The Beauty of Black and White Canvas Art

When you step back and look at an ordinary piece of black and white canvas art, what do you see? A striking composition of lines and shades? A combination of colors that blend together to form something greater than the sum of its parts? You’re probably correct on both counts, but let’s take a closer look at these paintings to consider why they’re so popular and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Black and white texture
Black and white texture

Why buy black and white canvases?

Art, especially abstract art, is a beautiful addition to any home. Paintings often set the tone for a room’s ambiance or, like in many modern homes, are used as a wall decoration and conversation pieces. There are many options for wall decoration- from canvas to metal prints to watercolors on paper- but one of the newest trends is black and white canvases.

Many people find that black-and-white art brings out feelings of calmness because it simplifies the busy world we live in. The monochromatic color scheme can even make a cluttered room feel more spacious. If you want your living space to feel balanced or serene but prefer something more contemporary than traditional paintings, then black-and-white art is an excellent option for you! With plenty of minimalist styles to choose from, these colorful yet muted works of art will help balance out any environment.

Where can you hang them?

Another creative way to use black and white canvas art is to hang them on the wall. They add a splash of artistic sophistication that can spruce up any space. You can even find canvas art in all different sizes, so you can hang them as a group or by themselves. They work great in a formal dining room, but they also fit in perfectly with a modern and eclectic theme. You may want to save these particular pieces for areas that are reserved for your most treasured guests like the living room or family room.

On another note, if you want to get really creative with black and white canvas art, try using them as coasters for drinks! That’s right, there are companies that make coasters out of canvas art. The company ships their products flat, so they won’t take up too much storage space when not in use and you’ll be able to easily keep them clean from spills. These cool items are usually used outdoors at parties where guests need their beverages chilled or heated. But who says you can’t bring them inside? It will be just as easy to keep your furniture safe from those pesky water rings.

How to buy quality pieces?

Girl holding a paint brush
Girl holding a paint brush

You might be surprised to find out that your favorite masterpiece is an original black and white canvas painting from one of the world’s most talented artists. It’s important to get a piece that looks like it should for the artist. Follow these guidelines when shopping for this work.

1) Pay attention to the title or subject matter of the work. You may love a certain picture but it has to fit in with your space and decor.

2) Look at who made it – what they typically paint, what they are famous for, where they trained, etc…

3) Consider your price range – a high-quality black and white canvas painting can cost upwards of $150-$300,000+. However, you don’t have to break the bank on a purchase. For just a few hundred dollars, you can own a beautiful piece of art that speaks to your heart. When you buy quality pieces, they’ll look amazing for years to come!

Budget options

It can be tough to find black and white canvas art that is affordable, but there are plenty of options available. The cheapest option is to go out into your neighborhood or a nearby park or tree-lined street, snap a few pictures using your phone or camera and have them blown up onto canvas at one of the local shops in your area. If you have more time, try cutting out some shapes from white poster board or construction paper, attaching them to some inexpensive plywood at an angle that looks cool, and arranging them together with glue. You’ll end up with beautiful geometric wall art for less than $20 in total!

What are the best brands?

Canvas art is a great way to decorate your home or office with modern or traditional décor. We love painting in black and white because it highlights the artist’s brush strokes and creates a beautiful, understated work of art that will brighten up any room. Below are our top three favorite black-and-white artists.

Artist #1: Adele Birnbaum

We really love the soft pastel shades in Birnbaum’s works; her scenes often feel otherworldly with the muted use of color combined with darker details like the night sky or rocks on a beach. Her lack of definition adds an extra feeling of emotional complexity to her paintings, capturing fleeting glimpses into intimate moments without drawing attention to specific people or surroundings. Some of her more famous pieces include Prayer for Diving and Window Seat.

Artist #2: Richard Huntrods

Huntrods’ minimalistic style has been lauded by critics and collectors alike. His black-and-white abstractions are highly detailed, yet they’re simple enough to create a soothing backdrop for any space. Most importantly, they make a strong statement while being modest enough not to take over the room. Our favorites include Shafts of Light and Abandoned Cities.

Artist #3: Alexander Varndell

Varndell’s black-and-white paintings have an eerie vibe to them, which makes them perfect for Halloween décor! He often paints subjects that seem otherworldly with just the right amount of detail – his porcelain doll creations come alive through his use of light and shadow. Our favorites are The Dollhouse Series 1, along with The Dollhouse Series 2 which includes a painting called Darkling.

