How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once?


With more than 3 million subscribers on hand Hulu plus live tv has emerged as a popular option in the live video streaming market. It’s been around for three years now and builds upon the Hulu streaming service that launched way back in 2008, but what does it offer?

How is it different from other live tv streaming services, and most importantly, is it a good fit for your streaming needs? That’s what we’re here to try and find out.


Pricing and plans:

After a one-week trial period, Hulu plus live tv charges 54.99 per month which is about average compared to other live tv streaming services out there for that price you get access to around 70 channels more than 10000 movies, and tv episodes offline downloads, and more.

You’ll also be able to watch on two screens at the same time and have access to a cloud-based dvr with 50 hours of storage that price also includes Hulu streaming library with ads you can opt for a live tv only plan that ditches the streaming library but you only save a dollar a month on the other hand.

If you want that on-demand service of original content without the ads your plan goes up to 60.99 per month as far as add-ons go there are premium packages like HBO showtime Cinemax and stars that range from 8.99 to 14.99 per month you can also add an Espanol package for 4.99 per month and what’s called an entertainment add-on for another 7.99 that adds.

Premium content channels like discovery family DIY lifetime movies and more there are a couple more unlimited screen add-on to consider the enhanced cloud DVR and the unlimited screens option the DVR upgrade bumps storage space up to 200 hours from the standard 50 and add.

The ability to skip through ads on recordings and I’ll leave it to you to figure out what the unlimited screens add-on option each one costs 9.99 per month separately but if you bundle them both it’s 14.98per month on an independent subscription.

Look and feel:

If you’re familiar with Hulu’s streaming library interface the smart tv side of things should be familiar enough large text and consistent color schemes abound tv series details are organized by season and each episode gets a short description compared to traditional cable companies.

There’s roughly a 30-second delay on live broadcast which is more or less average among live’s tv popular streaming services and demand video streaming services you also get a tv guide search tool and a home screen that you can populate with a personalized list of favorites and frequently launched channels the search tool handily buckets results into groups like top results movies and episodes.

That all being said if you’re not a fan of Hulu’s overall interface hope may be on the horizon the company recently launched a bit of an overhaul to its menus to align them more consistently with Disney plus and ESPN plus the idea is to make things less jarring.

If you’re flipping between those different services which makes sense given the current bundle offer that offers three services together right now the updated interface is available to some Roku and tv os users but Hulu says it’s looking to roll the update out to more devices over the next few months.


Supported devices:

Hulu basic live tv runs on a wide range of devices, including Android mobile devices and ios smartphones, android tv, apple tv, Roku devices, and more list of devices. You can also use the app on video game consoles like the Xbox one PlayStation 4 and Nintendo switch.

However, one thing to note is that Hulu offers an up-to-date app and what it calls the classic app. The classic version runs on older android phones devices and gets you access to Hulu streaming library, but you can’t access live tv or premium add-ons that way, so if you only have access to those older streaming devices Hulu plus live tv probably won’t be a great fit unless there’s an upgrade in your future.


What you can watch?

Of course, a Hulu + live tv simultaneous screen streaming content service is only as good as its content options, and if it doesn’t offer what you want, other issues or perks are largely secondary. For Hulu plus live tv, you get access to a range of lifestyle networks, kids’ channels, news sports, and more.

You can drop your zip code into their search tool to see what local channels are available as well, but I’d recommend taking a good look at that list to see if Hulu plus live tv offers up the content you’re looking for. Keep in mind those add-ons bump the monthly price up, so you might need to make some decisions about how much different shows or channels are truly worth it to you.

Wrapping it all up:

If you’re looking for a cable alternative Hulu plus live tv is a great place to start. You get a healthy selection of live and on-demand content and a mature interface that could get even better in the coming months.

It’ll be up to you, though to truly determine if Hulu plus lie tv is the right fit for you your content needs, and your budget if you don’t want to nudge past the 54.99 a month make sure the standard content lineup hits as many of your checkboxes as possible you’ll also need to be cool with a two-screen simultaneous limit and a 50-hour DVR.

If your budget is a little more flexible take a look at what add-ons and upgrades make the most sense for you and don’t forget to take advantage of free trials Hulu plus live tv sling fubu Philo so many live tv streaming options out there offer free trial periods, so it’s worth giving a few a shot to see how well you like their different interfaces and how well they run on your devices.

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