Popsicle Stick Crafts: 8 Fun and Creative Ideas

Popsicle sticks aren’t just for eating anymore! There are tons of fun crafts you can make using Popsicle sticks, and you can use them to make crafts that you can actually use as well. In this post, we’ll show you 8 different popsicle stick crafts that you can make at home! The best part? Each of these 8 ideas only uses around 5 or 6 Popsicle sticks, so you can keep the rest of your stash in the freezer until you’re ready to start another project!

 Fruit on popsicle stick
Fruit on popsicle stick

DIY Camera Phone Holder

If you’re like me, you probably use your phone all the time to take pictures of your kids. You can also use your phone as a video recorder with apps like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat. The problem is that phones are often slippery and it’s not easy to hold them for long periods of time to get good shots. A DIY camera phone holder can help solve this problem by holding the phone so you don’t have to fumble with it or place it down in an unsafe spot.

Simply cut a popsicle stick (or multiple) into two lengths that match the width of your hand. You may need to make some adjustments depending on how big your hands are. Hold one piece between the thumb and forefinger on each side of the screen, leaving enough room to hit all of the buttons on both sides. Wrap another piece around those pieces and slide it up until it fits snugly over the top of your hand.

Now, when you want to take a picture, just push outwards from the center with both hands so that they move apart from each other, and then click! It will take practice at first but after a while, you’ll be able to do it pretty quickly. When done taking pictures, fold the arms back together again and store the whole thing away so you can pull it out again next time. Popsicle sticks work best because they are strong yet flexible and come in a variety of colors. Once you’ve made your camera phone holder, try these popsicle stick crafts ideas for more fun and creativity.

DIY Miniature Dollhouse

Do you have a lot of free time on your hands and some Popsicle sticks lying around? Why not try your hand at a little DIY craft project this weekend? With only five steps, it’s not hard to make this miniature dollhouse. Follow the tutorial below to find out how!

  1. Create the roof by bending two popsicle sticks in an L shape, putting them together, and securing them with glue.
  2. Connect three popsicle sticks together for each side of the dollhouse using glue for stability.
  3. Put the front popsicle stick (the one with the door) against the back ones so that you have a frame for opening up to enter.
  4. Measure the height of the side popsicle sticks.
  5. Bend eight other popsicle sticks in half to create two legs for the base or a couple of feet for inside furniture or something else creative.
  6. Glue those onto either end of the side popsicles and then attach them both to the back of your mini-doll house frame from step 3.
  7. Take four more popsicle sticks and cut off any pointy edges, then use these as pegs to fasten down any fabric or tissue paper covering your house if desired.
  8. Lastly, decorate with whatever you like – stickers, glitter paint, doodles – anything goes as long as it’s imaginative.

DIY Wall Art

Tree art on a wall
Tree art on a wall

For those of you looking for an easy and creative craft, try making DIY wall art. With popsicle sticks, construction paper, a hot glue gun, scissors, paint, and patience, you’ll have something to show off in no time. Start by stacking your sticks vertically on top of each other until you have a shape or form that you want to make (this is where patience comes in). Take your hot glue gun and place it at the end of the stick that will be touching the next one on top.

Hold it down so that there’s enough pressure on the two sticks but not too much to squish them together or break them apart. While doing this, don’t let go of either one just yet! Continue to hold both sticks down with the hot glue gun until you’ve got all of the stacks glued together. You can repeat this process as many times as needed, moving from left to right. Once you’re done with one side, move to the other side and continue sticking all of your stacks together while working from left to right again.

When finished with both sides, take out your sharp scissors and cut along any rough edges or sections that are uneven before painting over it with a nice coat of whatever color paint you prefer. It may seem like a lot of work upfront, but once you get into the groove, it goes fairly quickly. Plus, you’ll feel accomplished when it’s all said and done because these colorful works of art would look great anywhere in your home!

DIY Earring Holder

Give your earrings a little more organization with this easy DIY earring holder that’s made from popsicle sticks! This project is one of the most popular on our site, so I just had to share it again. It only takes a few minutes to make and the materials are cheap! This earring holder makes it easier to find the pair you’re looking for, too. Here’s how to make it:

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they want to be found! With a small investment of time and effort, you can create an easy way to do just that by creating your own popsicle stick earring holder. Here’s how: Cut two equal lengths of the dowel rod (or use two straws) – approximately 10 inches long each.