Types of pieces

Black white paint
Black white paint

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but with black and white canvas art, it’s worth so much more. A black and white painting can convey an immense amount of emotions in just one piece; when you use monochromatic colors, the contrast is much more pronounced. It’s what makes these paintings stand out amongst others on display. Sometimes the artist will paint one side of the canvas black while leaving the other side white.

Other times they’ll add subtle details like shading to create depth and contrast for a truly breathtaking work of art. Either way, these pieces are sure to make any wall look like something from an old European castle or library. As such, they’re perfect for sprucing up your home without spending too much money.

And there’s no need to buy a fancy frame either; the rough edges give these pieces character and show that this is not your average framed print that you can find at most retail stores. The clean lines also allow them to blend into virtually any space – even if it doesn’t have walls of pure white. With canvases like this around, black and white may never go out of style again!

Different sizes available

All the pieces are sourced directly from artists in galleries, and come in three sizes: 12×12, 20×20, or 36×36. All pieces are a contemporary twist on traditional black-and-white landscapes. They can be used as wall decor inside the home or office, set against a neutral backdrop to create contrast between patterned flooring or upholstery. Best of all, they make great gifts. With their affordable price points and easy-to-ship packaging, these canvases will always be the perfect present for family members and friends alike.

Tips for buying online

1. Find something that grabs your attention- This is an important step because the beauty in these paintings often comes from a clever design element. When you find something that captures your eye, start to look at the other details.

2. Make sure the sizing is appropriate- Remember this is going to be hung on your wall! Sometimes it’s hard to tell how big or small a painting will be just by looking at it online. A good rule of thumb would be if you’re ordering a large size, get two stretchers so you can make sure it fits properly on your wall!

3) Make sure they have a good return policy- It can’t hurt to do some research before purchasing! Take a look at their policies and see what you can expect if something doesn’t work out.

4) You might want to buy more than one piece- If you love black and white canvas art as much as we do, then chances are there are more than one style that speaks to you. Check out their site for all the options!

How do I hang a painting?

Two frames on a wall
Two frames on a wall

Installing your painting on the wall is quite simple. It requires two things: a hammer, and a nail. Start by deciding where you want your painting to hang, then use the backside of your hammer to pound a nail into the wallboard. Try not to place it too close to the top or bottom edge of the frame; one-third down from each edge should be plenty. Check that it’s level with a carpenter’s level before pounding in any more nails.

Remember, levels indicate whether an object is sloping up or down – so be sure that you’re holding it so that its arrow is pointing downward (sloping downward). To determine if the frame is level, sight horizontally across from inside one corner to inside another corner at eye-level height. If the frame appears crooked, bend either side of the frame slightly outward until it becomes level. Once both sides are even and level, hold them steady while they dry-fit onto their hanging wire hangers.

Once everything looks good, continue drilling screws through all four corners. Be careful not to drill too far out from the edge or else you may hit something behind your wallboard when installing! When the screws are tight, use a pencil to mark the screw head placement for future reference. Now take off your picture from its hooks and attach it securely to your new screws! Make sure that you don’t over-tighten these as this can warp your canvas art over time.

Where to store paintings when not on display?

It’s hard to say definitively, but my impression is that most people hang their paintings in living rooms or bedrooms. For our place, we wanted the storage area to have a little more life to it so that meant opting for something prettier than just some white wire racks or some cardboard boxes on the floor. We settled on a handsome black bookcase from Target with three shelves. The canvas art sits on top with two cloths on each side and all are held in place by four strong magnets up high.

No matter what style your home may be, I recommend mixing it up a bit to avoid any visual sameness that can happen over time, such as just hanging all the paintings faced out or faced in, for example. Mixing them up like this creates an interesting flow while still being cohesive. You can also use small hooks attached to the wall behind your artwork if you want to try something different too!

You could even group related pieces together, like a grouping of watercolor pieces or grouping watercolors and other flat paintings together – there are no rules when it comes to displaying your work, and lots of options are available. Hang in pairs, alternate styles across the row (same size), or paint-by-number canvases – whatever works best for you!

After storing our pictures away (when not displayed), we looked around at how bare everything seemed now – yikes! Rather than let the house go cold and uninviting though, we decided to add one last little detail – tassel curtains over our windows.


Black and white canvas art, for the most part, always looks stunningly beautiful. There is something about contrasting colors that produce a certain glow around it. In particular, the shades of white bring life to black creating an awesome aesthetic outcome. This stunning mixture can make anything from just flowers to still-life look amazing on canvas with a hint of contemporary appeal in your own home or office space.

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