What does ft mean?

This is the 21st century. As the population is increasing, we are developing new technology. We as a human are making our lives easier by introducing new sources of contact among ourselves.

Like firstly, the contact was being made by post or birds system. But now we have a lot of mediums which we can use for contact. We have WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and a lot of social media apps for this purpose. Here I will touch on the FT app which is achieving much success here in the USA. 

What Does Ft Mean

What does ft stand for?

As life is moving faster and faster every day, it can be difficult to stay in touch with everyone. Even we cannot connect to everyone at the same time with a single social media app. So luckily if you want to have a face-to-face connection with your family and friends we have an application which is named Facetime.  On the side, ft meaning in a text is face time.

As you have read above I have written ft. Many of you haven’t even known the FT. Let me explain first that what does ft stand for? In the language of social media, ft means Facetime. It is used for video calls. This app is only available for iPhones or iPads and is installed by many people. Are not you shocked that we have many other apps for video calling purposes then why here I am only explaining FT? 

Let’s suppose if you are chatting with someone special or your friend and he/she is asking you about FT, so don’t get panic and relax because your partner is asking you about Facetime application for video calls. If you are an Apple user, then it is easy for you to install and use this application on the demand of your friend. Android users should wait for the time till the facetime application is available on the play store

Why Facetime?

As I mentioned above, we have many social media applications and we are using them on daily basis for chatting with friends and family. But why the people of the USA are using the Facetime application continuously. According to a report, 47.6 percent of adults in the USA, during Covid-19 installed and used Facetime for video calling and chatting with their friends and family. Let me discuss why Facetime is gaining attention in the USA. 

Firstly, you can easily connect 36 people in the group video call easily. Your contact on Facetime can easily access your information. You can save messages on Facetime. You can not even hide your identity from your contacts on Facetime. It is end-to-end encrypted and you can use it for audio calls. Make sure that you have a strong internet connection while using this application for connecting with your friends and family. 

Now I will compare Facetime with some famous social media applications.

Facetime Over Other Apps

Facetime VS Snapchat:

Snapchat has taken over Facetime in many phases. You can protect your pictures and videos on Snapchat as compared to Facetime. Snapchat have a feature of disappearing photo once viewed by your friend, but Facetime has not. In Snapchat, you can add up to 15 members on group video calls but on Facetime, this number is limited to 30 members. 

Snapchat has made its security feature so strong that if someone has taken a screenshot of your picture, Snapchat will inform you but on Facetime, this feature is not available. 

So, social media is a blessing on the one hand but also a curse on the other hand. Be aware of your friends. Make those friends on social media whom you trust a lot. Never ever allow any stranger on your timeline as a friend. 

Facetime VS Facebook:

Of course, the majority of the population in the world are using android phones so they prefer Facebook over facetime. Facebook is many times better than Facetime.

Facetime VS Skype:

Like Facetime, skype is also used for video calling purposes. Here I will discuss the difference between Facetime and Skype. 

Advantages of Facetime over Skype:

  • Secure
  • Seamless
  • No need for a password just put your Apple ID
  • Good audio

Advantages of Skype over Facetime:

  • You can install Skype on any device
  • Chatting option on the video call
  • Screen sharing option
  • Translation built in
How Popular Is Face Time

How popular is Facetime?

Facetime is popular among iPhone users. According to research, 15 to 20 million Facetime calls are made daily. The usage of facetime depends upon the number of iPhones sold. The usage of facetime has so much increased in the USA that 79% are willing to pay to use Facetime.

In many ways, Facetime has become the gold standard for video calling. The usage of facetime is increasing the revenue of Apple. According to research, Facetime is adding hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars to Apple’s revenue. 

In the USA, the fame of facetime is 87%, 48% of people has liked the application and 10%disliked it. 29% of the people are neutral during the survey. 

How useful is Facetime?

Facetime is very useful for Apple users. It is an app that allows video and audio calls among Apple users. It runs on WIFI. If you are an Apple user, you can use WIFI anywhere in the world because it supports internet-based calls. Facetime was first introduced in iPhone 4 in 2010 ad now it has taken all over the world with the increasing demand for iPhones.

In 2013, Facetime introduced audio calls with the launch of iOS 7 which also supports internet-based calls. 

You can use Facetime on iOS 4 or newer, Mac Software, or on iPhone and iPad. Besides WIFI, you can also use Facetime on cellular data over 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. 

Facetime availability:

As I mentioned above that facetime is only available to the users of iPhones and iPads. Many countries restricted this application only to video and audio calls but many countries didn’t make any restrictions on this app. Facetime is currently working in the USA, China, Russia, France, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Pakistan, Suadi Arabia, and Jordan. 

Standards of Facetime:

The standard of this application is based on the various standards of the open industry but it is not working on non-Apple devices. One should have an Apple phone before using this application for chatting with friends and family. This standard makes a person totally dependent on an Apple phone. 

Warning about Facetime with Strangers:

You should be aware of those people whom you don’t trust anymore. Keep in mind that you should only facetime with someone that you have met before. But for privacy matters, you should keep your privacy protected and constantly be on the lookout for creeps. If you are on social media and someone really wants to Facetime with you that you don’t know just stop ad think for about two or three minutes.

If you are having a bad vibe for that person then how would you accept his/her offer for Facetime. If you are in doubt about that person do not give your cell phone number to that person. Remember that social media is the main source of leaking your privacy so you have to keep your personal information vital. 

If you are having a bad vibe for a person just tap on the block option and block him/her forever. You should be very careful while using social media. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facetime

Advantages of Facetime:

There are many advantages of Facetime which I am going to mention below. 

Deeper Communication:

With the help of Facetime, you can deeply communicate with the next person online. Chatting on Facetime allows you to see the body language of the next person. By watching them, listening to their voices, focusing on their body language you can have a deeper, meaning full conversation with your friends and family.

Attends events Virtually:

One can attend the events virtually by using the Facetime application. By using Facetime you will never miss any function, event, or gathering. If you are having a strong internet connection you can join with just one tap.

Facetime Business:

If you are a businessman, you can do online business by chatting and calling your clients. Facetime helps you to keep the distance closer enough between you and your client making your business easier and convenient. 

Brings close to Your Family:

Facetime helps you to bring yourself close to your family and friends. Seeing your family, chatting with them will keep the short distance between you and your family. 

Disadvantages of Facetime:

There are many disadvantages of using Facetime and I am going to explain them below.

Chat room creates risky behaviour:

Chat room on Facetime can create risky behavior. Your privacy can be shared with other people in the chat room. Make sure that your privacy is protected while creating chat rooms.

Needs Internet:

In order to use Facetime, you need a strong internet connection. An internet connection will make the application work. 

Use a large amount of Data:

If you are using cellular data to run the Facetime application, then make sure you should have a large amount of mobile data in your sim card. A large amount of data will enable Facetime to work properly. 


FT means a facetime application that can be only used on iPhone devices and give us digital access. You can only connect them when you have a strong internet connection or cellular data from all over the world. The people of the USA are using it frequently and are happy with it. 

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