Is Blue Buffalo Good for Cats?

Is blue buffalo good for cats? If you love your cat, you want to make sure they’re eating food that not only tastes good but that’s healthy and safe as well. Unfortunately, because cat food can be expensive, it’s not uncommon for cat owners to opt-out of buying it altogether and feeding their pets instead with scraps of human food — even if these straps aren’t particularly healthy or safe. Here we’ll examine whether blue buffalo cat food is safe to feed your feline friend and why you should be concerned if it isn’t.

Is Blue Buffalo Good for Cats

Does Blue Buffalo Offer a Variety of Cat Food Products?

Yes, Blue Buffalo offers a variety of products specifically designed to meet your cat’s individual needs. While many brands sell mostly canned food options, you’ll find a range of foods and flavors (with various protein types) in different packaging formats, including cans, pouches, trays, and specialty foods.

The larger kibble pieces in their dry food are meant to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup on your cat’s teeth—an added benefit if you don’t want to give him wet food all of the time. However, some people think cats with sensitive stomachs may do better with a softer brand.

If that is an issue for your furry friend, try mixing one part canned food with two parts dry or serving slightly moistened food from a can to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information online about what percentage of cats have trouble eating Blue Buffalo’s texture.

With so many other factors affecting digestion and metabolism, it could be difficult to tell whether it was caused by a change in diet or something else entirely. Although we can’t report how well every flavor tastes, there seem to be more positive reviews than negative when it comes to both wet and dry foods.

Are There Any Other Quality Issues Associated With This Brand?

Are There Any Other Quality Issues Associated With This Brand

Blue Buffalo received a B rating from PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) on its cruelty-free status in 2009. Still, in 2013 PETA gave the brand an F because its parent company, The JM Smucker Company, continues to test some of its pet food products on animals.

Note that since 2013 many changes have occurred within both The JM Smucker Company and their animal testing policy. For example, they are now 100% opposed to animal testing and pledged not to do business with any company that continues to conduct such tests.

They also joined other major brands in signing a commitment to reduce or eliminate routine use of antibiotics and other drugs given to healthy farm animals and launch investigations into certain producers who violate contractual terms against antibiotic use. In addition, they launched Project Red Paw.

This initiative provides financial assistance to shelters that help pets affected by natural disasters and offers support services to families who have lost their homes due to fire or flood. If you decide that Blue Buffalo is right for your cat(s), we recommend sticking with cans labeled Made without Chicken meal Poultry By-Product Meals, Made without Corn or Soy, Made without Wheat, or Plant-Based. If your cat has special nutritional needs, consult your veterinarian before feeding them any new food.

Is Blue Buffalo Pricey Compared to Other Brands of Cat Food Available on the Market Today?

Is Blue Buffalo Pricey Compared To Other Brands Of Cat Food Available On The Market Today

Pet food prices have gone up in recent years, especially if you’re looking at purchasing raw, organic, or grain-free pet food. However, most consumers will agree that they’re willing to pay more if they’re confident that their cat is eating a quality product. This is where Blue Buffalo comes in—the brand was one of only a few pet foods that received top scores from nutritionists and high rankings on consumer satisfaction surveys.

The price tag may seem steep at first glance, but many consumers found that it was well worth it for them and their cat. Although one of the higher-priced brands on our list, you won’t be able to find better quality than what you’ll get with Blue Buffalo premium pet food! Read further to see how our expert rated this formula against other choices available today.

What Kinds of Reviews Can I Find Online About the Company and Their Products?

Like Blue Buffalo and Hill’s Science Diet, some pet food companies don’t just focus on cats. They make their dog food as well. And others, like Purina and Iams, cater to both cat and dog owners. But those are two different stories—both in terms of nutrition and how you should be feeding your pets.

It’s important to determine whether a particular brand is focused on one or two animals or if they offer a one size fits all solution—and why that matters when it comes to nutrition. Because we have dogs and cats at home, we often research options for both animals.

We can search Purina Cat Food Reviews online to see what others say about their products. However, if we type Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews, our search will likely turn up more reviews than we need because they also make products specifically designed for dogs. So while reading reviews can provide great insight into other people’s experiences with a certain brand’s product, pay attention to what animal(s) were being fed before diving deeper into results. If anything looks odd or untrustworthy (i.e., mostly 5-star reviews but nothing negative), take a second look before making any purchases!

Does the Brand Have Any Negative Buzz Going Around Online at All?

The last thing you want to do is make your pets sick by giving them a potentially dangerous product. There are some pretty big controversies surrounding brands like Blue Buffalo, but it may not be enough to deter you from buying it. Just take a look at reviews online and read up on what other pet owners have said about using those products with their furry friends.

If people keep coming back with comments like it gave my pet bad diarrhea or they threw up immediately after eating it, then you might want to think twice before purchasing it again. Who’s Your Competitor?: While there are numerous commercial pet food companies out there (Purina, Pedigree), your competition doesn’t stop there—you’ll need to ask yourself who else will benefit if you don’t start selling commercial pet food now.

Dog sitters, for example. Who provides services in addition to selling pet food? You can use competitor research as a way of informing how much money you’ll need to compete with them—and how fast it will take for consumers to become aware of and convert into customers. Or maybe competitors aren’t even aware of what types of products you’re hoping to offer, so there’s an untapped market! That can be incredibly helpful information, too, as competitors usually set standards within any industry.

