646 Area Code – Location, Time Zone Who’s Calling?

Area code 646 is an area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) used in the New York City borough of the Bronx, as well as Marble Hill and adjacent areas of Manhattan; it overlays area codes 718 and 929.

State/ New York
Timezone/ Eastern (ET)
Is Area Code 646 Toll-Free/ Yes
Major Cities/ New York City
Area code 646

Where is the 646 area code?

The 646 area code is located in New York. The 646 area code is among the four area codes for dialing Manhattan numbers in New York City. This is a landline telephone area code in the 646 prefixes. The 646 area code was created on January 1st, 1999 due to the convergence of the 917 and 212 area codes.

You will sometimes see the 646 area code written as (646) or simply 446. This can cause some confusion with regard to international calls because many carriers (including AT&T long-distance) equate the notation 446 with Bermuda and adding +1 to a number written as 446 will not work from outside Bermuda and Canada. To dial an area code you must include 1 plus that 3 digit number.

Is it a scam call?


scam callers can use a spoofed area code to make it look like they’re calling from your city. So don’t trust an unfamiliar 646 number. In most cases, you’ll want to hang up if you get a call from (646). But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… First things first: why are you getting calls in your area code? It depends on where you live. If you live in a city with a high population of immigrants—or maybe just one particular type of immigrant—it may be possible that people are using a simple trick to make it look like they’re calling from there.

Scam artists do everything they can to look legit and sound convincing. To protect yourself, ask yourself whether or not it makes sense for someone who supposedly lives near you to be calling you out of nowhere. You might also try asking them questions about local events or businesses as a way to verify their story.

Why did I get this number?

If you are using a 646 area code number, then you must be running your business through a VoIP service. The 646 area code is used in New York City and its surrounding areas. If your business isn’t based in New York, then it’s not possible that your customers or clients would have received your number if it has been preceded by an area code of 646.

For example: if your business is based in Boston and there is no need for a Boston-based client to call you from a cell phone or landline connected to Boston (or any other city or town within that same local calling area) then it’s highly unlikely that they would ever see a 646-XXXX number appear on their caller ID device.

Who’s calling me?

Area code

Your area code can tell you a lot about where that call came from. 646 area code numbers are given to phones located in New York City. This doesn’t mean your caller is calling from New York City or even anywhere near it. Some 646 numbers (i.e., those registered by AT&T) have been known to show up as Unknown on caller ID, but there’s really no way of knowing for sure exactly who’s calling you or where they’re calling from unless you can get in touch with them directly (or unless your phone company gives more specific information.

How to stop getting calls from this number?

If you don’t recognize a number that keeps calling, you may want to do some research on it. Are you getting unwanted calls from area code 646? You can find out by using our reverse lookup directory to get information on phone numbers. However, if they keep calling after that there are also other options available to make them stop. You can put them on your own do not call list or forward calls to another number that won’t pick up so they stop wasting your time with unsolicited calls

How to block a caller on Android or iPhone?

To block a caller in Android Open your Phone App. Tap Contacts -> Call Log. Find and tap on the number you want to block. Then, choose Block contact.

iPhone has a great calling feature that lets you block any caller you want. First, you’ll need to add their number to your blocked contacts. Then, when they call, you won’t see their name or number on your iPhone. You’ll only see Unknown callers and an option to block them (or not).

To block a caller on iPhone: Open Contacts. Find contact and tap it to open it up. Next, scroll down until you find Block This Caller. Tap Block This Caller and confirm by tapping Block Contact. That’s all there is to it! Now, whenever someone from that number calls you, your iPhone will show Unknown caller with an option to Block.

Can you trace a call from the 646 area code?

Well, yes and no. Area code 646 is a unique code (some might even say unlucky) that can be traced to a specific location in New York City. The city is divided into 5 boroughs: Manhattan (North + South), Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. Each borough has its own area code so any phone call within one area code can be pinpointed based on a carrier-based switching point that serves that region. Tracing calls from the 646 area codes requires knowledge of local access codes and routing.

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