Why Is My DHL Shipment On Hold?

If you’ve ever wondered what it means when your DHL shipment is on hold, you’re not alone. You might be familiar with the term, but still not know exactly what it means or why it would be placed on hold in the first place. To clear up this confusion, here are five reasons why DHL shipments get put on hold, plus some helpful tips and tricks to help you overcome the situation and get your shipment moving again!

Dhl Shipment On Hold

Why does a DHL shipment get put on hold?

Just because your DHL shipments get put on hold does not mean you are facing any penalty or demerit. This decision depends upon a lot of factors like unavailability of the right driver, late arrival of items at our centre, presence of incorrect contact number with sender’s details, etc. If your shipment gets put on hold there are ways to release it quickly and that can be done only by contacting DHL.

How do I get it released from hold status?

If your item has been held, it’s probably because of a simple mistake, or maybe something in your order was delayed or could not be shipped together with your other items. If that’s true, you should probably not worry too much as there’s a good chance that they’ll release your shipment pretty soon. It can take between a few hours and several days for an item to be released from Hold status. 

Sometimes even longer if our team needs more time to look into it – we only want to release shipments after careful consideration and we make sure that we have all of your details correct before doing so. You will receive an email whenever there is any progress on your case, so keep an eye out for those!

Can I add an address in case the parcel can’t be delivered?

If your parcel can’t be delivered, you’ll need to select a new address before we can proceed. This additional address will be considered as an alternative delivery address and will only be used if your parcel cannot be delivered to your original shipping address. Be careful though! 

There are countries where it’s not possible to add an alternative delivery address during shipment – in these cases, you’ll need to choose a different shipping service that allows for addresses to be changed after shipment (you’ll receive an e-mail with information on how to do so). DHL shipment on hold does not affect 2-day services. If you’re shipping internationally, talk to us about cost-effective ways of sending letters, documents, and small parcels via UPS or FedEx instead.

Can I pick up the package in this case?

Can I Pick Up The Package In This Case

In some situations, you may have to pick up your shipment at a certain time and place. But what happens if you miss that deadline or address change? Most often, your package will be on hold. This means that, although it’s out for delivery, you’ll have to pick it up at a local station.

Although inconvenient, being on hold doesn’t mean your shipment has been cancelled or delayed indefinitely; it just means that someone else hasn’t been able to claim it yet. If you have questions about why a shipment is on hold, contact Customer Service as soon as possible; they’ll help get things sorted out with minimal hassle and delay.

Who do I contact if there’s any more information about why my package was placed on hold?

If you’re trying to track a shipment and it appears on hold, there are a couple of different scenarios at play. You could be dealing with Customs, or with an issue within DHL itself. In either case, contacting DHL directly is your best bet for getting more information. If your package was placed on hold by Customs, you might need to fill out an ITN or tariff application before it can be released. But even if that’s not necessary, filling out a form could help shorten its time in customs limbo.

Can someone else pick up my parcel?

When you place an order with DHL, it’s easy to let a friend or family member collect your parcel from their local collection point, provided they have some proof of ID. This could be a driver’s licence or bank card with a photo and signature. In these circumstances you can easily amend your booking online once your parcel has been booked and selected for collection in Self-Service, but before you print out your receipt. 

You can also call the Customer Services team who will be happy to help and amend any details over the phone. If however, you’re away when it arrives then don’t worry! You can amend it by phoning instead.

How long will it take to receive my order once placed back into in-transit status?

To answer that question, we first need to know what is meant by DHL shipment on hold. When an order has been entered into our system but not picked up and in transit for a few days or even weeks, it’s put on hold by default to protect your package from moving onto other orders in the queue. 

Depending on how many shipments are currently on hold, orders will be picked back up and shipped out again as space opens up. If you’re lucky enough to have your shipment move through pickup and be shipped on December 22nd, you’ll receive it approximately 8-10 business days later.

How long is DHL shipment on hold?

How Long Is Dhl Shipment On Hold

DHL shipment on hold? No problem. With DHL Express shipping, you have lots of options. One of which is DHL shipment on hold. DHL shipment on hold means that your order is not yet delivered, but rather you have chosen to put your shipment on hold. 

Essentially, once you request a shipment to be put on hold and receive a ticket from DHL, your package will remain in their care until you are ready for it to leave or they are ready for it to leave (such as if they’re simply waiting for your items). So how long is DHL shipment on hold? Typically, it takes 3 days after requesting a shipment be placed on hold before it’s able to be sent or picked up again.

Why is my DHL shipment not moving?

First, check that there isn’t an obvious reason why your shipment hasn’t moved. For example, maybe it hasn’t been picked up yet by a driver or customs haven’t given their okay. If neither of these are factors, there are three reasons why shipments can be placed on hold: either you didn’t provide complete details (your address isn’t legible), there’s a financial issue with your account or a problem with your customs paperwork.

Is DHL’s estimated delivery accurate in 2022?

DHL’s estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed, so your package may arrive before or after their estimate. Estimated delivery dates are not to be taken as a guarantee of delivery, but rather as an indication of what to expect in most situations. Many factors can influence how long it takes for a package to be delivered, including where you live and which carrier is delivering your parcel. Your estimated arrival date may change at any time depending on any number of variables.

What is an exception in DHL tracking?

Exceptions in DHL tracks are categorised into two types: traffic jam or freight train delay. It occurs when a delivery truck(traffic jam) or freight train(freight train delay) is delayed at highway or railroad way due to bad weather, traffic congestion, accident, and so on. Since there are many exceptions, it may take a longer time to deliver your goods when it happens. However, once your goods arrive at carrier depots after delays, they will contact you immediately as soon as possible.

Can I speed up my DHL delivery?

Can I Speed Up My Dhl Delivery

There are a few reasons why your DHL package might be placed on hold, but it’s important to remember that these things happen for many reasons. When you sign up for a DHL delivery service, one of their main goals is to get you your packages as quickly as possible. Delays in shipments often happen for one of two reasons: delays at customs or simply incorrect address information provided by yourself or another company. 

It’s important to know that any hold on a shipment cannot be removed until either all items have been cleared or there have been agreements made with any parties involved. But what if you want your package released from Customs immediately? The best thing you can do is fill out an online inquiry here and they will see they can help clear anything up for you as soon as possible! You can also contact them via their Customer Service department with any other questions regarding your order!


DHL is a great delivery service, but from time to time packages are held up because of complications or other issues. It’s best to get in touch with DHL at 1-800-225-5345 if you need more details about why your shipment is on hold. They’ll be able to better explain what’s going on and what you can do to help get your package moving again. 

However, there may come a point where you want to take a closer look at your actions; it’s possible that mistakes were made during shipping, causing some sort of holdup. Even though it can be tough, checking your practices can go a long way toward getting a stalled shipment back on track.

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