Would I Be Better Off Buying Another Brand Instead of this One?

At its core, Blue Wilderness is just another brand of cat food. All are made using fresh ingredients that are then cooked and packaged, negatively impacting nutritional value. As with most things in life, there’s no simple answer as to whether or not you should feed your cat a particular brand; it all depends on what you’re looking for and what will work best with your schedule.

For example, if your cat has trouble staying healthy when eating other brands but loves his food regardless, then you might want to stick with what he knows. Or maybe you’d rather opt for something healthier in general and find ways to make up the difference yourself.

The point is, don’t assume you know everything about pet nutrition. If your cat experiences health problems while eating another brand, consider switching things up to see if they improve or at least lessen. You could also look into adding supplements to your routine–the ones we recommended above would be great additions! If you have any additional questions about how to take care of a pet without spending too much money along the way, feel free to get in touch!

Has Anyone Bought This Product Before, and If So, How Did They Feel About it Afterwards?

Probably you’ve heard of Blue Buffalo. This is a high-end dog food brand, but they also sell cat food and other pet products. Their slogan is we work as hard as our pets do. So, are they putting in that much effort to ensure their products are safe and effective? Let’s take a look.

To keep costs down, many mass-market pet foods include cheap filler ingredients like corn, wheat gluten, and rice flour – while they may be easy on your pocketbook, these are some of the ingredients most likely to cause allergic reactions. And according to one veterinarian writing in Vet InfoMedica magazine, over 90% of dogs with allergies have at least one allergy-related directly or indirectly from protein ingestion.

In addition, commercial dog foods can contain animal byproducts that aren’t always listed on labels. When determining whether or not a product is good for your cat (or dog), it’s important to know what you’re getting into first – namely, meat source ingredients list so you can see if there’s anything questionable included!

Could There Be Any Side Effects Associated with Feeding My Cat this Type of Food regularly?

Unfortunately, like any commercial cat food out there, there is a chance that it could cause some side effects. Digestive health upset is possible when cats eat a new type of food that they are not used to.

Due to sensitive stomachs, bloating and flatulence can also be an issue with their digestion system. If you notice your cat is suffering from any of these symptoms, stop feeding them blue buffalo or go back to their original food until their stomachs adjust and you find out what brand works best for them.

Also, make sure that you portion out food in proper amounts and do not overfeed them, so they aren’t gorging themselves on too much at once. Check with your vet if you have questions regarding these symptoms or concerns about blue basics buffalo.

It is Made up of Quality Ingredients: You do want to make sure that when you choose a particular brand of adult cat food recipes, whether they offer dry, wet canned, or freeze-dried products; all ingredients must meet certain qualifications to pass certain standards as set by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). There are 3 ways to pass standards: Real meat, bone, or animal fat. Meat Meal: A meat meal includes any animal part except hair, horns, teeth, skin hooves, manure feed bags, and waste.

Should I Expect to See any Health Improvements with this product?

Should I Expect To See Any Health Improvements With This Product

The simple answer is yes, but you’ll want to choose what you transition over to carefully. Many cat foods contain fillers such as grains and sugar, which can upset your cat’s delicate stomach and trigger unwanted weight gain or weight management.

So, if you want to improve your feline friend’s health and see positive results—all while reducing his risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes—transitioning him over to a high-quality food brand like Blue Buffalo would be ideal. This brand was developed with your pet in mind, so there are no additives or artificial ingredients included in their products—only high-quality protein sources that offer your cat all of his required nutrients, minus anything unnecessary or potentially harmful.

All products produced by Blue Buffalo come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; they even have special Cat Hospital veterinarians on hand who will give free phone consultations about any medical concerns you may have regarding your furry friend. Plus, many pet parents consider it beneficial that these kibble varieties do not include any dyes or preservatives, which can irritate some cats’ sensitive digestive systems.

All in all, transitioning from one product to another won’t hurt and could help immensely! Of course, if you notice any significant changes in behavior after making these changes, we highly recommend contacting your vet immediately. Remember: Any sudden change could indicate something serious!


The company touts a more holistic, natural approach to pet care. However, once you start to dive deeper into some of their ingredients and compare them to other options on the market, it’s clear that there is nothing special about their product. They seem like they’re just a run-of-the-mill food manufacturer when you look at some of their ingredients and even their claims.

They use better ingredients than many brands, but they don’t use any unique or secret ingredients. If you want your cat to eat better quality food with good ingredients, then consider moving up in price point—because premium brands will provide more health benefits than Blue Buffalo ever could with its cheap fillers and unnecessary additives.

One great option would be a raw diet which contains all of the nutrients cats need and provides no filler or byproducts. Although these diets are pricier upfront, over time, you’ll save money by feeding your cat less (it’s digestible, so most cats don’t overeat).

Because raw food has such high nutritional value, cats need smaller meals anyway. But if all else fails and you’re looking for something cheaper (although not as cheap as Blue Buffalo), consider Newman’s Own Organics line. It’s made with 100% certified organic ingredients and doesn’t contain soy (common in less expensive commercial foods). It’s also available at Walmart!

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