Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness is an American-based gym. It’s not some local gym. It is the largest gym chain; in this gym, you get personal trainers, exercise equipment, 24-hour fitness classes, massage chairs, and gyms with tanning beds facilities. Planet Fitness has franchises in different countries, like Mexico, Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Panama.

Michael and Marc Grondahl is the founder of Planet Fitness, and the current CEO is Chris Rondeau. Gold’s gym was invented in 1992 in Dover, New Hampshire. They renamed the Gold’s gym to Planet Fitness in 2002 by buying the name from Rick Berks.

Started the gym to introduce the bodybuilding culture in 1993. Rondeau and Grondahls change the gym’s atmosphere, the planet’s different equipment, and other entertaining services. They also decreased the fee of the gym to attract customers. In 2015, they promoted the equality of gender, so both males and females use the gym.

In 2003, the first franchise opened in Florida by Shane McGuiness and Eric Dore. They introduced the company publicly on 6 August 2015. The company faces criticism also. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they close all the services of the gym.

Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

What is Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

The tanning bed is an electric tanning device, which releases Ultraviolet Radiations to make skin darker, just like the sun. The tanning beds are also called sunburn. In 1979, Friedrich Wolff worked on tanning beds in Europe and America, which became popular. He registered his designs and then sold his ideas to get the price. Wolff Systems, his company, didn’t make tanning beds; they just made the design of the tanning lamps.

Fluorescent lamps are used in tanning beds to create ultraviolet and visible lights. Every lamp has 100 watts of bulbs in tanning beds. For equal electricity to the lamps, they use a ballast system. To make the tanning beds, they use clean shields and acrylic. In tanning beds, there is a system of cooling available to stop the machine get extra hot. It is used with a timer for every bed and person according to their requirement.

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness involve the tanning beds and tanning booths. Tanning beds helpful. They also give Hydro-massage Beds and Total Body Enhancement Booths. The services of spa facilities are also available for the Black Card Spa Membership.

Varieties Of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

In different saloons or gyms have additional tanning beds. There are three varieties of tanning beds.

• Low-Pressure Beds: These beds are traditional tanning beds. The method of tanning is, the UV rays are the same as natural sunlight or direct sunlight. The burning risk is higher in low-pressure beds; that’s why these beds didn’t recommend. These beds are less expensive than others.

High-Pressure Beds: As the name says, the beds have a high balance of UVA rays that goes deep inside the skin. In these tanning beds, you can access to tanning beds to get long-lasting and deeper tanning. These beds are a little expensive, but it’s suitable for a fair-skinned person because it gives you good tanning.

Stand-up beds: The stand-up tanning beds are also called Booth. In booths for tanning, you don’t have to laydown tanning bed. You can move to get more tan in your body part in which you want. These beds have a wild space. So, if you feel uncomfortable, you can go out quickly. This type of bed doesn’t burn your skin, but it makes your skin dark.

Usage of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

Usage of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

Planet Fitness Tanning systems are the same as tanning in other tanning salon. Before using the tanning machine, you have to know about your skin type like dry skin, oily skin, and skin dryness. To use the tanning machine whenever you want, you have to get the Black Card Membership in the available hours. There are some rules or information before using Planet Fitness Tanning Beds; Indoor tanning services are risky tanning. 

1. This indoor tanning raises the chance of skin cancer. You have to be careful and decide the entire time and avail time for how long you want to stay inside. The time limit of tanning sittings is 15 minutes.

2. The crew didn’t give you the direction for how to use the tanning beds. They also do not show you how it will go; next, you have to wait on your own.

3. Whenever you go for the tanning process, make sure the bed is clean and check the room’s hygiene. In some franchises, there is a proper term for how to maintain the cleaning services.

4. In some branches, they also give the Spray tan tents services. This tanning is also used for tanning your skin.

5. There is a dress code in Planet Fitness. They also provide a locker room to save your personal belongings.

6. Planet fitness assists the customer to use the equipment by themselves.

The Wattage of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

The traditional planet fitness tanning bed uses 100-watt bulbs for tanning the skin, but the stand-up booths use 160 watts for tanning the skin. Nowadays people prefer the booths because they can move freely and the Ultraviolet rays are higher and save energy.

The Price Of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

Planet fitness gives unlimited access to equipment to those who have a Black Card Membership. You can access a massage chair, a free t-shirt, free use of franchise location, and more relaxed drinks with the card.

