10 Easy and Fun Rock Painting Ideas Inspired by Disney

Painting rocks and stones have become incredibly popular over the last few years, but if you’re still not sure where to start, we have some easy ideas inspired by your favorite Disney characters to get you started! These ideas are ideal for beginners or those who want simple projects to unwind with during downtime in the evenings or on weekends. With bright colors and fun details, these paint jobs will make it hard to resist picking up your favorite rock and starting to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Painted pebbles
Painted pebbles

How To Paint Rocks For Kids?

1. Brush paints onto a large rock that is completely dry. Choose a bold color to contrast the light, bright colors used in the rest of your design.

2. After the paint has dried, use brushes and small pieces of fabric to make clouds using whites, grays, and blues. This can be time-consuming but very rewarding in the end!

3. Use one or two drops of black paint mixed with a dab of glue for trees–try to find detailed lines in your painting that you can use as tree branches like Mickey’s ears or Sleeping Beauty’s castle towers! Add more white to the blue from earlier on your brush for snowflake details if you want something even fancier 🙂 The last step is to put an outline around your design with a clear coat sealant like Mod Podge or watercolor sealant and let it dry overnight before handling it again.

Classic Characters

1. Han Solo 2. Minnie Mouse 3. Donald Duck 4. Mickey Mouse 5. Tinkerbell 6. Bambi 7. Winnie the Pooh 8. Simba 9. Rapunzel 10. Belle 11. Beast 12. Alice in Wonderland 13. Ariel 14. Cinderella 15. Jasmine 16. Peter Pan 17. Tiana 18. Mulan 19. Snow White 20. Sleeping Beauty 21. Aladdin 22. Pocahontas 23. Lion King 24. The Jungle Book 25. The Little Mermaid 26. Dumbo 27. 101 Dalmatians 28. Toy Story 29. Finding Nemo 30. Beauty and the Beast 31. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 32. Hercules 33. Mulan 34. Tarzan 35. Bambi 36. Oliver & Company 37. Pinocchio 38. Fantasia 39. Dumbo 40. Aladdin 41. Brother Bear 42. Tangled 43. Princess and the Frog 44. Lion King 45. Up.


Painting with rocks is a fun activity for all ages! There are some animal-themed designs you can make including an owl, a dog, a whale, or even an octopus. Here are ten easy rock painting ideas to inspire you.

1) The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Find a large blue rock and paint it red with the outline of Mickey’s face in black paint.

2) The Lion King – Paint a pink rock yellow with the silhouette of Simba drawn in green paint.

3) The Jungle Book – Paint yellow rocks brown with monkey shapes drawn on them in brown paint.

4) Bambi – Use brown paint to draw out deer that look like Bambi from inside a circle of blue stones.

5) Peter Pan – Draw Tinkerbell as a round head wearing glasses while holding her wand next to a smaller blue stone.

6) Pinocchio – Draw Jiminy Cricket next to a small white stone with his arms stretched outwards.

7) 101 Dalmatians – Use small black stones to create spots on your spotted rock.

8) Alice in Wonderland – Paint purple rocks white and use sparkles for Alice’s dress and accessories like her bow, cuffs, shoes, earrings, necklace, and bracelet.

9) Dumbo – Draw circles around one spot on the rock and color it gray. Next, draw ears on either side of the spot and add a line below for Dumbo’s trunk.

10) Princesses: Have each person pick their favorite princess (or prince!) to paint a detailed picture of them with their own royal castle background (see image).

Stars And Stripes

Girl and fish art on pebbles
Girl and fish art on pebbles

We love the Stars And Stripes design because it gives us a break from all the Frozen inspiration we’ve been seeing! It’s super easy to do too. All you need is red, white, and blue paint. We also like to add some glitter for some added sparkle.

Place your paint onto a flat surface such as a paint palette or piece of paper to make it easier to dip your paintbrush into it. Add stars in white to one side of the rock, stripes in red on the other side, and then place blue dots on top of the red stripes for good measure! The best part about this project is that it’s great for kids to help with too since there are only three colors used. Have fun and enjoy being patriotic this summer with these cute DIYs!

ABC Rocks

ABC Rocks are an affordable and quick craft to do with your child. You can make anything from painting a sunset to Disney characters on the rocks that last all summer long. Even better, you’re recycling stones, so you can feel good about making crafts with your kids! The best part is you’re creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home, garden, or any space in need of some cheerful art.

1) Paint Sunset – Start with painting sunset colors like lavender, pink, and orange across the sky. Add plenty of clouds in white. Next paint stars in white dots around the top edge of the rock. Finally add glitter and golden yellow to create a sun near the bottom edge of the rock. Your final product will look like this:

2) Princesses – For these Disney princesses start with adding blue paint to make water for Ariel’s tail and then use purple paint for Rapunzel’s dress. Use black paint for Tiana’s dress, red paint for Belle’s dress, green paint for Alice’s dress, brown paint for Pocahontas’ hair, yellow paint for Jasmine’s clothes, and light blue color for Cinderella’s skirt (make sure it has sparkles), use light purple color into Snow White’s dress and add sparkles on her crown. Finalize the look with a few other details like flowers for Aurora’s dress and a bow for Mulan.

3) Monsters Inc. – To make monsters inc, start with a black base coat of paint on the stone and then add bright yellow ovals onto each side where the eyes would be. Fill them in with darker yellows as pupils, put two small dark circles as nose holes and place two larger dark circles as mouth holes. Add teeth inside both mouth holes to finish up the design!

