20 Easy Crafts for Adults in 2022

It’s hard to get bored when there are so many fun things to do. And one of the best ways to stay entertained is with easy crafts. These projects are usually quick and simple, but they still look amazing. In addition, they’re perfect for adults who don’t have much time on their hands or anyone with arthritis in their hands! Here are 20 projects that will keep everyone busy:

Crafting material
Crafting material

String Art

String art is a fun and easy craft that anyone can make, no matter their skill level. The materials needed are simple: string, tape (or glue), scissors, and an old frame.

Once you have all your supplies together, the process for making string art is pretty straightforward: take some of your chosen pieces of paper or fabric and cut them into strips about 2-3 inches long. Then fold them in half lengthwise so that they form a square shape like this:

You’re going to now start tying these squares onto one end of your piece of string so that it looks like this when finished:

To finish off this project we’ll need some more glue or tape; if using tape just stick it on top where there isn’t already any glue – if using glue simply apply liberally over everything except for where we’ve already attached our last two pieces together! Once you’ve done this, hang your string art up somewhere and admire it! The great thing about this project is that it can be used for so many different occasions; whether you want to use it as a gift for someone special or just want to decorate your room with some cute artwork.

Glitter Mason Jars

Glitter jar
Glitter jar

You can find Mason jars at the grocery store and they’re super cheap. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can make this craft with as little or as much glitter as you want.

Mod Podge is another great option for gluing down your glitter onto mason jars. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and preserves well if you don’t want to reuse them again (which we all know happens).

After applying Mod Podge on the jar lid, just sprinkle some glitter over it before adding more coats until it’s completely covered in sparkles! Then apply more layers until there aren’t any spaces left—this will ensure that no matter how thickly applied these crafts are made…they’ll still look amazing!

Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

If you’ve never embroidered before, this is the perfect craft to try. Embroidery hoops can be purchased online or at any craft store. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs.

To create an embroidery hoop wall art, simply choose an embroidery hoop and then fill it with fabric (or paper). Then use your favorite sewing needle and thread to make designs on the fabric or paper inside the hoop itself! You can use any kind of fabric—even ones that aren’t meant for clothing—as long as they’re washable and don’t shrink when washed properly after being soaked with water first so that no holes form from stretching out over time due to dryer heat. Once you’ve finished with your design, hang the hoop on a wall and enjoy!

Paint Chip Calendar

If you want to make a DIY calendar, this is the perfect craft for you. All you need are some paint chips and a hole punch, then it’s easy as pie!

First, pick out a few different shades of paint chips and place them in an empty container. Next, use your hole punch to make holes in each month and day of your calendar. Once that’s done, add in hours (and minutes) by punching holes throughout them too! Once you’ve finished, hang your calendar on a wall and enjoy!

Wood Slice Clock

You can make a wood slice clock using the following items:

  • A wood slice.
  • A clock kit. (I recommend the Crayola Clock Kit.)
  • A battery-operated clock face and hands, if you want to add those to your homemade project!

Stamped Clay Bowls

Stamped clay is a great way to add some texture and interest to your home. It’s easy to make, too!

  • What you’ll need:
  • A bowl or two (I used two small tea cups)
  • Acrylic paints in primary colors (I painted mine white, pink, blue, and green)
  • Stamps (I used stamps from the dollar store)
  • Glue gun or super glue – optional but helpful for sealing your bowls

Jewelry Dish

  • What You’ll Need:
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • a small amount of water (enough to create a paste)
  • How to Make It: Mix the flour and salt together in a bowl until they form a paste. Add a little bit of water at a time until you have created an even consistency that can be shaped into any shape you’d like. This will help keep your jewelry dish from sticking together during storage, which could cause cracks or chips on its surface. If you use too much water, it might get too sticky! Be careful not to add too much because this could make it difficult for people with gluten allergies such as me who are allergic to wheat products like bread etc., but also won’t want their food touching anything else.

Shell Frame

  • You will need:
  • A shell frame.
  • A piece of paper.
  • A pen and paintbrush (optional).
  • Glue (optional).
  • String (optional).
  • This is an easy craft project to do with your kids. You’ll need a shell frame, some paint, and paper. Just cut out the shapes you want and glue them onto the shell frame. If you have any string or ribbon, hang it up in a sunny spot for all to admire!

Gold Leaf Mugs

Golden leafs
Golden leafs

You can make a gold leaf mug simply by adding gold leaf to the bottom of your favorite mug. You’ll need:

  • A clear glass or ceramic mug
  • Gold paint (optional)
  • Paint the inside of your mug with a thin layer of paint, if you want it to look more like an actual piece of jewelry than just some sort of decoration on top of your coffee cup. This will create a nice contrast between what’s outside and what’s inside, so keep that in mind when choosing which color combination makes sense for you!
  • Once this step is done, dip one end into some warm water until it gets soft enough so that even though there isn’t any liquid inside yet (and therefore wouldn’t be able to melt), it still won’t stick too much onto itself after drying out again later—just take care not to drop anything else into this bowl while doing so because accidents happen sometimes… (They usually do.)

