8 Crab Crafts That Are Fun and Easy for Beginners

Love crab? Hate crab? Either way, these cute crafts that feature everyone’s favorite crustaceans will put you in the mood for summer no matter how far away the season may seem right now!

From cute crafts to sweet treats, this list of crab-themed crafts has something to delight and impress even the pickiest craft enthusiasts. So grab your glue gun and get ready to make some fun crab crafts!

Orange crab
Orange crab

Paper Plate Spider Crab

This adorable spider crab craft is perfect for kids who are just learning how to use glue. Start by cutting a circular piece of paper from construction paper or scrapbooking paper, folding the circle in half, then cutting it in half again. Apply a generous amount of glue to one point of the circle, then fold the two sides together to form the shape of a crab with four legs and two pincers. When it has dried completely, add googly eyes to make your arthropod friend come alive!

Shell Wire Sculpture

Start by pulling apart a wire coat hanger to get 4 pieces of wire, each at least 18 inches long. Strip the insulation off the end of 2 pieces of wire, leaving about an inch exposed. Twist the ends together tightly, then bend them into loops. Use pliers to make a loop in one of the other wires, then thread it through both loops on one side. Pull it tight and twist it again to secure it in place.

Thread the last wire through both loops on the other side, then pull tight and twist again to secure it in place. Finally, trim off any excess so that your sculpture is completely closed up with no loose ends sticking out.  Now you have a crab shell!

Pine Cone Lobster Pincushion

Crab in the ice
Crab in the ice

This pine cone lobster pincushion is a fun way to learn about sewing techniques like appliqué. It’s a good project for beginners because it doesn’t require many skills. All you need is one or two pine cones, some scrap fabric or felt, embroidery floss or yarn, scissors, a needle, stuffing material (such as poly-fill), and a glue gun.

Take the pine cone(s) and cut out the desired shape of your pincushion using the pen knife. Then cut out an additional piece of fabric with the same shape as your pine cone. Glue the fabric to your pine cone while it’s face-down on an ironing board using craft glue.

Next, insert the pine cone through the fabric and attach it from behind with embroidery floss or thread. Make sure to leave enough thread poking out at each end so that you can sew the fabric onto your pincushion later. Finally, fill up the inside of your new pincushion with stuffing material and stitch up any open areas by hand.

Pinwheel Seahorse Keychain

Follow this simple tutorial to create a craft that’s cute, easy to make, and perfect for any animal lover. For other tutorials, you can use your leftover yarn scraps, head to Pinterest to find them!

1. First make the tail with a needle (threading) the end of one color of yarn through the other. Next, hold on tight around it with your right hand and wind it around in a spiral to create a skinny tail. When it’s small enough cut off any excess threads of a string with scissors. Repeat this step two more times with 3 different colors or pattern lengths so you have 4 strings of similar length ready to go.

2. Thread one string onto a needle.

3. Thread another one onto a needle and then place it over the first needle so that the ends are going from top to bottom and side by side, creating what looks like an X over the center area where both needles meet. Put your thumb on top of this area to help keep both needles in place while you tie them together with a knot at their base – take care not to tie too tightly.

The cross part will now look like an upside-down Y shape at its base because of the way we positioned the yarn needles but don’t worry about appearances when tying knots just be careful not to tighten them too much.

4. Place the third needle between the second one and rotate it 180 degrees counterclockwise.

5. Then thread it underneath the second one, placing it directly overtop of the first needle before rotating back 180 degrees clockwise so that they once again appear as an upside-down Y shape.

6. Take care not to pull either string too tightly and tie them together at their base with a knot, taking special attention to not tighten these knots as well since they need to stay loose enough for later keychain decoration steps.

Continue tying strings together in the same manner until all four loops are created. Now, poke the needle through each loop twice to secure them into place before cutting off any excess tails with scissors. Tie on a crab clip using rubber bands found in your office supply cabinet for extra decorations, completing your adorable little seahorse pinwheel crafts project!

