USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan-What Does It Mean?

You may have noticed the USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan message on your tracking history recently, but you’re not sure what it means or why it’s there. Let’s look at the meaning of this message and how it impacts your delivery scan process. First off, what does USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan mean?

Usps Awaiting Delivery Scan

Why does the tracking report say ‘USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan’?

This is common when a package has been delivered but has not yet made it to your local post office. In some cases, a box will show up as ‘Awaiting Delivery’ and then, when scanned, shows up as ‘Out for Delivery.’ I can think of why there would be a delay if you lived in an apartment or condo building with several mailboxes.

 In that case, packages might have to be sorted before they can be delivered and will therefore show up as ‘Awaiting Delivery’ until they arrive at your specific address. If you’re still having trouble locating your package or something seems fishy about its location, contact USPS at 800-275-8777.

What does awaiting delivery scan mean USPS?

When you track a package using the Track & Confirm tool on the U.S. Postal Service website, the page that loads will show two different symbols to indicate how far along your package is in the delivery process: an icon of an airplane for in-transit and a circle with arrows inside it for awaiting a delivery scan.

An item is considered in transit when it has been accepted by USPS and is en route from one facility to another. When your tracking information indicates that your item has moved from one USPS facility to another, it’s waiting at a sort facility to move on to its next destination.

How to Tell if Package is Delivered?

Package Delivered

If you’re wondering, When will my package arrive? Or, What does it mean when I see ‘USPS awaiting delivery scan’? There are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to check your tracking info; frequently, if you’ve already confirmed that your package has been delivered but hasn’t arrived yet, USPS is simply waiting for you to sign for it.

Second, double-check your address (don’t forget about apartment numbers!); USPS is pretty good at finding most addresses correctly, but errors do happen.

When Should I Expect my Package?

If you think you’ve tracked your package and it hasn’t arrived, call your local post office to inquire about its status. The person answering will be able to tell you where it is in transit and if there were any problems along the way (for example, if an item wasn’t scanned correctly or a box was lost).

This can help alleviate any anxiety and stress caused by unsure when or if your package will arrive. You can also track packages using USPS’ website. Tracking information isn’t always accurate, but it can provide peace of mind when you’re waiting for something important to arrive.

How to interpret Awaiting Delivery Scan message?

This status means that someone accepted your package, but they are not home or have a problem with their address. The delivery agent will leave a notice telling you when you can expect another attempt to be made. Unfortunately, it may take days or even weeks before your shipment is delivered. If you paid for a faster shipping method, it might make sense to pay an extra fee and re-route or reship your package, so it gets delivered as soon as possible!

How long does the pending USPS scan take?

It’s not unusual for this message to stick around for 48 hours (or even a little bit longer). When you click on Track Package and choose your carrier, you will see what is called a pending scan. A pending scan means it has either been delivered or is in route, but it hasn’t been scanned into their system yet. This typically happens when you get a package early in the morning and before your mailman starts his route for that day.

There are also occasions where people at local post offices may be out sick, so packages may not be scanned immediately as they come in. Pending scans typically only last a couple of hours on average, so don’t worry too much if yours isn’t there after those first few hours; USPS is usually pretty quick about scanning them!

What does awaiting delivery mean?

Awaiting Delivery

It means the order is ready and it’s yet to be delivered. A USPS awaiting delivery scan or a Delivery scan completed means that your package has been delivered and is on its way to your doorstep. This status is one of five USPS tracking statuses and shows you have a delivery driver’s information, but it’s not available yet. Your package is now in transit, so to speak, and should be delivered soon.

Once it’s delivered and scanned by a USPS worker, you’ll receive another email from Amazon letting you know how long it took for your order to arrive and be successfully scanned. You can also find out if any issues occurred during shipping in an email sent after delivery.

Does USPS scan packages before delivery?

According to Postal Service guidelines, scanning is conducted as a security measure, and the scan process does not change delivery standards. For those who ship with tracking numbers and USPS labels, you can track your package’s progress online or over the phone by calling them. Suppose you want to know what a USPS awaiting delivery scan means when it shows up on your tracking information.

In that case, there are actually several things it could mean: Your package may have been scanned after it was delivered to its final destination. The person at your address signed for your package but is refusing to accept it. The mail carrier didn’t have a signature card on file at your address so they dropped off your parcel without scanning it.

Can USPS see what’s in my package?


Although it may appear that your mail carrier is spying on you, they can’t look inside your packages. The delivery scan message means that USPS has accepted the delivery of a box but is still processing it. So, if you haven’t received an item yet, don’t worry about it: USPS will get to it in time (unless there’s been some sort of delay). If you have received a package with a delivery scan message and are eager to open it, here are three important things to keep in mind.

How accurate is the USPS tracking?

When your package is being processed by USPS and awaiting delivery, you will see an Awaiting Delivery status. This means that it has been handed off to a local post office (known as a Post Office Branch) in your area and that they are processing it. Once it gets processed, then you can expect delivery within two days. As long as you see a line going into your tracking number and nothing else, that is 100% accurate!

Conclusion: USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan

This scan usually occurs when your package has been sent to your post office for final delivery. There may still be a chance that you will receive it on time, but delivery cannot be guaranteed. If you are expecting an important package, track it with USPS as soon as possible and try to pick it up if you see any Awaiting Delivery Scans.

If a scan is marked Delivered or shows that a package was successfully delivered to your house, then, unfortunately, there is nothing more you can do because they have already counted it as delivered. If that happens to you, make sure to file a claim with USPS if its contents were valued at over $50 or were perishable items.

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