How to Make Snowflakes Out of Paper?

Snowflakes are delicate and beautiful, but they don’t last long. Instead of letting them melt away in an instant, you can use some paper and glue to make snowflakes that will last until Spring. Learn how to make snowflakes out of paper here!

Golden snowflake with blue background
Golden snowflake with blue background

Step 1: Cut a Square

Cut a square out of the paper with at least an inch on every side. If you are cutting two sheets together, cut them each so that they both measure the same size and then lay them on top of one another. Use one as a guide while cutting the other, or just eyeball it if you’re making one snowflake. Fold up each corner inward until it is flush with the next edge.

After all four corners have been folded inwards, unfold them and turn the paper over. Fold down each corner again so that it’s flush with the edge, but this time folds in towards itself rather than pulling it away from itself.

Step 2: Fold Four Corners In

Fold the four corners of the paper down so that they meet in the center. This will make four diamond shapes on your sheet. You should have six sides, two for each fold. If not, then check what you are doing wrong and try again until you get it right.

Then, take a pen or pencil and draw a line from one point on one side to the other point on the other side so that both points are touching each other at their endpoints. Repeat this process with all lines until you have completed one snowflake (or just eight).

Now, cut along your drawn lines (if you want perfect cuts use scissors but scissors can be hard if you don’t know how) and your paper snowflake is finished!

Step 3: Fold in Thirds

Place a square piece of paper in front of you, so that one side forms a triangle and the opposite side overlaps the bottom (triangle) edge by about an inch. Fold the opposite edge up and towards you over the triangle. Crease it where the two edges meet. Now, fold this third up again and crease where it meets with the first fold. This is your second crease point. Fold this third back down on top of the first one, but open up enough for there to be a little loop at each corner. Cut off the excess from the loop corners with scissors or a razor blade, leaving just enough to glue them together.

Step 4: Crease the Lines

Silver snowflake
Silver snowflake

To complete your snowflake, use a ruler and pen to gently crease all of the lines on the paper, paying close attention to the center points. The sharper you make the folds, the cleaner and shinier your snowflake will be. You’ll want both sides to look symmetrical in shape and symmetry.

 If it doesn’t, it’s okay! Your snowflake might not be perfect but it still makes for a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree or wreath. And since they’re easy to make and inexpensive, there is no reason not to have a bunch of them. Hang them in windows or over doorways with a clear fishing line or ribbon. And don’t forget to include one on your mantel as well!

Step 5: Draw On Features

  • When you are finished with your snowflake, carefully fold the paper and create a crease line. Open up the paper and make another crease line from the first one. Fold the bottom corners in on themselves so that it creates what looks like a hexagon shape.
  • Using scissors, cut out all but two sides of your shape. Connect those two pieces by cutting along the edge.
  • Cut a strip of paper (about 8 long) and roll it into a cone shape. Tape the top together using tape or glue.
  • Put some glitter inside before taping shut.
  • Tape the ends of the cone to the backside of your paper hexagon.
  • Tape this closed, securing with small dabs at the corners. Add more tape across the front and back if needed. Carefully apply pressure across an open space at least four times until you feel a break. The result is a symmetrical pattern of sparkling snowflakes!

How do you make a 3d paper snowflake?

Simply follow these steps for a beautiful and easy 3D paper snowflake.

-Start with a square piece of paper, folded in half. You want two even halves, so you may need to cut the edges straight before folding it over. The size can vary, but 8×8 is a good average size that’s pretty small.

-Fold each square along the opposite diagonal. Your new square should be made up of four smaller squares and is sometimes called an octagon.

-In the center point (at 4 o’clock) crease where all 4 sides meet and fold that first up toward 12 o’clock (you will end up with a flap or triangle). Fold those corners down toward 3 o’clock. Then do the same thing with the top row of flaps at 9 o’clock, ending up with another flap or triangle. Now take your scissors and carefully cut from 9-3 on one side and from 6-12 on the other side. Once you have all your cuts finished go back to your original 4-pointed shape and open it up like a present.

To make sure everything stays in place, use some glue on either side. Start by using glue on the bottom layer and then placing the top layer onto it, making sure to line up both layers. Press together well to ensure there are no gaps between them. Let the glue dry and voila! A beautiful 3D paper snowflake.

-To hang your winter masterpiece: Cut out a slit in the corner of the shape (opposite from which way you’re planning to hang it), curl it around, and tape it in place with clear tape. Hang vertically so that gravity creates more hanging loops. With all this talk about shapes, let me give you one last tip: It’s important to always try and make a symmetrical shape when folding. That means it needs to be balanced from every angle, not just how it looks from the front view.

So try cutting your pattern into quarters instead of just 2 pieces when possible. If you don’t feel confident about cutting the pieces into equal sizes by eye, get out your ruler or set up some scraps as guidelines on what size they should be.

Continuation (six+ sentences): Making lots of variations isn’t really difficult either if you’re feeling adventurous and don’t mind using lots of paper.


So there you have it! Creating snowflakes out of paper is fun and easy. It is a fun project for an older sibling to do with their younger sibling, especially if they are bored and confined indoors. There are many variations that can be done on this project, like coloring the snowflake or attaching glitter paper around the base of the design, but what matters most is that you find joy in making them. And maybe get some help from mom or dad too.

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