Johnnie Cochran Net Worth

Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. was born on October 2, 1937, in Shreveport, Louisiana; Johnnie came from a good family. He is well known famous in the black community. His parents were strong role models in his life during the time his mother was just a homemaker, and she sold Avon cosmetics door to door in the neighborhood her dream for Johnnie was to be a doctor instead of being a lawyer.

Now his father Johnnie Cochran senior was a pipe fitter for the shipyard but later moved a family to California and became a salesman selling policies for insurance companies call Golden State Mutual Life Insurance. Which was the largest black-owned company in California at the time now with the guidance of his parents and inspired by the Thurgood Marshall Brown versus Board of Education case.

Johnnie Cochran Net Worth

Johnnie Cochran Net Worth:

Johnnie Cochran net worth: Johnnie L. Cochran Jr turned into a retired American lawyer who had a net well worth of $8 million bucks at the time of his demise. He is well known famous in the black community. Though he served as the attorney on more than one high-profile case, he is most broadly recognized for representing O. J. Simpson for the duration of his infamous double murder trial. Additionally, he represented celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Todd Bridges, Sean Combs, Snoop Dogg, and Riddick Bowe. Cochran became diagnosed for his advocacy of victims of police brutality. Johnnie retired from the prison field in 2002. Johnnie died on March 29, 2005, a month after the present process of surgical treatment for a mind tumor.

Study Life:

Johnnie would become a straight-a student in school with only around 20 black students at the time the Los Angeles high school he graduated first in his in 1955. He also went to school with actor Dustin Hoffman in which you might have seen in movies like Rain Man and Meet the Fockers to name a few. Now see after high school Johnnie went to UCLA and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and Business Economics after that he then earned a Juris Doctor from the Loyola Law  School and passed a bar in 1963.

Legal Career And Achievements:

Legal Career And Achievements

He started his legal practice or legal victory and took a job in LA as the first black law clerk a deputy city attorney and a criminal division among his early case were 1964. The effort to prosecute comedian Lenny Bruce on obscenity charges two years later he entered private practice and opened his own firm call Cochran Atkins and Evans and Los Angeles he also represented. The widow of Leonard Detweiler a black man who was shot to death by the LAPD and made 1966.

After speeding and running red lights while driving his wife who was in labor to the high now after losing that case. He began taking on a high-profile police officer and police custody brutality in criminal cases in 1972. Johnnie became the defense team or trial lawyer and gives memorial service for Black Panthers leader Geronimo Pratt who was charged with the murder of a white school teacher even though Geronimo Pratt was convicted and spent 27 years in prison.

Johnnie never stopped fighting for him he never gave up on them and in 1997 a judge reversed in 1972 murder conviction and he was awarded four million dollars in the settlement in 1978. He took a pay cut from a three hundred thousand dollar a year job to a forty-nine thousand dollar year job and became the first black Assistant District Attorney and Los Angeles around 1983. He returned to the private practice and established the Cochran Firm in Los Angeles that same year right he handle Ross settles case now Ron settles. He was a black football player who was arrested and died in his jail cell where he was badly beaten and his body was found hanging on June 2nd, 1981 Kaka represented a case and won a million-dollar settlement for the family.

In 1990 he got attempted murder charges dropped against former Diff’rent Strokes star tire bridges in 1992 Johnnie represented Reginald Denny a white truck driver who was badly beaten during the LA riots following a verdict of the Rodney King case. Now seeing Johnnie Lee Cochran Jr. argument about that case was the LA Police Department was guilty of discrimination for failing to protect the neighborhood where Denny was assaulted in 1994. He helped Michael Jackson in his first molesting case getting prosecutors to drop the criminal charges against Michael and Michael agreed to pay millions in the settlement out of court. He also helped Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard get acquitted for murder on the grounds of self-defense now the most famous case.

In his career was the OJ Simpson case now OJ was charged with murder and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Now in that trial, Cochran said that famous phrase if it doesn’t fit you must acquit OJ was found not guilty but later sued by the victim’s families for millions. He also was hired by Suge Knight to handle all the Tupac cases after signing him to death row records after bailing him out of prison in October 1995 but then in 1998.

Johnnie’s brother Rolando Cochran was found shot to death on a sidewalk in the Jefferson Park area of Central Los Angeles. You know Johnnie was a man of forgiveness and he acts as the district attorney not to seek the death penalty his brother’s killer was sentenced to 75 years to life in 2001. He defended Sean P Diddy Combs who was being charged with weapons and bribery after winning that case with Sean P Diddy Combs Johnnie L Cochran said that this would be his last criminal case. And he was going to retire now rumor has it that Johnnie L Cochran declined the represent are Kelly and now that iris and their criminal case is right after that case and December 2003.



Johnnie Cochran was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and in April 2004, he underwent surgery, but on March 29, 2005, Johnnie Cochran died at his home in Los Angeles from that brain tumor. You know there is a movie in the works about Johnnie Cochran’s own life my title signal hill I think and actors Anthony Mackie is supposed to play him alongside Jamie Foxx, we’ll also sound on the player role in the film it talks a little about Cochran’s life and everything how you handle that case you can also purchase Johnnie Cochran’s book a lawyer’s life online he was 67 years old or IP Johnnie Cochran.

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