Tissue Paper Crafts for Adults: Ideas to Inspire You

Looking for an activity to do with your friends or family? Tissue paper crafts are an excellent choice that everyone can get involved in, and the results can be stunningly beautiful! They’re also easy to make, often don’t require much in the way of supplies, and can be reused and reconfigured over and over again. All that, combined with their affordable price tag, makes them one of the most popular options out there today. Whether you want to make your own birthday party decorations or you want to bring some extra flair to your wedding décor, these ideas will help you do it right.

Tissue box
Tissue box

DIY Christmas Ornaments

1. Cut out a snowflake template from cardstock and trace it onto tissue paper.

2. Cut out the tissue paper snowflake.

3. accordion-fold the tissue paper snowflake.

4. fluff out the tissue paper snowflake.

5. Cut a small hole in the top of the ornament and thread through some ribbon or string.

6. Hang your ornament on the tree!

7. Repeat steps 1-6 to make more ornaments in different colors and sizes. 8. Use different templates like stars, hearts, trees, ornaments, leaves, etc. 9. Use other items like fabric scraps, stickers, beads, and sequins to decorate your ornaments even more!

For a monochromatic look, use all white materials with no color accents. For an added pop of color, you can mix different colors of tissue paper and do one side using red tissue paper, for example, and another side using blue. The best part about these crafts is that they are quick and easy, so they are perfect.

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

1. Gather your materials. For this project, you’ll need some tissue paper, scissors, and glue.

2. Cut your tissue paper into heart shapes. You can use a template or freehand them.

3. Make a card base out of cardstock or construction paper.

4. Decorate your card base with the tissue paper hearts. Glue them on in any pattern you like.

5. Write a message inside the card.

6. Fold up the card and seal it with a piece of tape or sticker.

7. Give your card to someone special! You could also make extras as gifts or just keep one for yourself. It would also be perfect if you’re doing an event where people are invited to bring something.

DIY Anniversary Card

Heart shape cards
Heart shape cards

The first idea is an origami heart box made from squares of colored tissue paper. For this project, you’ll need square pieces of white or colored tissue paper as well as scissors. Begin by folding a square piece in half horizontally then again vertically so it resembles an envelope with two flaps on either side (this should be easy since the square has 4 corners).

Next, fold each corner inward towards the center of the heart shape then fold up about 1/4 inch (6 mm) on all four sides – this creates tabs at each point where there is a diagonal fold which makes it easier to assemble into its box shape later on. Finally, unfold the heart shape then flip it over so the back side is facing up.

Fold each tab down until they meet the opposite edge, lining them up in order from left to right. Assemble together by matching tabs together and pressing down firmly on both sides of the outer flap until they form a tight seal. Your final product should resemble a small box made out of colorful tissue paper!

To make another interesting craft out of folded tissue paper, try making a rose bouquet vase. Start by folding 12 sheets of red tissue paper in half lengthwise then cutting out five petals per sheet. Now you should have 60 red petals. Take six sheets and stack them on top of each other so the cut edges are aligned. Flip the stack over and put three more stacks underneath the original stack with their cut edges aligned to match those below it.

Now take six more sheets and do the same thing but place those stacks on top of those below like a sandwich (three on the bottom, three stacked above). Continue adding layers using nine stacks total – three below and six above like before. Once complete, trim away excess tissue paper from around the rose. Repeat the process with the remaining piles.

When finished, carefully separate each stack apart by sliding your fingers along the creases created when it was originally folded. Using a long stick or dowel dipped in water, arrange roses so they overlap slightly then push tightly against one another to form a unified bouquet. Voila! A sweet little vase for holding flowers or any other items you want to display.

DIY Spring Fling Party Decorations

Tissue Paper Flowers Cut the sheets of tissue paper into strips about 2 inches wide and fold one strip over another to create a petal shape. After you have a number of petals (3-4) lay them down in front of you as shown above, then twist each group tightly from top to bottom before laying it next to the other group at your fingertips. Continue twisting until you reach the center point where you will overlap each petal with another so they stay together.