The Warning Of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

The Warning Of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

Tanning is an unsafe business. The UV ray causes wrinkles, pigmentation, and dangerous disease like skin cancer. The user must have information about the Tanning Beds.

Pros & Cons of Using Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

People know about the danger of unlimited tanning beds, but still, people think that tanning has some health advantages. Before you decide about having a tan or not, let see the Cons;

Premature aging: The use of tanning beds affects the flexibility of the skin, which is the beginning of wrinkling. Because of the UV rays of tanning beds, the problems of the eyes start like cataracts and photo conjunctivitis. It also affects the immunity system.

Cancer Risk: In tanning beds, the risk of skin cancer increases. The cancer-causing tanning bed. Tanning beds have been linked with squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma, which are skin cancers; the risk of eye cancer increases because of not wearing protective goggles.

Sunburn: Fair skin or sensitive skin people burn or get allergic reactions, also undergo the itchy rash. Dark skin people also burn after tanning and the skin damage because of the more use of UV light rays.

Stretch Marks: The damaged area of skin is called stretch marks. People think that the tanning didn’t tan the skin, but tanning affects the skin and makes the skin more prominent. Spray and sunless tanning tan the stretch mark skin.

There are some Pros or benefits of tanning beds:

Relaxing: It gives you a peaceful and calm atmosphere during the tanning bed session. It also enhances your appearance. Tanning beds are made noise-free to make you feel relaxed. You can play mellow music or your chosen music.

Tanned Skin: With tanning, you can hide the flaws in your skin damage, which improves your stance and faith. People think that tan skin makes them confident and beautiful.

Treating Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a disease that raises the life of skin cells. In the tanning sessions, the new skin cell makes the skin red and itchy. It comes and goes naturally. This disease affects when the light therapy is not equal.

Vitamin D: The use of tanning beds can improve your vitamin D level, but exposure to the sun and the use of vitamin D are a must. 

Tanning Beds Lotion:

The symbol of health and beauty is acknowledged by golden tan. There are different techniques of tanning. That is;

  • Indoor tanning lotion: This is used to increase the speed of the tanning method. It also absorbs the UV rays to quick the tanning method. The ingredients like Tyrosine enhance the making of melanin. The tingle lotion is famous for indoor tanning. UV rays activate it, but this lotion irritates sensitive skin.
  • Outdoor tanning lotion: Outdoor tanning means tanning from the sun directly. The sun gives you two basic types of rays. UVA and UVB rays. The UVA ray enters the skin deeply, which affects the skin. UVB rays harm the external layer of the skin. These rays also damage your eyes and form skin cancer.
Working Of Tanning Beds

Working of Tanning Beds:

Tanning is also the same as others in planet fitness. If you have Black Card Membership, you can utilize the tanning equipment any time you want, but in Spray Tan Booth, you have to note down the time or tell them before. 

Unlimited tanning:

In increasing skin cancer cases, the court decided that Planet Fitness trained its staff about tanning beds. After the trained staff is introduced, the risk of cancer decrease because the team helps the people. Over time, they install the warning signs. 

Lay Down Tanning Beds:

Lay down tanning beds are the first tan bed. In these tanning beds, you get two services together that are tanning and relaxing, but due to the laying on the glass, you have to change the position again and again. These tanning beds are not that hygienic.

Stand Up Tanning Beds:

Because of spaciousness, people prefer these beds. In this tanning bed, the heat of the light is more powerful, the limit of time is set. These tanning beds are more hygienic, but you didn’t get the relaxation.

Spray Tan Booths:

Spray tan booth is the best tanning choice. It’s the healthier tanning. In this tanning, you get bronze and glowing skin. The effect of this tanning is fast and suitable for a week, but it gives you the cracks. But inhaling the spray is dangerous.

Benefits of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

There are some benefits of a tanning bed in Planet Fitness.

Black Card Membership in which you get any services anytime you want.

You can use tanning beds after your workout.

In Planet Fitness, the tanning beds and booths are simple to use.

If the machine is free, you can use them anytime without any approval.

Review of Planet Fitness Tanning Beds:

To use all the services of Planet Fitness, you must have both memberships. If one person you now has a membership, you can come as a guest or get the guest passes. Tanning equipment is used as first come, first serve.

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