How long to leave hair dye in?

These days hair dye has become very trendy and popular. Everyone wants to dye hair in their home. Hair dyeing is a very simple process the simple is that you just need to apply the dye on your hair and wait for some time and wash it. Does the one question rise that how long to leave hair dye in?

The answer is that you should leave hair dye for 35-45 minutes. You can also get the best hair dye by following the instructions on the hair dye box. The ammonia and peroxide go inside and change the natural pigment. The time also depends on the hair length and type of hair or color of hair. 


Color selection for hair dye:

The first step is that you should choose the color for hair dye which one color you want to apply on your hair every single person has a different hair color many people have hair color porous than others. So it depends on you which type of color you want to apply to your hair. 

Why the results of hair dye do not meet expectations?

  • Because the color selection is wrong and the manufacturing brand also matters 
  • If color or shade is unpleasant
  • If the color is not fit on your hair properly
  • If the color is dull 
  • Types of hairs also matter for example hair fall slow growth of hair and damaged hair.

Applied time for color on black hairs:

The color applied time on black hairs take 30 minutes to 3 hours it depends on hair shaft length and dyes type. if you are dyeing hair for the first time you should wash your hair 3 times after dyeing.

Mistakes in dyeing hair:

Avoid washing your hair when you are planning to dye it. There is a natural fat on our hairs and also have scalp on hairs. Most peoples do this mistake before dying hair. If you are applying hair dye on your eyebrow that is risky for you the hair color is different from hair dye colors because these colors have different thicknesses.

How Long To Leave Hair Dye On Eyebrows

How long to leave hair dye on eyebrows?

Try to apply color on the eyebrow start applying on the eyebrow from the outer edge of the eyebrow and the tail of the eyebrow. Try to avoid dye not swelling beyond the contour. After applying dye to the eyebrow wait for 5-15 minutes the time depends on the tone you chose. You can remove dye with a cotton swab after dipping the swab in warm water.

Your hair’s natural color:

If you want to apply dye on your hair that’s depending on your natural hair for color so try to select the color that you want to apply according to the natural color of your hair. Check your current hair color for example if you recently had black hair dye your dark hair or darker hair and now you want to go with a light color to hair simply apply light hair color on your hair but you need to remove the previous dying color before dying hair. 

Gray hair:

If you like grey hair and you want to cover it you just need to leave the dye on hair for 45 minutes only also notice that your dye must be permanent because semi-permanent hair dye can’t cover it properly.


Types of hairs:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Thick 

Fine hair does not mean that hairs are small but the standards of these hairs are fine. the type of this hair is more prone to damage. if you are dyeing fine hair make sure that you are applying fast color on this bleached hair.  the other type is medium hairs these hairs have normal thickness.

These types of hair do not need any special thing before applying color. the result of hair color on the medium type hair is outstanding. It takes 45 minutes for applying color. The last type of hair is thick hair and this type of hair is considered as strongest hair and these hairs are hardest to treat because strands are thick on these hairs.

Keep in mind that different types of hair need to be treated differently when applying dye but the general rule is that you should keep the dye on for no less than 30 minutes and no more than 45 minutes.


We’ve discussed in detail hair dyeing. If you still have the question “how long to leave hair dye in”, then the simple answer is 45 minutes. However, you should keep in mind that the 45 minutes rule exists for the maximum limit. You can leave the hair dye in your hair for at least 30 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes.

This amount of time is determined by the ability of the bleach to extract the color from your hair cuticles. When the natural color of hair is completely removed, you then apply the toner to give your color the exact color that you want. Also, note that there are different types of hair.

Some may have fine hair, medium hair, and thick hair. For fine hair, we recommend you keep the hair dye on for only 30 minutes as the hair strands are less thick and will get burned quickly by the bleach. Similarly, for thick hair, you should leave it on hair for 45 minutes and no more.

If you have white or gray hair, then you just need the toner, no bleach. By applying only toner for around 30 minutes, you can color your light hair to a darker color. Also note that if you have dark hair and want to change its color to light hair, then you need bleach. Bleach will first extract the pigmentation of your natural hair color and make it light.

You can then apply the toner on it to give it the shade you want such as red, blonde, or white. In this case, you can leave the dye on for 30-45 minutes. Always keep in mind to never leave the dye on for more than 45 minutes as it can lead to severe hair damage. If you’re still confused and not sure if you can dye your hair yourself, you can always visit a hair colorist. 

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