4) Cars – It’s easy to create your own car using colorful paints. Add lights using silver, gold, and blue paint on the headlights. Don’t forget tires too!

5) Mickey Mouse – It may not be easy to find a giant Mickey Mouse face when crafting with stones but don’t worry because there are ways to get creative! One idea is to take an oversized beach ball and draw the outline of Mickey Mouse’s head on it in marker before spraying it with gold spray paint; once dry you can fill in the shape with construction paper cutouts or just hand draw him freehand if desired. Another option is to use stencils found at hobby stores that work well for this project.

Beach/Sea Creatures

Yellow color pebble
Yellow color pebble

Under the Sea

Gather blue sea glass, starfish, shells, water textures, fish of any color, small rocks, and a white paint marker or paintbrush to create this timeless classic. Whether you add the creatures before or after painting your large rock is up to you!

Ariel at Her Window

This painting is super simple because it only consists of paint in three colors: teal blue for water that fills most of the rock’s surface; bubblegum pink for the sky; and hot pink for Ariel’s nightgown. Create depth by layering different shades of pink. After all, the painting is complete, dot on some little starfish with a toothpick dipped in white paint. For added character, give her her signature red hair with pink highlights!

Finding Nemo

Use dark blue-green as the ocean and dark purple as waves crashing against the shoreline with one slightly lighter shade of green (or light purple) for bubbles and bubbles popping on the surface. Add sand in browns, oranges, yellows, or black depending on what feels right with your scene–add small pieces of driftwood if desired.

Add seaweed too if desired but make sure to do so last before adding other details like Nemo’s father Marlin and Crush who are usually close by. The hardest part about creating this beautiful underwater world is deciding where to put Nemo’s lost pal Dory, his dad Marlin and his friend Crush. Remember they’re never far from him when he needs them most!

Snow White Wishes Upon A Star

To create an enchanting evening sky backdrop, start by filling in the center of your rock with a light pastel yellow using a paintbrush or sponges. Then use darker pastels to fill in the outer edges leaving room for the friendly star we’ll be drawing next. To draw out the shape of our star outline, first, decide how big you want it and lightly sketch out your shape. Draw five points across starting in the middle then connect them together as shown below. If you want to emphasize it more than just having dots, leave some space between each point instead of connecting them together.

Once finished going back over your outline with the same medium used for coloring (I used oil pastels). Finally, take out a piece of chalk or charcoal and trace over your lines again this time pressing hard enough to remove some of the original media from within each point so that you can see through. As always finish by going back over everything with a final layer of sealant applied generously to prevent peeling later on down the road!

Birds And Airplanes

Birds And Airplanes is a super cute painting idea that’s easy to make. There are a couple of variations that you can try on this, but the basics involve getting some white paint in some dish or container of your choice and layering in blue paint. Once you have two layers of blue, drip green paint onto the canvas for an interesting effect. The black represents the wing or plane! Be sure to watch it dry so you don’t end up with an extra mess to clean up.

If you want a more accurate representation of birds flying through the sky then use lighter colors such as yellow for the background, white for the wings, and red for other parts of the bird. With this method, you can make three different types of birds depending on how many circles you put into the design. For a single circle bird: Start with one layer of light yellow and work from there; add another layer of dark yellow followed by one layer each of dark red and light red (no need to wait for these two last layers). Repeat for the next circle until finished.

These are not hard rules; feel free to experiment! When making three different types of birds, start with two layers of light yellow and work from there. Add one layer each of dark yellow, light red, and bright red (again waiting if needed) before repeating again for the third type. Again, be creative and play around with what suits you best!

Fairytale Bunnies and Trolls

Fairytale Bunnies and Trolls. Trolls are fun, and with this project, you can explore both imaginary and real-life trolls. To create them, paint a dark outline of the troll shape, then add a section for the head using white paint. You may need to add an eye as well, so use a dotting tool or something similar. Fill in the rest of the body using dark grey paint or even black, depending on how your imagination works!

(Use a detail brush to get the finer details). Paint over the top layer with white to highlight it. Once dry, spray varnish onto your new friends to seal them! We hope these ideas have inspired you to think outside the box when choosing a rock painting design. There’s no limit to what kids can come up with, so don’t be afraid to let their imaginations run wild and free!

Love Rocks

Love Rocks are mini heart-shaped rocks. If you want to leave a special rock on someone’s doorstep, turn it into a Love Rock with a message written on the back. Or paint with silver or gold paints so that it glimmers when the sun shines on it. You can also color in pictures of your favorite Disney characters! Find pictures of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, and more. Paint these onto rocks using watercolors or acrylic paints.

Dreams & Wishes

Disney has enchanted us for decades with its dazzling animated films. And, just as we all have our favorite characters to cheer on from the sidelines, some of us also harbor a secret wish to be a part of their magical world. Dreams & Wishes Rocks: We love painting on regular rocks, but these kids prefer dream or wish rocks. These are special stones that you can paint and put in your garden or yard so you can see them every day and make your dreams come true.


Rock painting has been around for centuries. It is a fun, creative art form that anyone can get into. The best part is that you don’t need to be an artist to create something beautiful. Take a look at some of these rock painting ideas inspired by the magic of Disney for some new ideas for your next rock painting project.

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