Painted Earthenware Vases


  • Earthenware vases (about 6-8)
  • paint in a variety of colors, depending on your taste, including red and green (for example) and black. You may also want to consider painting the edges of your vase with some of these colors as well.
  • paint brushes for each color you’re using. If you don’t have any brushes yet, it may be worth buying some cheap ones at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s before starting this project so that they will hold up well over time! Instructions:
  • Choose a few colors of paint and mix them together. You will want to do this on an old plate or piece of paper so that you don’t get any color specks on your vases!
  • Paint the entire surface of each vase with one color (if using more than one). After letting this dry, add another layer using another color. Let this dry, then add a third layer, if desired.
  • Once the vases are completely dry, use painter’s tape to cover any areas that you want to keep white. This will save you from having to do touch-ups later!

Cork Trivet

A cork trivet is a great way to make use of old corks. You can use it for hot dishes, cold dishes, and even both ways at once!

For example: If you’re having friends over for dinner and want to serve some appetizers, but don’t have any plates left in the cupboard because they’ve been used up—or if there are plenty of plates but not enough people around to eat them—you could put out some appetizer food on your cork trivet instead. This would keep things nice and tidy while still allowing everyone else who arrives later in the evening (or earlier) access without needing extra items on hand.

Fingerprint Tree Canvas Painting

Fingerprint Tree Canvas Painting

This is a fun and easy craft to do with your children. All you need is their prints, plain white canvas, and some glue. You can make a beautiful tree out of their hands!

You can also use them as gifts for friends or family members by gluing their fingerprints on the canvas. This would be great for Christmas presents or birthdays!

Wax Paper Flowers

  • Wax paper flowers are a great way to decorate your home. They’re easy and quick to make, but they can look so much more complicated than they actually are!
  • To make a wax paper flower:
  • Get some empty white paper napkins or gift wrap from the store (or use an old piece of wrapping paper). You’ll also need some scissors, tape, and glue sticks if you want, them to stay together nicely after being dried out for a while on the countertop or table where you’ll hang them up later on in case any air bubbles happen during drying time which is something always happens when making anything out of fabric like this so be sure not only that there aren’t any but also that none leak through onto other surfaces nearby either by mistake or intentionally (like putting one behind another). I
  • f you’re using scissors, cut the napkins or gift wrap into squares that are about 3×3 inches in size. If you have a tape measure handy, use it to make sure they’re even on all sides and corners so that they look nice and neat once they’re finished drying out after you’ve put them through the next step which is creative design time!

DIY Soap Dispenser

  • It’s easy to make, and you can use it to teach kids about safety.
  • This is a great craft for beginners who want to try their hand at making something themselves without having to worry about the complexity of other projects.
  • The soap dispenser is also great for adults who want to show off their creativity or just enjoy creating something new!

Beaded Tassel Key Chain

Keys lay down on wooden floor
Keys lay down on wooden floor
  • Materials:
  • A bead kit (I used the one from Beadable.com)
  • Two pieces of leather or vinyl that are about 3 inches long, cut into two equal lengths (you can use different colors if you want to make it more colorful.)
  • Instructions: First, take a piece of metal wire and use pliers to bend it into an “S” shape. Then, attach one end of your bead onto one side of this metal wire by wrapping it around until it looks like a small loop. The other end should be left open so that you can string beads from there on down! Next, add some more metal wire onto both sides so that there are two loops for each bead—one at each end of where those strings meet up with each other in between them altogether.”
  • Once you have your bead loops in place, take a piece of fishing line and thread it through the holes of each bead. Then, cut off any excess so that there’s no extra string hanging out! You can also use colored wire instead to make this project more colorful.”

Shrink Film Necklace and Bracelet Set

  • Use shrink film to create your necklace and bracelet set. You’ll need:
  • Shrink film (2 rolls)
  • Scissors or a razor blade to cut the film roll into pieces that are the same length as you want your necklaces to be, and then measure out 1 inch from each end of those pieces for both strands of shrinky goodness! Cut 3 pieces for each strand, so you’ll have 12 inches total—that’s enough for two necklaces!
  • Shrink the film by heating it up with a heat gun or hair dryer. You want to watch carefully so that you don’t burn your fingers! Once the film is shrunk, place your string through one end of the shrinky goodness.

The best easy crafts are the ones you can enjoy completing together.

Crafts are a great way to spend time with your family and friends. They’re also a fun way to relax, express creativity, and get rid of old stuff.

If you want easy crafts for adults in 2022, look no further than these five ideas:

  • Make a homemade card for someone special. You could get really creative and make it look just like an expensive store-bought one!
  • Make some candles in fancy shapes or colors. Candles are a great way to add some color and light to any room. Plus, they’re pretty easy to make.
  • Make a decorative bowl out of an old wine bottle. You could even use some paint to decorate it and make it look more interesting.
  • Gather together some old magazines and cut up pictures that you like. Then glue them onto cardboard to make your own collage!
  • Create a piece of jewelry using buttons or beads. This is another really easy craft that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age or skill level.


It’s only going to get more exciting as the year goes on! If you have any easy crafts we missed, be sure to share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your favorite projects or DIY projects that will help make 2022 even better than 2021.

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