206 Area Code-Location, Time Zone. Toll-Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

Your phone rings and the caller ID shows that the number originates from the 206 area code. Do you answer it? What if the name on your caller ID display says Card Services or Merchant Services? How do you decide whether to pick up the phone? This article will help you answer those questions, provide some tips on what to do if you answer, and also help prevent these calls from happening in the first place.

Area Code 206

What is area code 206?

206 is one of the area codes in the United States (US). This code is a geographic area code that covers most of metropolitan Seattle, Washington, and parts of its inner suburbs such as Bellevue and Everett. It was created on March 14, 1999, by a three-way split of area code 206 from 212 and 253. The main area it serves is Greater Seattle (all counties except Pierce County) including Bainbridge Island and Vashon Island, which have their own separate numbering plan areas outside of 206/253.

What city does area code 206 serve?

The area code 206 serves Seattle and Tacoma in Washington. The code was created as one of three original numbering plan areas in 1947 when all of North America was divided into 86 number plan areas (NPAs). After a lot of shuffling of numbers, an overlay area code was added to the region that covered a large chunk of northwestern Washington in 2001; although much of the region overlapped with both area codes, it also created new issues for some customers.

Are there other cities in the area code 206 regions?

The 206 area code stretches from Snohomish in Washington to Kent in Seattle and covers cities like Mount Vernon, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Shoreline, Sammamish, and more. There are five other cities that stretch into other area codes: Tacoma is served by 253; Gig Harbor is 253 or 360; Burien and Vashon Island share 206 with Seattle; parts of Puyallup share 253 with Tacoma; parts of Spanaway share 253 with Lakewood (Tacoma). For example, a call from Spanaway to Burien would use 253 because it’s a neighboring city within your local calling area.

Is there more than one phone number for area code 206?

The 206 area code is located in Washington and covers Seattle as well as Bellevue and other cities in King County. But there’s more than one phone number for that area code! In fact, there are 6 other numbers besides 206! One of them is 918.

What time zone does area code 206 follow?

In North America, there are three area codes starting with 206. The first is for western Washington state and includes Seattle and Tacoma. This code follows Pacific Standard Time (PST) year-round. In other words, while many of its neighbors to the east are on Eastern Standard Time (EST), which means a five-hour difference between PST and EST in winter months, 206 area code is on PST all year long.

That said, Alaska was on PST in winter until 1986 when it moved to Alaska Standard Time (AST), so don’t get confused if you’re calling from Anchorage – 907 area code – or another part of Alaska. Places that follow this timezone subtract 8 hours from the UTC or the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-8:00). During the summertime when daylight saving time is being observed, the time is advanced by an hour (UTC-7:00).

What places does area code 206 service?

Area Code 206 Location
  • Bainbridge Island
  • Burien
  • Des Moines
  • Mercier Island
  • Seattle
  • Shoreline
  • White Center

Is area code 206 toll-free?

Area Code 206 Toll Free

206 is not a toll-free area code and is used by people or businesses in Seattle, Washington State. You can check what state it is an area code for here: 206 Area Code: – Washington (WA) What are important reasons to find out who’s calling your number if you get calls from area code 206?

If you answer one of these calls and someone starts asking questions about your age or income it may be a scam. At first glance it seems like a legit call – after all why else would they have that information? It turns out that area codes can be called from anywhere so knowing where your caller is coming from means everything in protecting yourself from potential scams or unwanted sales pitches.

Why having a 206 number is essential for your business?

There are plenty of numbers out there but what’s better than a 206 number? Nothing! You see there are tons of people in Washington and its neighboring states who have to dial an area code when they call. These phone calls will never reach you if you don’t have a number from that state or area code. Businesses can use 10 digit local numbers for their business needs and make sure that everyone nearby can reach them easily at all times.

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