Continue until all three layers are complete and make sure they overlap slightly so they look full. Then put the first layer aside and begin working on the second layer by folding one strip over another to create petals as you did with the first layer. When this second layer is complete, place it in front of you so that the opposite side is facing outwards as shown below. Twist each group tightly from top to bottom just like you did before and overlap each petal with another so they stay together. When this third layer is complete, place it in front of you so that the opposite side is facing outwards as you did before.

Twisting each group tightly from top to bottom just like when completing both previous layers, but this time only pull them halfway through rather than overlapping them all at once. Now go back and do steps 1-5 again two more times! You should now have 4 sets of petals twisted tightly together.

With the fourth set, instead of pulling them all the way through towards yourself as you did with step 7, leave enough room between each set to allow you to cut off a small piece from one end. Pull tight and continue repeating this process until all petals are gathered closely enough together. Finally, take 3 small pieces of wire (or yarn if preferred) about 6 inches long and thread them through one end on either side.

Take care not to push or pull too hard or you may tear any loose edges inside. Tie the ends of each wire together tightly around the middle and then turn it upside down. Tie a knot around the neck of your flower to keep it closed. Start shaping your flower by gently bending the stem upward until it resembles a shape similar to that of the example image below. Keep bending stems until you’re happy with how your flower looks.

Tissue Paper Garland Place sheets of tissue paper lengthwise horizontally along the ground, sticky side up. Place scissors at one end and crisscross piles of 5-6 rows vertically against each other. Pick up piles and hold them loosely as you form what resembles popcorn kernels stacked on top of each other while turning them upright every few rows.

Be careful not to bunch them together too tightly because they need airflow to maintain their lightness while staying intact during assembly. Once you have your piles turned and ready to assemble, start with the one farthest away from the cutting edge of the scissors. It is much easier to stack them together when they are longer.

Gently press in one row of tissue paper, right up to the other until it sticks, so that it doesn’t move anywhere. Continue doing this with each row of tissue paper until you reach the last row which you’ll stick together in a perpendicular direction. This will give your tissue paper garland a starburst appearance.

DIY Easter Decorations

Smiley eggs
Smiley eggs

If you’re looking for some fun and creative Easter decorations to make this year, look no further than tissue paper crafts! Tissue paper is cheap, easy to work with, and can be used to create all sorts of pretty Easter decorations. Here are a few ideas to get you started – there’s something here for everyone!

Egg Carton Bunnies – cut egg cartons in half, wrap with white tissue paper squares and add ears and face from construction paper.

Easter Tree – use hot glue or tape to attach small pieces of green tissue paper to the tree trunk (start by making the tree upside down).

Bunny or Lamb – Cut strips of brown craft foam into four equal lengths. Glue two strips together end-to-end so they form an L shape on one side and an I shape on the other side. Curve the remaining two strips around each L or I shape to form bunny ears or lamb’s horns. Make several pairs of bunny ears and lambs’ horns in different colors.

Attach them together using toothpicks glued onto their backsides. Secure with more hot glue or tape if necessary. Add faces using construction paper shapes or ribbon that has been folded over to resemble stitches. Use black cardstock for the eyes, nose, and mouth. For adult bunnies only: Use your favorite candy as props such as chocolate kisses or mini M&Ms for eyes.

Painted Eggs – Wrap eggs in any color(s) of tissue paper you want then paint with acrylic paint after it dries.

Easter Bouquet – Cut rectangular tissue paper flowers out of various colors and arrange them on a long piece of ribbon tied at both ends like an empty gift box wrapping ribbons (you may need to double up on one side). -Cupcake Liners – Cut cupcake liners in half and tie them off with raffia or twine.

Paper Bag Bunny – Wrap lights brown kraft paper bags with various shades of pink tissue paper to make a rabbit shape (unwrap the bag halfway). Fasten the flaps together using paper clips, then use hot glue to affix ears made from scrapbooking embellishments along the top edge. Cover open parts of the kraft bag with another strip of pink tissue paper secured by more hot glue if needed. Let dry. Stuff with clean cotton balls until fully round, tie closed, poke a hole near the top of head, and string the wreath hanger through.

