Symbolism And Meaning Of The Dragonfly: Totem, Spirit, And Omens

A dragonfly is an insect that can only be found in temperate climates and typically nest near water sources such as ponds, lakes, streams, and even rivers. Their unusual bodies, which feature two pairs of wings along with long antennae, make them instantly recognizable to most who see them.

In this article, we’ll explore the symbolism and meaning of dragonflies, as well as some Dragonfly totems and spirit animals who may have blessed you with their presence. In addition to this, we’ll also talk about some Dragonfly omens you might want to keep in mind going forward through life.


The dragonfly as a totem:

Both Native Americans and Europeans used dragonflies as totems in spiritual practices. People who possessed a dragonfly totem were thought to be adventurous spirits. They were said to have protection from supernatural dangers while they explored new territory.

This makes sense because dragonflies are able to live in a variety of different climates and environments. That’s why many cultures regarded them as a guide or helpers for people who were traveling to unknown areas or looking for new opportunities. In some parts of Africa, people wore small dragonfly charms around their necks as a symbol of good luck.

The Greeks believed that you could tell if someone was lying by examining their eyes; if they were bug-eyed like a dragonfly then it meant that person was telling an untruth!

In China, however, you should never catch or harm a flying insect with red wings because it might be one of your ancestors coming back to visit you! In many Asian countries, dragonflies were often seen as bad omens during ancient times.

If a dragonfly landed on you then it was said to indicate impending danger or even death! However, according to Chinese mythology, these creatures bring great fortune and prosperity when captured alive. It is also a common belief that those who own a dragonfly will find wealth very quickly.

In other regions of Asia, there is an old legend about three girls who meet at sunset each day near waterfalls where they sing beautiful songs together. They appear human but are actually three beautiful golden dragonflies!

The dragonfly as a spirit animal:

Generally speaking, dragonflies are a wonderful symbol of inspiration. They represent our potential to be free thinkers and live outside of social norms or expectations.

The fact that they don’t fly like other insects but rather float on their delicate wings makes them an interesting choice as a symbolic tool to help us break free from thought patterns or mental cages we’ve been locked into.

We can learn how to make big changes in our lives by listening to our inner voice that comes through when we take time to still ourselves through meditation or focused relaxation.

If you want to hear your heart speak louder so you can follow its guidance more effectively throughout your life then working with dragonflies is a great way for you to begin taking steps towards making those changes happen.

It also helps you to see clearly what it is that will make you truly happy. It shows you where your energy goes and where it should go instead. It shows you where to direct your energy if you want something better in your life.

Ultimately, these small flying creatures have a lot to teach us about following our own true path no matter what others may think or say about it!

The dragonfly as an omen:

The Dragonfly As An Omen

The dragonfly is most commonly seen as a harbinger of change. If you see one in your travels, take that as a hint that it’s time to move on from what you are doing—you have nothing more to gain from staying there.

This is especially true if you see dragonflies when in travel mode. You may also encounter them before exams or before writing something important; these are good times to review your work or revisit information.

Seeing them at night is an especially good sign that you will be successful at whatever it is you plan to do after seeing them–provided your intentions are positive. In all cases, their appearance indicates movement and transition.

When you spot one for real, feel free to let us know! We love hearing stories about things like these (and so does everyone else).

They’re always great for sharing with others. And who knows? Maybe someone else has had a similar experience! We love hearing stories about things like these (and so does everyone else). They’re always great for sharing with others.  And who knows? Maybe someone else has had a similar experience!

Examples of dragonflies in myths and legends:

Mythology is rife with dragonflies. The ancient Chinese wrote that dragonflies could determine a person’s innocence or guilt; while they sucked out all of a guilty man’s blood, they left an innocent man unharmed.

The Aztecs held that if a woman was stung by a dragonfly she would have twins. Native American legends state that dragonflies provide warnings about oncoming floods.

And there are many more tales–from African to European to Asian–that tie in dragonflies with death, destruction, good luck and bad luck…and everything in between! Dragonfly totems are often associated with change, transformation, and power. And one may be drawn to someone who can teach them these things. They also seek people who are strong and powerful, but gentle at heart.

One might find themselves seeking opportunities for travel, growth, and new experiences as well as relationships with others that seem to come along just when you need them most.

This can also mean being protective of those you love (sometimes overly so) because you know how precious life is. You might also find yourself wanting to help others in some way (especially children), even if it means putting your own needs aside for a little while.

But remember, life isn’t all doom-and-gloom! You’ll also be drawn to people who make you laugh until your sides hurt and whose company makes your heart sing.

The dragonfly in dreams:

The Dragonfly In Dreams

If you see dragonflies in your dreams, it means that your life will be filled with fast changes. You are moving forward very quickly in life and you have a lot to look forward to.

If dragonflies attack you in your dream, then it means that some part of your past may come back to haunt you. The meaning of dragonflies’ appearance depends on how they behave in your dream or vision; if they fly around peacefully or hover above a flower, then it is supposed to mean prosperity and harmony.

However, if dragonflies’ movements scare or threaten you; for example if they come out at night or when you are alone – then it can mean different things depending on the context. Dragonflies also represent change and movement, but not necessarily positive ones.

Their presence can indicate some kind of unexpected challenge or problem that will require you to make adjustments in order to overcome it.

Sometimes people think that they know what they want from their lives but as soon as something happens which makes them change their minds – such as meeting someone new – these people find themselves confused about what direction their lives should take next.

In such situations seeing dragonflies flying about could help them realize that their current situation is causing confusion and uncertainty within them because there is something important missing from their lives that needs to be resolved before they can move forward.


Overall, dragonflies represent positive change, as well as enlightenment. The dragonfly serves as a messenger between worlds. Its presence can be a sign that a family member has passed away but is still watching over loved ones.

According to some traditions, a dragonfly may also mean that you have been sent a message or have discovered new spiritual insight. In many places around the world, ancient people believed dragons were living underwater.

They would use an insect’s erratic flight pattern to indicate where they could find freshwater to drink while they traveled through dry terrain. Because of its appearance and behavior in relation to water sources, many cultures thought that dragonflies had special powers.

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