Role of custom software business development.

In this article I defined what custom development software is. How to build it? What it can be applied to create value?

How much it typically costs to create custom software development?

What is custom software.

What is custom software?

Custom software development is the process of validating, designing developing, deploying, and maintaining software for a set of user.

Because this type of software is totally customizable to your organization’s needs there are an endless number of example uses and benefits.

That can be applied when deciding on software for your company .There are two options to pick from off-the-shelf software’s and custom software.

Difference between off-the-shelf software and custom software

Difference between off-the-shelf software and custom software:

Off-the-shelf software forces your business to adapt to the software’s capabilities custom software’s is adapted to meet the needs of your business.

The reason for this is that off-the-shelf software is pre designed to fit a wide variety of customers.

However custom software’s is designed to meet the expectations of your business specifically.

Content management systems:

Content management systems also known as CMS content management systems are designed to allow you to update your business.

Website with new content without the need of a developer.

Customer relation management systems:

Customer relation management systems are great tool for managing your company’s relationships and interaction with current and potential consumers.

Enterprise resource planning software:

The purpose of enterprise planning software or ERP for short is making managing day to day.

The business operations easier through a user friendly all in one platform.

Operations management software:

The main goal of operations management software is to ensure that your business operations’ are running as effectively and efficiently.

As possible to best serve your customers.

E-commerce software:

E-commerce software is a tool that drives all online store processes such as managing inventory adding or removing products processing payments and more.

Process of creating custom software

Process of creating custom software:

There are few options you can choose from when deciding who is going to build your software solution.

You can build a freelance team hire an internal development team or work with an agency.

Free lancing:

A freelancer is a self employed individual who is skilled in a specific area depending on the project. One freelancer may not be enough.

This will than required a freelance team made of several experienced professionals because they don’t work for an employer.

They determine what they want to charge.

Who they want to work with and how many projects they want to work on this often makes building a freelance team a cost-friendly option.

Internal development team:

Internal development team is a group of professionals.

Who works in your office creating an internal development team requires hiring designer’s developers and project mangers.

As full or part time employees determining processes and finding professionals is often costly and can take a large amount of time.

When the project is complete your business may not need.

This department anymore resulting is you needed employees and resources lastly let’s go ahead.


The agencies are established teams of professionals who work together seamlessly.

This team commonly consists of project manager designer’s developers and more providing expertise from a variety of fields.

Agency can be hired exactly when you need team and offer long term support at a lower cost to your business.

Unlike internal teams already have processes in place.

The process is used by the team who build your custom software’s.

That is crucial with a poor or incorrect process. Custom software process can easily go wrong a few reasons.

Misunderstanding of business need

Inability to define project goals

Unclear expectation

Lack of communication

Poor project management

Benefits of custom software’s

Benefits of custom software’s:

Custom software can be used for just about anything. There are few application’s that it can be used.

KPI Tracking:

This is a key performance indicator. KPI are quantifiable metrics.

That evaluate your organization performance.

KPI tracking measure your progress toward specific goals and discover insights to help you improve business operations.

Process improvement:

Process improvement refers to identifying analyzing and improving your business existing processes.

This is a discovering ways to better optimize performance.

Meet best practice standards and improve the overall quality of user experience.


Automation is the process of operating a system automatically instead of having to do a repetitive task manually.

Software can be developed to complete the task much faster than a person can.

Cost of custom Software’s

Cost of custom Software’s:

Custom development can cost thousands to millions depending on your scope of work.

However there’s no one size fit all formula for determining the price of custom software.

Alternatively there are several variables that determine the cost of your custom development project.

This includes size complexity design integration and migration.

You might be asking yourself why custom software’s is so much more expensive than off-the-shelf software’s.

The reason is that custom software leads to higher return on investment and enables more long term growth.

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