DIY Birthday Decorations

Birthdays are a time to celebrate, and what better way to do that than with some DIY decorations? Tissue paper is a great material to use for crafting, as it’s inexpensive and easy to work with. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors, so you can really let your creativity shine.

We’ve rounded up some ideas for tissue paper crafts for adults that will make your next birthday party unforgettable! These projects are simple enough to be put together quickly but look like they took hours of hard work. Try one out this weekend – we’re sure your friends will be impressed.

The Sweet S’mores Party Supplies: Get the kids involved by letting them help decorate this awesome smores bar set-up with everything they need to create their own tasty treats – marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars, and even smores stick skewers (for easier transport).

They’ll feel like the king or queen of the day when they get served their goodies on this beautifully decorated table! Start by laying down a sheet of white tissue paper over the surface. Draw an outline of the rectangular shape using a pencil first, then cut around it with scissors. Use your glue gun to attach pieces along all four sides, then trim any excess that hangs over too far past the edge. Using mini clothespins, hang string lights from opposite corners at different heights.

Finally, take thin strips of ribbon and wrap them around the top edges to form three decorative bows. Drape each one over the corner of the rectangle and tie it tightly to secure. If desired, place a jar filled with small candies in the center under each light. Give these instructions to the kids beforehand, and voila! The perfect spot fors’ more making!

DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin

Looking for some fun and easy DIY Halloween decorations? Look no further than tissue paper crafts! Tissue paper is inexpensive, versatile, and can be used to create a variety of spooky or stylish Halloween decorations. Here are some ideas to get you started with your own tissue paper craft projects this season. Start by cutting large pieces of tissue paper into strips approximately 3 inches wide. Now choose the color that matches the style you want to go for (think dark purple, orange, and black stripes).

Take two strips at a time and criss-cross them in the middle before rolling them together. After repeating this process several times, tie off each strip with string at the top in order to make it easier to hang up when finished.

In addition to hanging these simple tissue paper garlands around your home or office space as decoration, they can also be draped over picture frames on mantels, doorways, bookshelves, or any other surface that would look good decorated in autumnal colors. Use different colored stripes to mix things up a bit. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try using different patterns such as squares or zig-zags rather than just striped tissue paper.

For another easy-to-make project, take one large piece of red tissue paper and tear out small triangles along one edge to create a raggedy edge effect. Now cut slits every few inches all along the torn edge until there’s only one long ribbon left. Secure it with glue and hang it from the ceiling in order to add an extra spooky touch to your Halloween party decorating efforts!

Creative Table Centerpieces

One of the great things about tissue paper crafts is that they can be used to create stunning table centerpieces. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, there’s a tissue paper craft out there that will suit your needs. For those with simpler tastes, try one of these five ideas Toilet paper tube flowers.  Leaves from autumnal trees are glued together and placed in vases as an easy way to add some color

A Paper chain garland hung across the length of a room. After cutting squares of paper into equal sizes, lay them on top of each other in a crisscross pattern until reaching the desired length. Once desired length has been reached, staple all four sides together to form the garland. Hang it up using tacks along the walls or ceiling, alternating colors for added flair.

Achieve Creative Styling In Your Living Room: If you’ve got a lot of space to fill in your living room, one idea is to use a combination of tissue paper crafts in creative ways. For example, why not decorate a tree branch by covering it with layers of tulle fabric? Hang small bird cages from its branches so you can place pretty white flowers inside. Place similar cage potted plants around the tree and scatter trinkets such as glass beads throughout the flooring to complete this stylish look.


Tissue paper crafts are a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor. They’re also perfect for party decorations, gifts, and even kids’ crafts. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite tissue paper crafts for adults. We hope you find inspiration in these ideas and that they help you get started on your next project

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