Easy DIY Alien Costume Idea

Whether it’s Halloween or another event, dressing up like an alien makes an awesome costume idea that you can easily pull off with this simple, DIY costume idea. All you need are some common household items and your imagination! Let’s get started! First, find out how to make this fun DIY alien costume idea by reading below!

Kid in bird costume
Kid in bird costume

What you’ll need:

  • 1 can of silver spray paint
  • 1 pair of black tights (or leggings)
  • 1 long sleeve black shirt
  • 1 masking tape -Glue or double-sided scotch tape
  • 3 plastic grocery bags -Large white poster board
  • Black felt tip pen for eyes and mouth -Scissors to cut the bags
  • Cotton balls, yarn, ribbon, fabric, etc. to make hair.

I recommend starting with a high ponytail with a small bun on top. Then take pieces of hair from around your face and wrap them around the bun into a messy bun-braid-ponytail combo! After that, you will need to glue some cotton balls in strategic places where there would be grey tufts of hair like on an old person’s head or a dog’s ears! Add some red spots using your marker and be sure to do your eyebrows as well! You are now ready to scare humans with this creepy getup.

A Mock-Up in Case You’re Unsure

Various face masks
Various face masks

It’s October, so it must be time to start getting spooky. Whether you want to go full-on horror or just have a little fun with your outfit, this alien costume is for you. The best part about this ensemble? It’s incredibly easy to make and doesn’t require sewing or materials that are too hard to find. You’ll need:

1. A pair of black tights 2. A white tank top 3. Red felt (you can get the red felt at any fabric store) 4. Elastic bands (these will help keep the mask on your head) 5. Silver glitter 6. Hot glue gun 7. White makeup 8. Elmer’s glue 9. Black eyeliner 10. Double-sided tape 11. Scissors 12. Paper 13. Pencil 14. Glue stick 15. Wooden skewers 16. Rubber bands 17. Foamboard.

18. Cardstock 19. Construction paper 20. Straws 21. Acrylic paint 22. Wire hanger 23. Duct tape 24. Paintbrushes 25. Pompoms 26. Ribbon 27. Thread 28. Push pins 29. Shower curtain liner 30. Yarn 31. Newspaper 32. Sewing needle 33. Sewing thread 34. Lace 35. Stencil 36. Fabric marker 37, Clear nail polish 38, Colored acrylic paints 39, Floral wire 40, Plastic bowl 41,

1. Start by cutting out two large circles from the cardstock – one should be about three inches in diameter and the other should be slightly larger than six inches in diameter. If you don’t have cardstock, use heavy-duty printer paper instead. Draw out a large S on both pieces of paper with the pencil to create an elongated heart shape. Trace this shape onto the foamboard and cut out both shapes with scissors.

2. Using construction paper or newspaper as your base, draw an upside-down heart shape onto it that measures around four inches tall by five inches wide; draw a line down the center of it horizontally. Next, trace this shape onto some cotton fabric using floral wire and fabric markers. Cut out your stencil along the lines with sharp scissors. Next, trace this stencil onto another piece of cotton fabric and cut it out.

Cut two slits into each side of each heart shape – one slit should be direct across from the other slit on each side of the heart shape if it were turned right side up again. Pin these shapes together so that they look like ribbons going through both pieces of cloth, but then unfold them again to see how they look when flattened out. Finally, tie a knot at either end to finish!

Putting it All Together

This week we’ve been looking at the planet Mars and what it takes to survive the red planet. So, if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get into the Martian spirit, try making this easy DIY alien costume. You’ll need some cardboard, paint, scissors or a craft knife, a glue gun, and some googly eyes. Cut two large circles from the cardboard and paint them a light brown color with white polka dots for the face.

Once dry, use your glue gun to attach googly eyes to one circle, and then attach both circles together using masking tape or an elastic band. Now all you need is to put on a t-shirt or jumper (don’t forget pants) over top of your costume for a convincing disguise! If you have time, make a headband too by cutting out strips of black fabric and wrapping them around the front edge of your headband so that they hang down in front of your forehead. Take two strands from each side of your headband and tie them together in front like pigtails.

Taking Some Final Touches

Girl in a pink and yellow dress
Girl in a pink and yellow dress

Easily put together your own alien costume this Halloween with a few simple items from around the house or a trip to the dollar store. You can even incorporate your child’s favorite toy into the costume for some extra fun! The best part about this easy DIY idea is that it’s not just for Halloween. The costume can be used as an outfit for any themed party or event you may have coming up, and with these simple steps, your little one will be looking out of this world in no time.

First, lay down three pieces of clear packing tape sticky side of the floor. Then take two rolls of toilet paper and place them on top of the tape with sticky sides facing up. Then put five pieces of masking tape across both rolls where they intersect.

Cut four to six strips (about 2-3 inches long) off a toilet paper roll to create tentacles using scissors; carefully place each strip at different intervals along the length of both rolls so that they are hanging off by themselves and then cut off excess material on each end once finished. Finally, attach your favorite rubber band ball from the dollar store to a piece of masking tape (around 4-6 inches away) placed near the top outer edges for eyes; now you’re all set for Halloween.


If you’re looking for a new, easy and fun idea to dress up as this Halloween season, then you may want to consider dressing up as an alien. These masks are not difficult to make and will be the perfect last-minute costume idea. Plus, the materials required to create these masks are inexpensive and most likely already in your house! You’ll be able to create this costume for less than $10.

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