Make three cuts in each rod/straw piece at varying lengths – approximately 1-2 inches apart on each end. Arrange the cut pieces into an L shape as shown above with the shortest pieces at the bottom. Take the shortest pieces and insert them through the holes in the top row. The base should now resemble a letter L standing up. Next, take one of the taller pieces and insert it through any hole along the vertical side. Continue adding horizontal rows until the desired height is reached. Insert the final tall piece through the remaining hole at the top or create a new hole if necessary. Now hang your earrings!

DIY Picture Frame Holder

Have you seen the tiny picture frames they sell in kits at the craft store? Wouldn’t it be fun to make some of your own to hold photos of loved ones, but with popsicle sticks? They would be really easy to do- just glue one popsicle stick across from another with both ends on the inside of a piece of cardboard. This is how you’ll create the sides for your frame- then, attach two more sticks on each side for extra stability. Use a ruler and marker to measure out how wide or tall you want your frame before cutting off any excess popsicle sticks.

For example, if you want a four-inch by three-inch frame, cut off two-inch pieces from each end and measure up six inches from each side. Then, glue the six-inch piece of popsicle stick to the outside edges. Now that all of your popsicle sticks are attached together, use scissors to trim off any excess material until your frame looks exactly like you want it. You can even draw or paint designs onto them! If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, try wrapping rubber bands around your frame to give it some texture. You could also add a bow made out of ribbon on top or paint dots and lines along the front.

DIY Paperweight

Paperweights are one of the best, most low-cost, easy crafts to make from popsicle sticks. They’re perfect for anyone with desk space. Even if you don’t have much room to store a paperweight at your desk, it’s a fantastic idea for when you’re doing other crafts or projects on the go!

Cut some more pieces into smaller chunks about 1/2′′ long so that there will be more to use for details as necessary. If you want to do a snowflake design, start by painting all of the pieces white first before using different colors.** When creating a square pattern, place two popsicle sticks next to each other in opposite directions. Paint these blue, then attach them together in an L shape with two more pieces. Paint these pink and attach them together at the top and bottom in an L shape too.

Finally, connect them all together with red popsicle sticks in between each set of blue ones.

The key is to build out from what you’ve already done rather than starting completely over every time you want to add something new! For example, if I wanted to add green dots along the bottom edge of my square patterned paperweight, I would need just one additional piece painted green and three red ones (two glued onto the same blue L stick).

To join the green dot with the rest of the pattern, I would paint this last piece yellow and glue it to the back side of one of my red popsicle sticks – which is also connected to another piece that touches another part of my pattern. Now, I can continue building up the structure around my green dot until it connects seamlessly to the rest of the pattern. And voila, my paperweight is complete!

DIY Jewelry Holder


With a little time, creativity, and these simple materials, you can have a creative decoration in your room that not only looks neat but serves a functional purpose. Now you don’t have to worry about necklaces or rings getting lost when you aren’t wearing them. This can be especially helpful for college students who live on the floor with roommates.

The first step is to gather all of the popsicle sticks that are laying around your house. Collect as many different colors as possible to get an assortment of shapes and sizes. Take some construction paper (about five sheets) and cut it into fourths with scissors so that each sheet is three inches wide by six inches long. Glue two popsicle sticks together along one edge and line up another two at a 90-degree angle from the other two.

Cut off any excess sticks so that they will lay flat on the table when you glue them down. Flip over this new shape and apply glue all over its backside, then lay it onto your top piece of construction paper which should be folded in half lengthwise. Fold the side edges of the paper around the glued popsicle sticks, being careful not to let too much glue seep out. Continue gluing two pairs of popsicle sticks together and layering them with construction paper until you’ve reached the desired height. You can always add more layers later if you need more space!


That is it! If you are looking for popsicle stick crafts to make, these eight ideas should be plenty to get you started. Just take the time to really think about what skills and materials you have, what projects your children would like, and which designs will turn out the best. Happy crafting!

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