How much can you make with Uber eats in a week and year?


Uber eats is an online ordering and delivering company this is a delivery partner of Uber. They provide food delivery service by their food delivery app.

The user can read review menus and order their foods according to their needs and also can pay through this online system. The uber eats drivers delivered your orders.

How does it work Uber eats

How does it work Uber eats?

You’ll go online on the uber eats app and once you’re online you’ll get pushed a notification that will be a delivery.

You can either accept or decline to accept the delivery by tapping on the icon. It should tell you about how long.

It will take or the distance to the restaurant. So once you accept the order it will navigate you directly to the restaurant do that right in the app.

It’s very simple once you get to the restaurant find a quick place to park if you have to double park outside and put your hazard light on it should be a quick process.

At then when you get there you will have an order number to reference walk into the restaurant always bring your phone with the reference order number with the staff at the restaurant.

Sometimes they will prefer you say the name on the order as well as the order number kind of varies. You will get the hang of it to give them the order number. If the food is ready they will give it to you.

How much do you make from Uber eats?

The more trips an hour and extra time the more money you make an hour per week.

There are a lot of factors involved if you have to wait too long at a restaurant that cuts into your time. If you have a lot of trouble finding the customer when you are making a delivery.

That cuts into your time If you can cut down on your time wasted you should be making more money. You can earn two hundred dollars in eight hours period.

If you are doing two trips an hour and you are going to long distance can pay more sometimes.

Tips in Uber eats

Tips in Uber eats:

They have a couple of weeks to add a tip. Maximize your customer tips to be efficient to be polite.

Be sure to use a hot bag when you have food that’s hot they give you a bag that’s insulated and keeps the food hot.

Maximize your earning with Uber eats

Maximize your earning with Uber eats:

On the trip you go on you are gone a  learn something new.

If you are consistently getting deliveries from one area and this is a high traffic area there’s a lot of restaurants that do uber eats around here.

You maybe stay around that area because have the most volume of deliveries to accept. You will start to learn the best times per day.

That been usually on the weekdays. During lunchtime, this Time period demand for food delivery seems to be a really good time or delivery location for a delivery driver.

There’s not as much traffic there’s a lot of orders being placed.

On weekends this is the busiest time a lot of people ordering all day long Saturdays and Sundays are a great time to drive food delivery drivers.

If you drive and make deliveries within that area. You will make extra money. You should look out for those boosted areas there’s a promotions tab in the app. You can find it at all times.

Payment method of Uber eats

Payment method of Uber eats:

When you arrive at the restaurant you are picking up from your start getting paid. It’s calculated based on the miles from the restaurant to the customer and the time it takes.

That’s how your payment is structured plus tips.

If you had to drive a really short distance to get to the restaurant and then maybe a long distance to get to the customer.

That’s your ideal trip because you are getting paid for the most amount of time and mileage.

Uber eat has an instant pay feature. The food delivery driver can cash out whenever you want. The normal schedule is that you get paid weekly.

You will get a check from uber. If you drive three or four hours a day that week you will get paid for that time.

If you drive one day that week you will still get paid once a week for that time.

The instant play feature allows you to cash out your balance whenever you want. You can even cash out more than once throughout the day.

If you drive for a couple of hours in the morning or in the afternoon. You can cash out then maybe you drive a couple more hours at night you cash out again.


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Eligibility for Uber eats

Eligibility for Uber eats:

This could vary from state to state but in general, driver requirements are you have to be 19 years old have a 1998 or newer vehicle you have a valid driver’s license and insurance.

You must have a proof of vehicle registration.

How to stay in good standings with uber eats:

You have to take it at least once every 90 days. You got to do at least one delivery every 90 days or you. You could get suspended due to the vehicle requirements policy.

Another very simple thing you have to keep your document up to date with your insurance and your car registration. You have to keep those up to date.

If your license is coming up to expire you have to keep up to date it’s as simple as uploading a photo make sure you set a reminder when you get close to that expiration date.

You are unable to drive a week because you don’t have updated things also make sure that you are completing the trips that you can’t canceled more than 15 percent of the trips.

You have a good attitude and a good work ethic because that translates into customers giving you a good rating and if you get a bunch of bad ratings uber doesn’t like that.

Can you eat on the job of Uber eats?

Can you eat on the job of Uber eats?

This pretty is easy to eats on the Delivery job you are going to a bunch of restaurants its easy to pick up a quick snack or a drink you don’t want a necessarily place a full order for a meal while.

You are also picking up someone’s order that’s just gone a cost you time and money it’s still you could bring food from home.

If someone cancels the order when you have already picked up the that’s when you get to eat their food this scenario is very rare.

Referral program of Uber eats:

They will give you a  referral code and you can share that with your friends and family to sign them up to drive uber eats and you will get a kickback in this case you should get a bonus.

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