Is Softonic A Safe And Legal Option For Downloading Software?

In recent years, Softonic has grown to become one of the most popular and widely used software download sites on the Internet. But, with so many people using Softonic, some are worried about the legitimacy of this site and whether or not it’s safe to use it as their main source of downloading software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, VLC Media Player, and many others. This article will take you through everything you need to know about Softonic and whether or not it’s safe to use the site if you are concerned about your privacy and the safety of your computer system after downloading software from it.

Is Softonic Safe

Is Softonic Safe And Legal to Use?

Like so many other tech-related services, Softonic is not immune to copyright violations. As stated in their TOS: Softonic does not encourage or endorse the violation of any law including intellectual property rights. But even though they may be aware of what’s going on, you should also remember that Softonic is an indexer—they don’t directly provide downloads to copyrighted material. Instead, they link to user-generated content (and other types of legally available downloads) which is how they make money.

So while it might be true that there are plenty of illegal download links on their site, there’s nothing malicious about them running those ads or selling premium placement packages. In fact, because they have no way of knowing if your intent is to use these files for personal use or otherwise—or if you’re sharing them with others without permission—it would actually be impossible for them to ban users based on these kinds of things.

In short, Softonic isn’t responsible for your actions. They’re just a service provider who offers free access to user-generated content and paid advertising opportunities. They can’t control what people do with that information once it’s been posted online, but neither can any other website where free downloads are hosted as well. You need to take responsibility for your own actions here.

Softonic isn’t malware:

Malware is malicious code that, once installed on your computer, gives hackers remote access to your PC. They can then lock it down or use it to steal sensitive information such as bank account logins or passwords. While it’s true that Softonic contains third-party downloads (and they don’t make any claims otherwise), what actually matters is that you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you install these additional apps.

If there were ever an instance where one of these third-party downloads turned out to be something malicious, Softonic wouldn’t likely be held responsible. You could always ask them about their vetting process before installing—but most of us just accept whatever pops up during installation and move on with our lives.

How To Download Safe And Legal Content From Softonic?

First, head to one of your preferred sites for finding free software. Just be sure to only download programs from sites you know are reputable. If you’re using Softonic, that means heading over to the downloads page. Once there, make sure you see two green checkmarks next to each application—one is confirmation it’s virus-free, while another signifies it will respect your privacy.

With that done, just click Download at the top of a program listing—this will start your download and ask if you want to install it or save it for later. You can also get to these options by clicking on an app’s name in any category (like Business). This should bring up its full description, where you’ll find a blue button labeled Download. Clicking on it will prompt a new window with three options: Install Now, Save File, and Open File. The last two are self-explanatory; choose Install Now if you want to run an installer or open its folder immediately.

Softonic is antivirus tested:

Do you want to be 100% sure that your download is totally secure? If so, it’s best to use an antivirus service, such as Bitdefender. This program will examine every aspect of any file you choose before actually downloading it, scanning not only for malware but also Trojans and other unpleasant surprises. This can protect your computer from exploits like crypto locker as well. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your system is clean and protected after running Bitdefender regularly. And remember—it’s completely free!

Why do Users Think Softonic is not Safe?

Softonic Legal

Softonic is one of the thousands of file-sharing websites that offer downloads of audio, video, games, images, documents, and other files. It’s also known as a torrent website because it allows users to share files using the BitTorrent protocol. Softonic is often used for illegal purposes including downloading copyrighted music, movies, or games without permission.

Due to its links with piracy sites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, users are concerned about their security when using it.  There have been numerous instances where malware has been found on Softonic and other file-sharing websites. This has led many users to believe that these types of sites aren’t safe. For example, in 2017 an adware program called DSKAGENT was found on various torrenting sites including Softonic.

Users were advised not to download any pirated content from these kinds of websites due to concerns over malware infection. In addition, there have been reports of viruses being spread through torrenting platforms such as BitTorrent in general.

Softonic won’t hurt your computer:

While you may have heard otherwise, Softonic doesn’t actually damage your computer. Rather, it allows you to download various programs onto your computer without paying for them upfront or installing viruses along with them. There are certain downsides to using freeware, though—for example, some of these downloads aren’t always updated or lack useful features such as updaters that improve program efficiency over time.

Sometimes freeware can even mess up your other programs. So just be aware that when you download freeware from Softonic and other similar sites, you may experience some issues; however, don’t assume there will be problems—most people report few issues with these downloads!

Legal software can be found at Softonic:

Downloading from illegal websites isn’t worth risking your computer’s security. Legal, safe downloads are available via sites like Softonic. This site contains software reviews written by users just like you, making it easier to find which downloads are legit. One helpful feature on Softonic is What’s New Today, which features new releases available that day; you can sort by category (Programming, Games/Entertainment) or download size to see which programs have been recently added.

While there are many safe ways to download your favorite games or apps illegally found on various websites (like torrenting), those downloads tend to come with malware risks and other security threats—not worth risking your device! Be smart about where you get your apps. It’s also important to remember that downloading copyrighted material illegally is against copyright law.

Free software download trusted by millions:

Softonic Site

The old adage says you get what you pay for, but in today’s Internet age, free apps are often better than expensive ones. In fact, Softonic has over 200 million users worldwide who use its network of websites to download useful software. Safely installing those downloads requires downloading an additional tool that is easy to install but also automatically installs additional components onto your computer.

While it isn’t clear if these additional tools are malicious or not, many online reviewers have raised security concerns regarding their use—and they certainly aren’t necessary when you consider there are other websites where you can download free apps that don’t require installing extra programs on your PC.


Downloading free PC applications legally is an excellent way to save money on business needs. Companies often forget that, even though using commercial versions of software can seem appealing, there are plenty of options available at no cost, like Softonic.

The programs are 100% legitimate so you don’t have to worry about losing functionality or additional features by choosing one over its paid counterpart. Finally, we recommend you pay close attention to each program’s system requirements and ensure your computer is equipped before attempting installation. If in doubt, it never hurts to check with your IT department first!

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