9 Super Simple Paper Crafts Your Kids Will Love

As parents, it’s always fun to find projects we can do with our kids that don’t require buying lots of expensive supplies. These simple paper crafts are a great way to keep the kids busy and still give them an opportunity to use their imaginations and creativity, plus you can feel good about spending your time together as a family rather than just watching TV or playing video games. Here are 9 super simple paper crafts for kids to get you started!

Paper dragons
Paper dragons

How to make your own DIY paper airplanes?

Here’s a super simple paper craft that your kids will love: DIY paper airplanes! All you need is a sheet of paper and some scissors. Here’s how to make your own DIY paper airplane, step by step:

1. Fold the sheet of paper in half lengthwise so it makes an even crease down the middle.

2. Open up the fold and unfold one half into a flat, open piece.

3. Take one end of the now-open flap and fold it up to meet with the other side, creating an airplane wing shape.

4. Keeping the shape intact, flip over the plane onto its backside.

5. Fold both sides inwards towards each other and repeat for the second set of wings on top.

6. Cut out a small triangle or square at one end of the plane and use it as a nose cone.

7. Use some tape to stick on another small square or triangle as an exhaust stack if desired.

8. Spread out all four wings to their fullest extent; adjust until it has more surface area than drag.

9. Hold onto the backside while throwing from overhead, releasing when the desired height is reached.

10. Catch in a downward position after catching air. Try taping different shapes and colors to see what works best! You can also experiment with adding propellers to change up the type of flying experience. Give these DIY paper airplanes a try today!

How to make your own origami heart?

You’ll need a square sheet of paper to make this origami heart. Fold your paper in half diagonally to create a triangle, then fold the triangle in half again. Next, take the top two corners and fold them in so they meet in the middle, creating a smaller triangle. Fold the small triangle in half, then open it up and flatten it to create a pocket.

Finally, fold down the top point of the pocket to create your origami heart. Put some glue on the inside flap and press it against the front of your heart for a more secure hold. Add a loop if you want to hang your paper heart from something! Cut off an inch strip from one side of your heart, then cut a small slit at the top and bottom of that strip. Twist the ends together like an old-fashioned phone cord and poke them through both slits so that there’s no loose end sticking out. Glue the end to keep it in place, or cover with tape or thread. Now use your heart as decoration.

How to make a paper bead necklace?

1. Cut strips of paper about 1 wide and 6 long.

2. Fold the paper strip in half lengthwise and glue the ends together to make a tube.

3. Once the glue is dry, use a pencil to roll the tube into a bead shape.

4. String the beads onto a piece of string or yarn, leaving about 2 between each bead.

5. Tie the ends of the string together to make a necklace.

6. To finish, add a drop of glue to each bead and sprinkle with glitter (optional).

7. Let the necklace dry overnight before wearing it! The easiest way to make a newspaper doll: cut out two pieces of paper from one sheet. The first piece should be at least 2-3 inches taller than the second and have one straight edge longer than the other side by about an inch.

The second should be just big enough for someone’s head on top of the first sheet cut out holes for eyes and mouth, too. Glue these sheets together back-to-back so that they’re mirror images, then fold along all lines so that you end up with two folded pieces that look like origami swans.

How to make a lantern out of folded paper?

Girl doing paper craft
Girl doing paper craft

Here’s a super simple paper lantern that your kids will love making. All you need is a sheet of paper and a stapler.  

First, fold the paper in half lengthwise. Then, fold it in half again. Fold each side in to meet the center crease, then staple the four corners together. Now your lantern is ready to light up!

Just place a candle inside and hang it from the ceiling or stick some tape on the back and attach it to your bedroom window. A paper lantern is perfect for children because they can do all the work themselves with minimal supervision.

You might even want to make one as a Mother’s Day gift (or Father’s Day gift)! It makes an especially thoughtful present if you use homemade paper – maybe cut out shapes from construction paper and glue them onto regular printer paper. The next time you’re looking for something fun to do with your little ones, consider making a lantern!

How to make your own DIY tissue flowers?

Here’s a super simple paper craft that your kids will love: DIY tissue flowers! These pretty flowers are easy to make and only require a few materials. Plus, they’ll add a splash of color to any room in your house. All you need is tissue paper, scissors, tape, string or yarn (to hang them), glue, and ribbon (optional).

First, cut out a bunch of petals for the flower; the amount depends on how big you want the flower to be. Take two pieces of tape or string and tape them together so it forms an X-shape on top of the piece of tissue paper. Next, wrap another piece around one side so it looks like an S shape; then attach it at the bottom with another piece of tape or string to form a loop.

Now take some more pieces of tape or string and fold them over onto themselves. Stick them onto the opposite side from where you just taped the last ones down, this should create little pleats in the center of the flower that looks kind of like petals. Now just repeat this process until you have as many layers as desired, taping each layer onto the others before moving on to the next step.

Once all layers are complete fold up both ends so they meet at a point right below where all those strings met each other originally and use some adhesive to secure it all together into a tight pointy ball shape; this should result in plenty of fluffy-looking strands coming off from where those points meet and voila! You have made yourself a beautiful DIY tissue flower!

How to make handmade pom-poms with pipe cleaners?

Girl cutting a paper
Girl cutting a paper

Looking for a fun and easy paper craft to do with your kids? Handmade pom-poms are a great way to get them involved in crafting! Plus, they’re super cute and can be used to decorate all sorts of things. Here’s how to make them Cut the pipe cleaners into three or four pieces, depending on the size you want. You’ll need one piece for each side of the ball. For example, if you want to make a small ball (2 inches), cut 6 pieces of pipe cleaner into 3-inch pieces.

