7 Best Rap Songs About Depression Composed Ever

Depression is a severe mental illness that should be addressed at the beginning. Apart from the counseling, a rap song about depression can cope with the various mood disorders efficiently.



Sadness, anxiety, and stress, all can lead to severe manic depression, which further proceeds to death. Time is gone when mental health was considered nothing, and everyone emphasized physical wellness. For optimal functioning of the body, man needs to be mentally strong and physically fit.  

There are many ways to cope up with mental illness. But rap songs about depression are an excellent antiseptic to beat mental health vulnerabilities.

We are living in an era where people give no attention to somebody’s feelings and emotions. Victims with depression are terrified to express themselves freely without the fear of being judged. They have locked themselves in a cage and appear with fake personalities that they don’t really possess.  

That’s why music has been a well-known way to sharing options and express feelings and thoughts in words that a person usually cannot describe by himself. From breakup to suicidal urges, emotional rap songs focus on everything.

Let’s dig into this article to figure out what type of music therapy helps with depression.

Hip Hop therapy: How rap songs about depression are beneficial?

Have you ever listened to hip-hop therapy? Probably not. It’s an extension to music therapy. Vibing on good music is a kind of fun for you. But do you know? You can improve your mental health with it.

Hip Hop therapy is a term that has been introduced as a therapeutic medium to treat mood disorders (depression & bipolar) by calculating hip hop music and culture in therapy.

People tend to possess different personalities. Some are extroverts who can easily express what’s going on in their minds, precisely. In contrast, others being an introvert, feel absurd talking about their mental health. Rap lyrics and culture are used during the therapy to initiate a meaningful, engaging conversation with the victim, who is less likely to speak about his situation otherwise.


Positive effects of hip-hop/rap therapy on mental health:

Being emotionally stable and mentally healthy is necessary. People try to tackle their mental disorders in their own way. Music therapy has been generalized to beat depression and anxiety. Deep suicidal rap lyrics have the power to refrain victims from ending their lives. If you are suffering from any mood disorder or feeling low-key, this article will be helpful for you.

Let’s discover what amazing benefits music is offering to us.

Enhances mood:

While listening to music, two types of chemicals have been released in your brain, known as dopamine and serotonin. They aid you to feel relaxed and focused while improving your mood naturally.

Releases stress:

Vibing with the upbeat rap songs about depression makes you feel optimistic. At the same time, they can reduce the chances of depression in people. On the other hand, slow-tempo music relaxes your muscles, calms your mind, and makes you feel soothed. This eventually releases the stress of the whole day effectively.

Relieves depression:

The best and the most practical approach to getting relief from the symptoms of depression is rock, rap, or hip-hop music. Depressed listeners feel energetic after listening to it.

Impact on memory:

Hip-hop therapy is so diverse. From performing to listening and composing to improvising, it covers every area related to music. It stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for memory retention and helps to retrieve information effectively.

Alleviates pain:

A patient who is suffering from chronic pain should be listened to soft music to alleviate his pain. It liberates endorphins to the brain—a chemical released by the body to deal with stress and pain.


7 rap songs about depression you ever listened:

Not every rap song can deal with depression and anxiety. Rap songs for depression are specific. So, you have to be conscious. Otherwise, instead of providing benefits, it can cause more harm to the victim’s mental health.

Here we will share a list of the best rap songs for depression and you can also listen to your favorite artist that can be listened to lessen stress and anxiety.

Suicidal thoughts – Notorious B.I.G:

Death theme was common in Notorious B.I.G songs. In “suicidal thoughts,” it was more prominent. The song was produced by Lord Finesse and went viral when get released. It was released from the rapper’s debut album, “Ready to Die,” and is still considered one of the best rap songs.

The song is all about the hardships of the artist that he had to suffer when life was rough and tough to him. He tries to deliver a suicidal note in the rap by pointing out how it feels when there is no hope left. When everything seems to end, and death is appeared to be the solution to all the problems.

So Many Tears – Tupac:

Tupac was one of the most compelling and intense hip-hop musicians that the industry had ever. His songs are commendable and unbeatable from the day, they get composed and released.

Tupac was one of those people who could talk about their mental health. That’s why most of his rap songs are about mental illness and the struggles he faced.

Notably, “so many tears” contain impactful lyrics that hit the listener’s mind directly. Lines like “I suffered through the years” & “I lost so many peers” are the kind of wordings to which every person with a mental disorder will agree. The composer has expressed his innermost feeling that he is afraid to die in a depressed vulnerable situation.

I feel like dying – Lil Wayne:

In these deep suicidal lyrics, Lil talks about the self-destruction that a man can get by addicting to drugs.

The drug is not an obvious term among rappers. When he was at his peak of success, Lil suffered from immense mental illness. He was also a drug addict and wanted to get rid of it. He tried to refrain from drug dosing, but all in vain. An anti-anxiety pill, Xanax, helped him throughout his life.

The song “I feel like dying” depicted a picture of a drug addict. Cravings for drugs feel like the man is about to die. But in the end, drugs leave the person vulnerable by temporarily easing the pain while compelling him to dose himself frequently.

With the composition of that song, Lil granted an opportunity to other rappers to talk about the self-destructive nature of drugs and their negative impacts on mental health.

Grief – Earl Sweatshirt:

In the album, “I don’t give as I don’t go outside,” Earl picks the topic of grief. Grief is something that will last till our death. It is mixed feelings of suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression that have no expiration date. With time it doesn’t lessen, but we make ourselves habitual to it.  

In the song, the writer depicts the various shades of human nature and morality—that how he reacts in intense situations. At the same time, the composer points out, that trust issues come along when a person has any mental illness.

Narcissist Theme Song – Craig G:

Narcissism is a personality disorder in which a person is self-obsessed with his physical appearance—typically considered selfish. He needs constant admiration and attention to feel important.  

Craig G composed a song in which he describes the personality traits of the narcissist person. Vulnerability, lack of empathy for others, and a sense of entitlement are three characteristics that have been discussed in his music album “Grandiose,” from which this narcissist theme song has been released.

It is ubiquitous to labialize a person narcissist who tries to put himself first. He tries to spread awareness through his song that what kind of personality narcissists possess actually.

Stressed out – A tribe called quest:

A tribe called quest was an American hip hop group formed in 1985 in New York. The band brought numerous black people issues (date rap, use of N-word, etc.) they had to face just for survival.

One of their best songs was “stressed out.” Composed and released in 1996. Which broke all the records at once.

The track is all about the stress and anxiety that black people have to face just to exist. From mental breakdown to the emotional and prescribed medicines, they cover every aspect beautifully.

A lot is going on – Vice Mensa:

Vice Mensa has always been courageous enough to narrate the struggles he faced during mental illness. He was one of those talented artists who fought with his inner conflicts and still remained strong.

According to Mensa, music and artistic expressions can aid you in battle with psychological traumas and anxiety perfectly.

In this song, he discussed his own soul and inner demons by constructing bold and catchy statements about them to which every listener with the traumatic disorder can relate. He explained his experience regarding the consumption of drugs and alcohol which he declared fatal for mental health later.

Wrapping up:

Depression is a severe mental illness that shouldn’t be ignored or abandoned untreated. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to someone’s life.

Here we have discussed amazing rap songs about depression through which a person copes with his mental instability independently, even without consulting a doctor. A mild mental vulnerability can be treated by airing these songs on the radio.

But for a permanent solution, seek a doctor’s help.

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