Felt Sea Creatures

White crab
White crab
  1. Glue down a large piece of felt on the table.
  2. Draw an outline of a crab on the felt, then cut it out with scissors.
  3. Using the marker, draw a face in the middle of each crab’s body.
  4. Cut out two pom-poms from green felt or yarn to be used as eyes; glue them onto one side of the face, but make sure they are not touching each other.
  5. Cut out two small triangles from black felt to be used as eyebrows; glue them above the eyes on either side of the face but not touching one another either.
  6. For the last step, glue on white craft sticks to serve as claws at the ends of each front leg.
  7. Let dry overnight before removing from the felt sheet.
  8. Arrange your crabs on their sides so that they can watch over you while you sleep!

Woven Mobius Strip Bracelet

The woven Mobius strip bracelet is a great craft for beginners to try. The tutorial recommends using embroidery floss or wool, but you can use any type of yarn that you have at home. This will make it easier to find the right-sized needle in your craft kit. Plus, the project only takes about an hour to complete!

You will need:

  • A skein of embroidery floss or wool in a color of your choice
  • An embroidery needle (size 20 or 23)
  • A ruler with cm on it
  • One 8-inch by 8-inch piece of paper (or cardboard)

Fold the piece of paper diagonally so that you can see both opposite corners. Draw a line across one corner from top to bottom as shown.

Then take the two ends of your skein of yarn, tie them together securely and thread them through the hole that was just created when you folded the paper. Take one end over to the other side then bring it back around to meet up with its original end again where they are tied together. Repeat this step until there are 16 strands coming out from each side.

Take one strand on each side and weave them back into themselves following the path you drew on top of your folded paper earlier as shown above until all strands have been tucked inside themselves again, creating an infinity-shaped loop in between each strand like this: Next, we need to attach our rectangle onto our oval shaped card stock.

Cut the 8 x 10-inch piece of paper (cardboard) down to 7 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches long. Measure 1/4 up from one of the long edges and mark with a pen. Starting at this edge, measure 3/4 inward along the long edge and mark again. Finally, measure 1 3/4 inward along these same lines and mark again as shown below:

Now cut off the angled part making sure to measure carefully so that you don’t cut too much off. Turn your cardstock over and fold the excess part under before folding the paper in half lengthwise again. When you unfold it, you should be left with a rectangle that looks like this: Turn your work 90 degrees clockwise. Bring one of the small triangles up to meet the horizontal line of stitching on one side, aligning its point with one stitch’s center point.

Repeat this process on the other side also aligning points with centers of stitches before tucking both triangles under as shown below: Now turn 90 degrees counterclockwise so that you’re looking at your work from behind. Thread one needle from either direction through every center point where two pieces come together. Make sure not to miss any stitches otherwise gaps may form later on which would ruin our work!

Fingerprint Mini Mobius Bracelet

  1. Start by cutting a strip of fabric from an old T-shirt, folding the strip in half, then tying the two ends together to create a loop.
  2. Cut more strips of fabric from your T-shirt, then thread them through the loops to create a chain.
  3. Add flowers to your chain by using craft glue to attach them to the front of each daisy’s petals, or by sewing them on with cotton string or embroidery thread and needle.
  4. When you’re done creating the chains, use clothespins or paper clips to attach them around your home—on curtains, over lamps, on windowsills, or any other place you want some colorful flair!

Recycled T-Shirt Daisy Chains

Create a chain of daisy-shaped flowers out of old t-shirts. Sew the shirts together, then use scissors to cut the chains into individual flowers. The best part about this project is that it’s super customizable! You can make daisy chains out of any color or pattern you want, so get creative with it!


Crabs are a great choice of craft because they are easy to make, can be made with supplies that you probably already have, and there are a lot of different kinds of crafts you can do with them. They can make wonderful gifts or decorations, or even bring some fun into your classroom. The best part is that they take only a few supplies to complete. If you’re looking for an easy-to-make craft then crabs might just be the answer!

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