802 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Toll-Free? Scam? Who’s Calling?

Area Code 802

You have just received a call from the 802 area code, and you’re trying to figure out where this call came from! Here are some quick facts that might help you figure out what was going on: The 802 area code is located in Vermont. The 802 area code comes after the 801 area code in the United States, making it the next area code to be utilized by telephone companies in America. The 802 area code has three separate groups of numbers within it – (802) 800-number type calls, (802) 888-number type calls, and (802) 900-number type calls.

What is an area code?

An area code is a telephone prefix used to route outgoing calls to an appropriate telephone company switching station. Each prefix contains two three-digit numbers (also called central office codes) that are connected with a hyphen and sometimes referred to as an NPA-NXX code or national destination code. In most cases, area codes do not need to be dialed by consumers because calls are placed through local exchanges; however, if you call from outside your service area or place several nonlocal calls in a row, some systems will use 8XX instead of 800/888 or 9XX in place of 900 numbers.

What is area code 802 and where is it coming from?

Area code 802 was established in October 1947, in Vermont. What is area code 802 and where is it coming from? You can call somebody using an 800 number when calling from a landline phone but you cannot use an 800 number to call cell phones or landlines outside of your area.

The reason that you may still be receiving calls from the 802 area code is that it has been a significant amount of time since they first appeared and many people have since dropped that number as their own to only receive more calls from other numbers now. Some cities in Vermont within area code 802 are the communities of Colchester, Burlington, South Burlington, Barre, Bennington, Rutland, Essex Junction, Montpelier, Saint Johnsbury, Williston, and many smaller communities throughout the state of Vermont.

Is area code 802 a scam?

When a call comes from an area code you don’t recognize, it can be difficult to tell whether it’s a telemarketer or something else like spam or even a neighbor (on vacation). If you’re wondering if 802 is safe or a scam, your best bet is to ignore it: There’s no reason to answer calls from numbers you don’t know.

How do I block calls originating from area code 802?

Block Calls 802 Area Code

Android users can download and install an app to block specific numbers or an entire area code in just a few taps. To do so, open your Google Play Store on your Android device and search for a call blocker. The first result should be a free app called Truecaller; it integrates with your phone’s contacts list and will show you who’s calling before you pick up—even if they aren’t in your address book! (If you don’t see Truecaller listed as one of your options, try searching by keywords like blocking calls or block calls.) You can also easily add known telemarketers to a block list that will block all future calls from them in just a few taps.

Is area code 802 toll free?

Yes and no. Like most area codes in America, 802 is toll-free for domestic calls but not for international calls (starting with a + symbol). And since it’s a local call from one 802 area code to another, you don’t have to worry about additional charges from your long-distance provider (if applicable) — as long as you stay within Vermont. However, if you’re making an interstate or international call from your landline phone or mobile device; or if you have an internet phone service that operates over a traditional landline line, keep in mind that some carriers may still apply extra charges.

What are the best ways to call someone on a landline or mobile phone in an area code called 802?

Best Way To Call 802 Area Code

If you don’t want to let a call go to voicemail while in an area code called 802, you can do a couple of things. First and most obviously, simply pick up your phone when it rings and answer it directly. If someone calls you on your landline or mobile phone in an area code called 802 and there’s no one else around to take that call for you (or if you’re not at home/work), though, there are still ways to get in touch with that person later on.

Using VoIP technology, like Skype or Google Voice, you can place outgoing calls without ever actually having to place a call in an area code called 802. Alternately, you could use social media platforms—like Facebook—to message them instead of calling them back using their number from an area code called 802.

Both methods aren’t ideal from a business perspective, but they’re far better than allowing calls made from an area code called 802 to go straight into voice mail as many people tend to do. Of course, there are plenty of other options available now too: text messaging (SMS) is increasingly popular among cell users now as well as WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage platform for SMS services sent via wifi connection rather than cell towers. Or just search Google yourself.

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