finish by placing the cut-out ears on top of the basket lid. For a more playful effect, use twine instead of ribbon.

Upcycled Jars

Create a set of two or three stamped baskets (same design) using different colors of paint. In order to get the different colors, use food coloring in the water before dipping the design. Rinse with water and let dry. Use chalk paint or fabric paint on white baskets to give them an ombre effect. Add shells and pearls for a fun nautical look.

DIY Bunny Strawberries

Girl doing paint on egg
Girl doing paint on egg

This craft is a cute little bunny-shaped strawberry that you can make with a popsicle stick, paper straw, and some glue. Start by wrapping the popsicle stick in newspaper to get a cone shape before spreading a thin layer of glue on the entire surface. Next, fold your paper straw in half lengthwise and curl it into the cone shape you created with the popsicle stick. When dry, attach at an angle to make the bunny’s ears, finishing off with two dots of glue to look like eyes! Now grab your plastic eggs from the store, fill them up with jelly beans or other small treats and you’re done!

DIY Stamped Baskets

  1. Get a plain plastic or paper bag and stencil some designs onto it with some paint.
  2. Trace a pattern of your choice onto paper, cut out the shapes, and attach them to an easter basket. Use a hot glue gun to attach everything securely.
  3. If you are not good at drawing but would still like to be crafty, get an egg carton, glue it to a sheet of cardstock, color it in with crayons, and then cut out the individual eggs. You can also glue feathers on some of the eggs as well.
  4. Find some old bowls, cut them up into smaller bowls, and paint them with bright colors. Decorate these by gluing on glitter and sequins. You could even add little wooden rabbits or eggs to make it more fun.
  5. Make your own sugar cookie dough using this recipe from Taste of Home, roll the dough out flat and use various food coloring to create different colored cookies. Once baked, decorate with frosting icing for decorations such as flowers, vines, etc.
  6. Cover a box with wrapping paper before sticking small pieces of tissue paper all over the box – these will resemble grass.


Easter is coming up soon and we have you covered with a range of easy crafts that the whole family can enjoy. From decorating hard-boiled eggs to folding the perfect bunny, here are eight fun ways to get creative on this holiday. Whether you are crafty or not, have a little time or not, these ideas will help add some easter spirit to your home. Give them a try this week.

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