469 Area Code: Location, Toll-Free, Scam, And Who’s Calling?

If you’ve been getting a lot of calls from the number 469, you’re not alone. While it may seem like they’re all telemarketers trying to scam you out of your money, there are legitimate reasons why someone might be calling from this area code, as well as plenty of reasons why that person might be trying to scam you out of your money. So what can you do about it? Let us help!

469 Area Code

History of area code 469:

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) is a telephone numbering system multiple countries use. Area code 469 was created in 1990 and serves Iowa. This area code is one of two that serve Iowa; area code 563 is the other. These two are among many toll-free calling area codes in North America.

Government agencies or service providers do not regulate long-distance rates for toll-free numbers, and it may be that one provider charges different rates than another for identical distances. The long-distance call from any landline or cell phone to a 469 number is free; however, cellular calls from 469 can be charged at premium rates depending on your plan with your cell phone carrier.

Where is area code 469 located?

469 area code is a Texas area code. It includes the city of Dallas and several cities and unincorporated communities in Texas and Oklahoma. Within the 469 area code, cities include Aledo, Azle, Balch Springs, Bedford, Blue Mound, Burleson, Crowley, Denton, DeSoto, Duncanville, and Lancaster. Any phone numbers with 469 area codes are located in Dallas County for Texas.

What are some toll-free numbers in 469?

If you see a 469 area code on your phone number caller ID, there are several ways to find out who it belongs. You can try searching online, which sometimes results when looking up who owns a certain phone number. You could also search Google for records for 469 area codes or information about 469. However, neither of these approaches often provides information about what kind of business uses that number. If you want to call and ask directly who owns that number (and let them know you aren’t interested in buying anything), try dialing 611 from your cellphone.

What are some local numbers in 469?

This area code can be found in Alabama and California. Additionally, it is a few location codes with four digits. With calls over long distances costing more than local calls in most locations, four-digit codes like 469 are reserved for local access numbers for businesses such as toll-free lines or customer service numbers. Other common uses include leading wireless phone carriers offering international roaming plans to customers. However, scammers frequently use fake local numbers with these codes, so be sure to check an area code’s reputation before providing any personal information on calls you receive from them.

Which scam numbers start with the area code 469?

Be careful if you see any phone numbers that start with 469. This area code is not located in a specific place or state but has been assigned to spammers for use as an area code. Spammers often use toll-free numbers (1-800 and 1-866) or other prefixes from other area codes to disguise their phone numbers when they are calling you. Often they will use information gleaned from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get your name and details about your life to make their calls more convincing.

How do I report scam and telemarketing calls to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)?

How Do I Report Scam And Telemarketing Calls To The FTC Federal Trade Commission

To file a complaint with your state’s attorney general and Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To find more information about filing a complaint about scam calls, see here. The FTC also recommends that you write down who called when it happened and what phone number showed up on your caller ID (if any). Afterward, add that information to your complaint.

When filing a report with your state’s attorney general or other government agencies, be sure to include additional details like names and dates of contacts from telemarketers or scammers. You may want to check with your wireless provider for assistance if you continue to receive unwanted calls after reporting them.

Where does area code 469 services?

Where Does Area Code 469 Services

469 is a North American Numbering Plan area code in Texas, United States. It serves the western and northwestern portion of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, including the cities of Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, and their surrounding suburbs. Despite Dallas having no part of 469 directly (its immediate surrounding area uses 214), it is sometimes included in the 469 territories because some carriers consider that to be an inner portion of the region covered by the code. Before being split up and assigned other area codes in April 1995, 469 was originally all one NPA with 214 for most of its existence.

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