Take one piece and wrap it around both hands – crossing them over each other at the top of the ball – so that it forms a circle shape. Twist the ends together to secure. Repeat with the remaining pieces until there is only one left. Wrap this last piece around the base of the ball, twisting it tightly and tucking in any loose ends. Gently pull apart the ball between your two hands to create long strips of yarn. Holding the bottom of these strips, carefully wind them up onto themselves and towards the center of the ball.

Keep winding until you have no more room at the bottom and start wrapping yarn around itself at random points on top as well as down below (just keep going!). Gently twist the wrapped yarn to create tension while pulling apart strands to create fluffy sections as needed. That’s it! Now just snip off any excess wire and admire your beautiful handmade pom-poms!

How to turn dollar store items into cool toys for the beach?

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on toys for the beach. With a little creativity, you can turn dollar store items into cool toys that will keep your kids entertained all day long. Here are nine ideas to get you started

Paper Boat: The easiest and most fun paper craft is a paper boat. Just cut some sheets of construction paper in half and fold them in half again to make two triangles. Put one triangle over the other and seal them together with glue or tape. Cut off any excess paper, then put an X down the center where they meet and fold up each side so it becomes a boat shape. Add faces or decorations if desired.

Foam Animals: Take some foam sheets (usually found at craft stores) and have your child decorate them with markers or stickers as they please! Foam shapes also make great bracelets! You can take small lengths of wire and attach two pieces of wire to either end of the bracelet, creating loops. Have your children string beads onto these loops until they’re happy with their creation! They’ll love choosing different colors or patterns to create their bracelet masterpiece.

Blow Pops: To create a blow pop lollipop out of paper, use a pair of scissors to cut out circles from various pieces of white construction paper (you could even color them). Place them next to each other but don’t stick them together yet. Now take two straws and wrap one piece around both straws – this should be enough for about 10 popsicles. Have your children choose which circle goes on top; this will form the pop part of the lollipop.

Next, your child needs to decide what flavor they want their popsicle to be. For example, blue might represent blue raspberry while yellow might represent lemonade. Once they’ve decided what flavor it is, they should pick two more colors/patterns that go well with it – red might go well with blue raspberry while green would work nicely with lemonade. Using the scissors again, cut out circles from those papers and place them on top of the circle already glued down. Stick those two circles together and voila.

Fingerprint Dinosaur Art

Start by putting some paint on your child’s fingertips. Then, have them make footprints all over a piece of paper. Once the paint is dry, help them turn their fingerprints into dinosaur scales. Add some googly eyes and teeth, and you’ve got a cute dino friend! With this fun craft, kids can be creative with colors and patterns to create different animals. Turn pieces of construction paper into flowers and butterflies, or how about fish? If you want to add color or create shapes other than circles, don’t forget to use a hole punch!

Make leaf shapes out of green construction paper or cut out hearts from red cardstock. For animal crafts that take more time, why not start with basic shapes like squares or triangles? Then use markers, crayons, stickers – anything that works – to draw a simple design onto the shape. Use two glue sticks per piece so they won’t melt together when they get hot! (Recommended for ages 6+).

Stringing Jars: Cut strips of fabric and lace, then tie them to jars in any pattern you like. These beautiful stringed jars are perfect for displaying small objects or keeping kitchen items organized (Recommended for ages 5+).

Sewing Seeds: You’ll need to find a sewing machine before beginning this project but it will give your little one great experience with tools (Recommended for ages 8+).

Crayon Roll-Up Art: Choose a favorite picture to work off of and have your kid trace it onto a roll of paper using a dark crayon. The harder they press down, the darker the line. Now have them roll up the paper tightly until it forms a tube. Keep rolling until there is no loose paper at either end and secure with tape at both ends. Set aside and let sit overnight or at least 2 hours so that the drawing hardens completely inside its own mold. Unroll your newly formed crayon art!

An Egg Decorating Kit that doesn’t use paint

Kids in a card board house
Kids in a card board house

One of the things I love most about Easter is decorating eggs. But let’s face it, sometimes the mess can be just too much. This year, try something different and get an egg decorating kit that doesn’t use paint. You’ll still get all the fun of decorating without any of the cleanups. Here are 9 great options to choose from.

1. Play Foam Set for Younger Children: All you need to do is add water and foam pieces start coming out. These sets come with stencils so kids can create their own designs.

2. Homemade Kit: Add glue, glitter, a skewer or paper fastener, and googly eyes for this crafty DIY option.

3. Hanging Mobile: Hang these cutouts up in your child’s room or nursery with string or yarn. (There are even instructions on how to make your own.)

4. Scrapbooking Tape: Smooth tape sticks well onto paper, which makes it perfect for scrapbooking. It comes in many colors, so they’re easy to match to other materials you have on hand

5. Cardboard Picture Frame Craft: This cute frame is made by folding cardboard into a square and then adding velcro as decoration.

6. Sticker Sheet Craft: Kids can put stickers anywhere they want- onto papers or other flat surfaces.

7. Flower Pot: Diorama this colorful project comes with everything needed for the set-up 8) Flower Pot Craft:

You don’t have to purchase anything extra at all! The only thing you will need is colored rice and potting soil. Just fill your flower pot with soil, drop some rice grains into it, pat them down gently with your fingers and then wait for the flowers to grow.


Paper crafts are a great way to keep your kids entertained and occupied. They’re also a great way to help them develop their fine motor skills. Plus, they’re super easy to make! All you need is some paper, scissors, and glue. You can find many tutorials online for all of these crafts. You can also purchase craft kits that come with the necessary materials in order to save time.

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