What Are Angel Numbers? Everything You Need To Know

Angel numbers, also known as heavenly numbers, are specific numerals that you may see throughout your life and wonder what they mean. Do you see repeating numbers? Are they sequential? Do they appear when you’re thinking about someone or doing something you love? If so, it’s likely you’ve encountered angel numbers. In this guide to angel numbers, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about these divine messages from the universe and how to interpret their meaning for your life.

Angel Numbers

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are sequences of numbers that tend to appear repeatedly in a person’s life. These sequences can be interpreted in different ways, but angel numbers are typically thought to hold spiritual meaning—and if you’re noticing these numbers popping up in your life, then it might be time to pay attention. At their most basic level, angel numbers are simple repetitions of single or multiple digits (the word angel is derived from a word that means messenger). But just as with any other aspect of spirituality, each number carries its own weight and significance.

How to interpret them?

There are many different types of angels. While there are guardian angels that may protect us or watch over us, there are also fallen angels and those in between. Each kind of angel represents a specific message for us or has unique lessons to teach us about our lives. When you see an angel number showing up in your life, take time to meditate on it and determine what it means for you. Like any good tarot card reading, meditation allows you to connect with your higher self and search your own intuition for answers.

Famous examples:

Successful actress Kim Basinger received her first speaking role on television in a movie called The Border. A few years later, she starred opposite William Hurt in Body Heat. However, it was earlier that same year—and before she landed either of those two roles—that she received what many would call an angel number while filming a commercial for Oscar Mayer: 555-2368. After that commercial aired, she immediately landed her first big movie role. What are angel numbers and how do they work? Check out our complete guide below!

Is it real or fake?

Many people have a knack for interpreting their lives through numbers. This means everything from seeing a phone number (555-555-5555) and predicting that it might be lucky to notice that there are five birds outside your window. Though many of us ascribe special meaning to certain numbers, interpreting angel numbers is more complex than spotting numbers in our daily lives. Here’s what you need to know about them: What are angel numbers? And what do they mean?

Angel numbers represent divine guidance, according to popular interpretations. When someone sees an angel number, such as 444 or 1111, he or she may believe that it has special significance — even if that person isn’t religious. People who believe in these divine messages often say they help give guidance when making decisions about love, money, or other important aspects of life. The origins of angel numbers aren’t clear; some say that angels used specific patterns of repeating digits during times past as waypoints for sending messages to Earth; others say we’re now able to tap into those same patterns thanks to modern technology like cell phones and digital clocks.

What do specific angel numbers mean?

There are numbers that repeat frequently. However, there is no special significance to these numbers; they are not extra-sensory messages from heaven or anything like that. These often-repeating numbers are just a coincidence, but if you see any number over and over again—whether it’s in your daydreams, on license plates, or through other synchronistic ways—it may be worthwhile to think about what those specific numbers mean to you.

For example, if you have recurring dreams with 333, your angels may be telling you that whatever situation you’re dreaming about will have a lot of good things come out of it for everyone involved. If another number keeps popping up in situations where it doesn’t really seem to belong, look at what else is going on during those moments.

How do you know your angel number?

One of my favorite ways to determine angel numbers is through numerology. In numerology, every number has a specific meaning and represents certain characteristics. For example, if your name was Anna Marie and you wanted to know what your angel number was, you would add up each letter in your name and then reduce that sum down to one digit (1+1+4+3=8). Your angel number is 8.

Asking a question, meditating, or concentrating on an intention for a few minutes will help clarify it even more for you. It might be quite surprising what insights you uncover! Or maybe something just comes over you in a wave as soon as you ask yourself: What are angel numbers?

What do you do when you see Angel numbers?

Since angel numbers are considered a Divine intervention, you must be extra careful about how you respond to them. Don’t dismiss them or disregard them because what may appear to be a random string of numbers could hold your life-changing answers! Therefore, do not ignore their appearance and make sure that you treat each appearance with respect and dignity. We have written an extensive guide on what to do when you see angel numbers here. Make sure to check it out!

What makes angel numbers special?

Special Angel Numbers

There are lots of number patterns out there, and they can appear in different forms. Some numbers may represent individuals while others could represent several people; some could indicate a specific year or a century. The angels’ messages could be warnings or reassurances depending on what you need to hear at that time. While it may seem spooky or supernatural at first, remember that angels aren’t out to freak you out—they’re here to help guide you and protect you from harm. They can be your allies when it comes to problem-solving and decision-making so don’t ignore them just because they take a strange form! If anything else, remember that these are positive signs from beyond and should never be mistaken for the bad news.

Where can you find angel numbers?

Most people who are interested in angel numbers find that they start to notice them everywhere. If you want to know if you’re receiving angel number signs, here are some tips for how to find angels: Look at license plates – In particular, look for ones with recurring numbers or repeated sequences (for example, 1133 and 3333). Keep an eye out on street signs –

Don’t drive so fast that you miss them! While it’s not uncommon for street signs to have random numbers like 864 or 996, seeing multiple consecutive numbers can be a sign of divine guidance. Also keep your eyes peeled while walking down city streets or around campus—the more observant you are, the more likely it is that angels will let you know they’re near.

111 angel number:

111 Angel Number

The number 111 has some mystique attached to it. It means that you need to be listening to your own inner voice and follow your heart. It also represents balance, mysticism, and a new door opening. The implication is that your subconscious is trying to communicate with you about something of great importance in your life.

Pay attention! This message may be trying to tell you something important or solve a problem for you that is holding you back from realizing your full potential or achieving a goal. Often we don’t recognize these messages until much later on in our lives when we look back at seemingly random occurrences and wonder why they happened and what they meant. Now there’s an easy way to get answers!

000 angel number

The term angel number might sound like some kind of religious buzzword or something from a made-for-TV movie, but it refers to any three-digit number (or set of numbers) that pops up repeatedly in your life. Some examples are 333, 111, 222, and 999. If you’re seeing one too many repeats of these kinds of numbers, don’t freak out—it could just be an indication that you’re working on something significant right now and that your angels are trying to show you a sign. Angels are beings who are always around us but most people can’t see them with their physical eyes. Their purpose is to inspire us toward our soul’s highest good.

333 angel number:

If you see 333, know that it is a sign of manifesting your dreams and wishes in life. The number three represents divine perfection, while 33 symbolizes positivity, happiness, and harmony. Combined together, they create a powerful sequence of numbers. It is also common for angel number 333 to come up when you’re meditating or praying to bring these wishes into reality.

Seeing 333 means that angels are surrounding you in order to help bring your prayers or desires to fruition. Angels often bring signs that are intended to guide us on our spiritual journeys, so be sure to pay attention to them when they appear!


Each angel number has its own individual message, but everyone is telling you that your angels are around you to protect and guide you through any new venture in life. Whether it’s a job opportunity or some other type of a decision, your angels want to help ensure that things go well for you. The next time an angel number shows up in your life, don’t ignore it—treat it as divine guidance from a higher power and embrace these positive changes in your life.

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