877 Area Code: Location, Toll-Free, Scam, And Who’s Calling?

When you see the area code 877 on your caller ID, do you ever wonder where the call originates? Do you ever wonder what the 877 number is associated with? What if you receive an 877 area country code phone call and don’t recognize the phone number? Where are they calling from? How do you know if it’s spam or a legitimate caller? You may not be surprised to learn that there are many different ways phone numbers can reach people with an 877 area code, including many legitimate reasons why someone would be calling from an 877 number.

877 Area Code

Definitions of the 877 area code:

The 877 area code is one of the United States of North American telephone area codes for landline telephones, including cellular telephones. It was created in January 1999 as a split from area code 408. The region covered by 877 includes most of San Jose and Silicon Valley. Most major cities in Santa Clara County use either 707 or 650; smaller portions use 408, 510, and 925. -Area Code 877 also covers some residential customer service lines living on Monterey Peninsula (California) who have recently been assigned area code 656 when their original area code  939 was overlaid with 442 for West Coast Federal Government usage.

Where is it?

Where Is It

This area code serves all of California as well as most of Nevada. San Francisco is part of city area Code coverage and code listing 415, whereas Los Angeles is part of 310 and 323. Many other large metropolitan areas—including San Diego (619), Riverside (951), Santa Barbara (805), Sacramento (916), Fresno (559), and others—share these two 877 area codes.

877 numbers particularly impact Reno and Las Vegas because of their popularity among callers from California; many people use spoofing software to disguise their number as 877. #: The # symbol appearing at the beginning of your phone number indicates a toll-free lines for companies and gives you access to free calls, allowing you to skip paying per minute for airtime minutes and avoid international calls charges when calling from abroad. Callers usually reach you through several providers such as AT&T Enhanced 800 Services or Verizon Operator Services.

History of the 877 area code:

The 877 area code has been around since 1999. The 877 area code is regulated by LATA (Local Access and Transport Areas) with a latitude of 3820083 and a longitude of -11920753. You can use 980 when dialing long distances to get to other areas outside of your local calling zone for anyone who still uses dialing zones.

More information on both locations can be found below. In terms of location, it covers part of Portland, OR; Lewiston/Auburn, ME; Rochester/Batavia/Seneca Falls/Pavilion in New York; New Bedford/Fall River in Massachusetts; Boston, Worcester, and Cape Cod in Massachusetts; Providence in Rhode Island; Trenton in New Jersey…and more. 

Why did they choose that number?

When you pick a vanity number for your business or yourself, many factors go into choosing one. Vanity numbers are often chosen because they are easier to remember or have positive connotations. They might also be chosen because it is an area code location from where you live (also called local numbers) or where your business is located.

Additionally, these numbers might be chosen if they spell out another word, in which case it could mean there is something about your business that you want to say with that number. The area code 877 spells out Success when read as four separate digits.

Therefore, reading between the lines suggests some support to help people succeed when used for advertising purposes. Therefore, the combination can work well for things like mortgage companies, financial services firms, and other kinds of companies that provide support and resources to help consumers succeed.

What are the scams associated with this number?

What Are The Scams Associated With This Number

There are numerous scam phone calls associated with 877 numbers. Some of these include *Insurance scams *IRS scams *Lottery scams *Phishing scams *Online shopping (offer) scams, etc… Unfortunately, there is no way to know if a call from an 877 number is good or bad. Be careful!

If you would like to report a suspicious call, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local law enforcement agency. For example… Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department investigates all areas throughout Clark County that fall within Metro’s jurisdictional boundaries. Call them directly at 702-828-3111 and tell them you want to make a complaint regarding fraud or identity theft associated with something that occurred on their 911 system.

Then, when your business receives similar calls in the future, it will be logged as fraud/identity theft by Metro police investigators. This means investigators have begun investigating crimes committed via phone calls to your company.

Does it matter who’s calling you from this number?

Yes. This can help you decide if it’s safe to answer or not. If you have caller ID information available, look up the 877 area code to learn what city and state we’re calling from (or look up another area code here ). If there is no information available about that phone number or it says the private or restricted caller, then it could be a scammer.

You should never pick up if you don’t know who’s calling and avoid calling back numbers you don’t recognize. This prevents anyone from using your phone for scams or phishing calls. In addition, many companies allow you to enter your telephone number online so you can find out if unknown callers are scammers before answering your phone. All of these are very simple ways to protect yourself from telemarketers and other scammers.

Why do 877 numbers keep calling me?

Why Do 877 Numbers Keep Calling Me

There are two common reasons that a toll-free telephone number may be calling you. The first is for sales purposes. If you subscribe to a service and give them your phone number, they could be working off a list of phone numbers they would call every month.

If you did not request to be called by that specific company or service provider, it is illegal for them to call you at their own cost without your consent. Some companies may also use an autodialer program that calls hundreds of thousands of people who have opted in as part of a telemarketing campaign. Because 877 numbers do not require an operator or other person to make the call, there can be less monitoring on who makes such calls, as long as they have paid in full for those calls.


The 877 area code is shared by various cities across several states. The area code can be found in New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee. If you are located in one of these areas, then it may very well be that someone is trying to reach you regarding your business or organization. If you do not recognize an incoming phone number from an 877 area code, consider calling back from a known working number before returning any calls. The point is that if it looks like a scam, feels like a scam, and sounds like a scam—it just might be a scam. Better safe than sorry!

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